back during s3 i used to make cracks about derek’s unfortunate downstairs neighbor who dealt with things like

  • the troop of teenagers going in and out of the elevator to the loft at all hours
  • peter hale, who deserves his own bullet point
  • imagine having to share the elevator with peter, for real
  • seriously though, the teens. is this a cult, should someone be called about this?
  • are those teens in the same room with the guy with the villain goatee and the frighteningly low v-necks because that’s cause for concern right there
  • is that blood dripping through the crack in the ceiling?
  • loud, reverberating growling and roars, no matter what time it is
  • things breaking
  • those things probably getting repaired and loudly
  • that awful alarm. that is a terrible security system okay
  • that time there was definitely floods of water pouring through every available crack in the ceiling
  • the power to the building just got cut off. fantastic
  • that’s definitely a trail of blood leading to the elevator
  • and then it was blissfully quiet for a few weeks
  • is someone throwing a rave upstairs

that said, learning that derek owns the building and is the landlord makes all of this 5000x more hilarious okay

Wiggle Room

Sam smut requested by celestial-sam! "sam smut?? i always love the idea that the reader and sam are like running from something and get squished in a small space and obviously sam gets a raging boner?? that would be awesome :3" I LOVE THIS UGH AWKWARD SMUT I’VE WAITED SO LONG TO WRITE SOMETHING LIKE THIS. Hope you like it!

WARNING- SMUT (begins paragraph 3)

Your pulse raced in your ears like aggravated tribal war drums as you ran, your muscles crying out in heated agony, a dry, dull-bladed ache settling in as your quads strained against the urge to slow your sprint. Your desire to live, however, fueled your movement even after your adrenaline lines spluttered out like a candle, the padding of distant clawed feet reverberating around the halls, the source of the animalistic grumblings unknown, your direction leading you to a possible confrontation similar to that which you had narrowly avoided. Your blood was void of sufficient amounts of oxygen, your breathing shallow and ragged as you fled from battle, unable to replenish your supply, cramps digging into your lungs with intent to puncture. Sam was hot on your heels, his stride matching yours as he ran, the concrete corridors echoing with the feral snarls of the werewolf you had been hunting. Even hunters as experienced as you (not to mention the track record of the Winchester at your back) saved room for underestimation, your unblooded wolf turning out to be a tad more ambitious than previously thought, chasing after you without a trace of human sympathy left over to plead for assistance. You whipped around a corner, traction lost against the unused, unswept flooring as you skid across the foundation of the warehouse basement, your palm sliding along the porous walls as you fought for your stability. Sam’s hands flashed to your waist, closing around your hips, preventing you from toppling to the ground, shoving you forward as the ferocious growling intensified, the beast following the noise of your wheezing lungs, tracking you through the labyrinth with an almost admirable conviction. Luckily for you, you had managed to slash the humanoid canine with the flatter edge of your silver dagger, leaving a clean mark to fester and bubble along the center of the woman’s face, an attack likening acid as the silver burned the wound, an act that surely hindered her sense of smell, boosting your chances of a successful escape. After all, the wolf would now rely only on her sense of sight and hearing, the latter of which was assisting her in locating your small hunting party, your frantic footfall ricocheting from the poorly illuminated corridors, naked bulbs spluttering to darkness overhead. You whizzed around another corner, Sam’s shoulder ramming into the wall seconds after you turned, his momentum too high to avoid the inevitable collision, his hand wrapping around your wrist, tugging you off-balance as he guided you to follow him through a darkened sliver in the wall, your eyes swimming in sweat. You stumbled backwards, your body bent as he hauled you to the chasm, most likely the former home to a sturdy copper pipe, the shadowy indent barely spacious enough to house the Winchester, let alone your tumbling form, Sam spinning you into his chest, your spine flush against his muscular abdomen, his expanding lungs pressing your chest to the wall. His calloused palm pressed against your lips, silencing your grunt as you squeezed into the enclosure, rationing each painfully shallow breath, the room provided for breathing allowing only for the smallest slivers of oxygen to slip between your lips, Sam’s rising chest crushing yours closer to the concrete, his arm wrenching away from you inch by tedious inch, the both of you waiting, anxious as the snarls faded, the beast tracking another more delectable scent.

The only illumination was emitted by a bare light at the end of the hall, casting the air pockets in the stone before you into hazy contrast, Sam’s heartbeat thundering against your back, your hands pressed to your sides, his fingers remaining wrapped around your wrist, securing you to his side, his breath disheveling the strands of hair atop your head with each laboured, yet measured, exhale. You gathered your breath, your heart slowing at the absence of a threat (at least for the time being), your lips parting over a barely audible whisper, breathing into the concrete, as your range of motion was limited. Eye contact was out of the question.

"Are you okay?" you hissed, Sam nodding, his movement translating to your body, pressed against each other as you were. You turned your face, gaining a slice of vision into the hall, iron bars protruding from the broken concrete around the ceiling, your eyes shifting along the passageway, your gaze locking on what appeared to be metal, the material rusted over from lack of use or management, bolts riveted into the edge. You inched closer to the light with very little success, craning your neck as you scoped out the area, your position unfortunately prohibiting you from seeing much more of the picture. You sighed, squirming as you attempted to rotate yourself, Sam’s grip releasing your wrist, his hands pressing against his portion of the wall, your struggles proving in vain. One muted groan of exasperation later, you found enough voice to vocalize your intentions, twisting your hips as you tried for a better angle, anything to increase your expanse of sight. "Sam, I think I can see a door. We might be able to hid-" you began, your voice trailing off at the muffled grunt behind you, Sam’s chest going rigid before deflating, his breath blowing over your scalp. Your first instinct was to assume he had been injured, or that you movement was cutting off his airways… all thoughts fading to a single explanation as you felt something prod against your tailbone, your body locking up, eyes opening wide in the darkness, your jaw going slack as you connected the uncomfortable dots; Sam Winchester had a boner pressed against your back. You made a little sound of shock, a half-gurgle, half strangled shriek, somehow reminding yourself to keep your volume level low so as not to attract the attention of your hairy friend, Sam’s head leaning back to smack against the concrete. You began to shift away from him, your cheeks blazing scarlet in the darkness, the shadow your only savior from the blatant display of colour, Sam’s teeth grinding audibly.

"Y/n, you, uh… you have to st-stop moving." he whispered, his voice gravelly both from humiliation as well as, well… the obvious reason. You froze, your hands stiff at your sides, his breath slowing at the lack of friction. This scenario would have been your worst nightmare, were you to be indifferent towards the man struggling to control his primal instincts behind you, but the raging smear of red across your cheekbones also derived from excitement. Sure, the awkward discomfort was still potent enough to knock you out cold, were you to inject it into your vein, but you couldn’t help but notice the squealing in the back of your head. Trying once more for freedom, you shifted your hips, inching toward the hall, Sam’s hands snapping to your hips, holding you in place before falling slack, his mumbled apology flowing quickly, hoping to distract from the agitated whimpering of your name. Holy Hell, he wanted you. You spent the next fifteen seconds battling with yourself, internal debate silenced by the hunter’s own movement towards the exit, his erection pressing against the bottom of your spine. He sucked in through his nose, a sharper breath than before, at the contact, your brain rewiring itself to eliminate any lack of confidence… you rolled your hips backwards, the hunter grunting in surprise. “What… what are you doing?” he mumbled through gritted teeth, your body alight with sparks. In response, you shifted your weight, leaning back against his hardness, his hands clutching at your waist, breathing a warning, tagged to the last syllable of your name, his moan stifled by a bitten lip, or so you assumed. You ground your hips back once more before Sam shoved his way to the hallway, an effort that took a full minutes, reaching back into the crevice for you, dragging you along to the door you had spotted, heaving the metal against the hinges, leading you inside before he gingerly closed the door, his hands gravitating to your body in a… less gentle fashion.

His lips were pressing into your neck, fingers tearing at your buttons as he sloppily pushed each plastic circle through the fabric loop, your pulse wild once more, your own hands roaming over his chest, peeling his jacket from his shoulders as his mouth sucked splotches into your skin, moving closer to your lips. Through the haze of his kissing, the falling of clothing to the grimy cellar floor, and the rush of his hands trailing over your body, you hardly noticed your hand tracing down to his exposed hardness, your mind snapping back to reality as you stroked along his length, his face nuzzling into your collar, his eyes screwing shut as his hands tightened on your torso, swinging you around, your back colliding with the wall, his hands ravaging your sides, ghosting along beneath your breasts as you moved yourself along him, his teeth nipping at your earlobe before crushing his lips to yours, his rough hands guiding your legs around his waist before ducking between his legs to position himself over your folds, thumb working down your slit before rocking forward into you, your head tipping backwards as he thrust again, his hands gliding over your breasts. His breath was ragged in your ear, his lips swallowing your every moan, your fingers tangling in his overgrown hair as his motions heightened your pleasure, the coil within your stomach tightening with each jerk of his hips. He swore into your neck, his breath lapping fire against your already feverish skin, biting down on your lip to prevent yourself from making to much noise, Sam’s pace quickening as you both drew nearer to your release. He sunk to the floor, hands ensuring your legs remained securely behind his back before twisting your body away from the wall, pressing you into the floor, his abdomen clenching against yours as he slowed his thrusts, concentrating his strength into his last moments of carnal contact, hazel eyes blooming with lust as he came, fingers massaging your clit, his unraveling soon sparking your own, your neck craning as your mind went blank. Your breathing slowed with his, his lips pressing sloppy, damp kisses to your flesh, your fingers sliding from his skin, heart pumping excitedly in your chest.

If this was the product of your teamwork, you doubted you would ever hunt without Sam again.


Ms River stooped over the microphone for the school announcement, the tinny sound reverberated through the halls as she spoke.

"At the start of the new season, this notice is to inform all students that pool parities are no longer applicable.

From now on, the school activity will be Halloween Costumes!

Students may dress in costume and cosplay as their extra curricular play for the Autumn. Thank you!”

fonz85 said:

If I sacrifice a goblin for Goblin Grenade and then I cast Reverberate, do I have to sacrifice another goblin or it copies the resulting effect?

No, you don’t have to sacrifice another Goblin, because that was an additional cost paid as you cast the original spell.

faol-daddy said:

When you copy a spell is does the copy count as being cast

That really depends on what card is being used to copy the spell. Reverberate and similar cards that simply say “copy target spell” do not cast, they just put a copy on the stack.

Some cards like Isochron Scepter do cast copies though. It all comes down to wording

evening settles upon the alpine valley with the chorused mark of trumpeter swans, their bugled notes heralding the settled waters of waiting Ross Lake. peaks of shadowed mountains, only recognizable by their individual shapes, gave way to a dark sky alive with the sparkling twinkle of countless stars among as many galaxies all adorned with their own discernable constellations. fluttering bats form erratic patterns as they dash hungrily in chase of countless insects, the majority of which are the dreaded mosquito. a deep bank of red-glowing embers seemingly dances as consuming the high-altitude oxygen while emitting a comforting warmth and sense of belonging in such an untamed wilderness. in the distance, a loon’s call reverberates across the calm lake to mark the end of a memorable day spent wading the crystal waters of Skagit River, north of Ross Lake. my dog stirs quietly, dreaming of the full day, as i sip a mug of spiked cocoa and wait for falling stars in my hammock’s soft embrace, the evening breeze swaying me like a cradled babe.




{Allison steps into the large empty house, her eyes searching for the familiar spirit she loved.} “Tate? I…I talked to your Mom.” {Her voice reverberated throughout the silence of the room. The light shining through the beautiful stained glass windows. “They bought the house next door.”

Chasing Shadows
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I don’t need to see you to know you’re there.


And because I suck in general, the only way I could release all my feelings for animated Touou 2.0 is to write another friggin’ song. Good fckin’ luck to the rest of you poor sods who will come across this on yer dash. Hah! Wow, aren’t I the nice guy here woooot


Chasing Shadows
[being the third in the Bruises compilation, which is the compilation of aokuro songs I wrote when feels just can’t be managed properly anymore]


*sigh of exasperated derision over aokuro complications*

I think you forget that I’m not like them
I don’t always tell you that you’re the best
You don’t often hear me say your name to your face
But I remember that was never the case

I don’t think you realise I was always yours
I may have been an asshole, but it was all because
I got a little sad and you got a little lost
It was a phase, I never got past it though

For so many nights
I watched the shadows fleeing from the light
I can’t say I blame them, the brightness hurts my eyes
The shadow always kept me company until the sunrise

All I’m trying to say is that I don’t know
I suck at saying sorry
but I’m sure you know that twice as well as I do
so I don’t have to tell you
I bang my head against the wall for shame
But I don’t blame you

I never could forget all the finer parts
The colour of your eyes and the way you pause
When I would say I need you
The thing is, I still need you
I dream of pushing you against the wall so I could breathe you in

And for so many nights
I watched the shadows fleeing from the light
I can’t say I blame them, the brightness hurts my eyes
The shadow always kept me company until the sunrise

I think you forget that I’m not like them
A little misdirection won’t do me in
Tricks of the light won’t work so well
'cause I don't need to see you to know you're there

For so many nights
I watched the shadows fleeing from the light
I can’t say I blame them, the brightness hurts my eyes
The shadow always kept me company until the sunrise

I never could forget all the finer parts
The colour of your eyes and the way you pause
When I would say I need you
The thing is, I still need you

Reverberation #127
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Reverberation #127
1. Jimmy McCracklin - What’s That
2. Casey And His Group - Comin Home Baby
3. Otis Lee - Hard Row To Hoe
4. Willie J. Charles - Feelin  Kind A Lonesome
5. J. T. Parker - If You Want To Hold On
6. Billy Hamlin - If You Ain’t Got No Bread
7. Johnny West - Tears Baby
8. Nathaniel Mayer & The Fortune Braves - I Want Love & affection (Not The House Of Correction)
9. The Soul Searchers - Get That Church
10. Saxie Russell - El Monkey
11. Lee Parker - Boy Meets Girl
13. Levon & The Hawks - He Don’t Love You (And He’ll Break Your Heart)
14. The 4 Instants - Bogatini