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The most powerful family in my fantasy is POC, their rivals are another family but they're white, I don't want it to come across as reverse racism? Because the other family have been bullies for centuries and this family of colour has been protecting the smaller countries, it's a diverse book, half the cast are various POC, their are bad kings of colour and good kings, bad white kings and good white kings and an uprising of POC who had their land taken and history wiped (like Native Americans).

Powerful PoC Families

Well, both families are powerful and both are feuding. If the PoC family gets the upper hand, it shouldn’t be a big deal or controversial. Plus “reverse racism” doesn’t actually exist, so there’s no way to perpetuate it unless you established in your world’s history that People of Color are and have been systemically advantaged over white people.

Also, Eat this piece of awesome comedy.

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Monster Falls

I had a hard time deciding, but in the end I chose this A.U. because, well, I’m a monster nerd, and this A.U. does not disappoint. People have great headcanons for this A.U., and the art that’s put out there is so very fun to go through! 

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Honorable Mention(s):
Antigravity Falls, Apocalypse Falls, Reverse Pines