VGRHQ’s crew lifts the lid on a dirty little secret among video game critics today: Traffic is king.

Choice piece;

“Back in the ’90s, none of this was an issue. The Internet has changed things, though. The only way any site survives and the only way anybody gets paid is via ad revenue. This is why the overwhelming majority of game journalists only receive what equates to part-time pay. I was always okay with that, until I was told how I’d be generating revenue. I had one editor tell me flat-out that the site needed a boost one month, and I needed to give a big-name release a low score.

He even said he’d post it before the embargo because as everyone knows, early reviews get a huge amount of attention. Plus, early reviews that have a low score for a super anticipated game get the most possible attention. For the record, I didn’t do it. But I do know that site still issues that directive to its writers whenever ad revenue is low.”

File this under ‘shit that doesn’t really surprise me.’



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Student debt cancellation would mean forgone revenue in the near term, but in the long term it could be an economic stimulus worth much more than the immediate cost. Money not spent paying off loans would be spent elsewhere. In that situation, lenders, debt collectors, servicers, guaranty agencies, asset-backed security investors and others who profit from student loans would suffer the most from debt forgiveness

the dress disgusts me it’s just one big successful step in the infinite journey of milking as much fucking ad revenue as possible out of the fact that if you can get one person interested in something for 10 seconds then you can 300 million interested in the same thing for ten seconds. nobody is going to remember it in like a month

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Although the capital investment required in greenhouse technology is considerable, market research specialist IBISWorld tips hydroponic revenue growth will rise more than 7 per cent this year to $816.6 million.

Industry profit (from legal crop activities) is currently estimated at about $130m annually.

Rising local and overseas vegetable consumption, plus supermarket demand for ‘aesthetically pleasing’ fruit and vegetable lines, are set to drive annualised revenue growth of almost 5pc to break $1 billion in 2020.

I just wanted to post a thank you to all of my amazing supporters. This has been a hectic but truly rewarding month wherein I passed over 2000 sales total on Etsy, beat my previous monthly revenue record, and now have over 250 followers here on Tumblr. You are all amazing and I cannot express my gratitude enough.

Thanks and thanks again to all of you!


So today I volunteered at a walking event to celebrate raised revenue for ALS research. I ate 2.5 bagels and 2 doughnuts in addition to my breakfast. Then I came home with a friend and ate crackers and other snackies and a yummy dinner. We’re soon to watch a movie, which will involve even more delicious snacking.

 I really appreciate the extra energy that I’ve attained through recovery. I like being able to be humanitarian, to be a volunteer, to be how I am. It’s remarkable and satisfying. I am a good-hearted person and the more I eat it seems the more my true self surfaces— the more I can help people, the more I can make the world better. 

but all jokes aside, the WTNV crew took time out of their european tour and paid for their own flights and hotel rooms only to get fucked over at dashcon.  if anything, we should raise $17000 to donate to the podcast and help support the crew

Apple reports $37.5b revenue for Q4 2013: 33.8m iPhones, 14.1m iPads, 4.6m Macs

Apple’s earnings are always the most highly anticipated results of the season among technology companies, and this year’s September quarter is no different. The tail end of Apple’s fiscal fourth quarter caught the launch of the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c handsets and while they were only available for a total of eleven days in fiscal Q4, Wall Street is still expecting Apple’s results to get a nice boost from initial sales of the company’s new iPhones. Apple announced that it sold a record-smashing 9 million new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c handsets through the devices’ first weekend of availability alone, and analysts have been raising their fourth-quarter estimates ever since. Heading into Apple’s report on Monday evening, consensus estimates were looking for Apple to post earnings of $7.93 per share on $36.8 billion in revenue, right near the top of Apple’s Q4 revenue guidance of between $34 billion and $37 billion. The numbers are now in and Apple crushed estimates, having managed a fiscal fourth-quarter profit of $8.26 per share on $37.5 billion in sales.

More Details atThe Tech Gets

One year later, ‘Blackfish’ is hitting SeaWorld where it hurts 

In yet more evidence that Blackfish has mortally wounded the current incarnation of SeaWorld, late last week the company’s CEO resigned after announcing that major changes would be coming after yet another bad quarter.

Outside Online reports that CEO Jim Atchison, who has been the head of the company since 2009, is resigning “amid tanking revenues.” Since SeaWorld admitted plummeting attendance numbers in August, stock has fallen from over $26 then to less than $16 now. NBC San Diego reports that the company’s third-quarter earnings were down 28% from 2013, while attendance had declined 5.6% to 8.4 million over the same time period. Just a year earlier, SeaWorld’s third-quarter attendance was just short of 9 million.

Mashableに「Tumblr Reportedly Made $13 Million in Revenue in 2012」という記事が掲載されていました。

  • Forbesの記事によれば、Tumblrは2012年に$13Mの収益を上げた。
  • QuantcastのトラフィックTop10としては多いと思われないかもしれないが、同社の2011年の収益は0だった。
  • 収益策として、2月にHighlighted Postsをリリースし、その後もPinned Posts、Radar、プレミアムアナリティクスツール(月額$500)をリリースした。


The company finished 2012 with $13 million in revenue; the hope in this “leap” year is that it’ll get to $100 million.


(2012.01.06追記) 記事タイトルの金額が「1,300億円」と誤っておりましたが、「1,300万ドル」です。申し訳ありません。誤記について、compozz様からご指摘いただきました。ありがとうございました。