I have a theory that the entire show is Emily telling her story to Mason Treadwell for his new book. Since the pilot says “this is not a story about forgiveness,” I feel like the entire show is her kind of explaining what happens. And since there was all the stuff between her and Treadwell where she said that she’d give him the material for his next book. If it’s true, it would probably end with the downfall of the Graysons, maybe?

I don’t think people really understand the seriousness of what the Graysons did to Emily and David and how much it impacted her life. She spent years in solitary confinement as a child simply because Victoria wanted to protect herself. Emily is not likely to forgive them because they didn’t just screw her life up by framing David, they drove the knife in even further by killing him, ruining her well-being and pursuing her unhappiness until the very end. I do hope she NEVER lets up from her plan.

Nolan is every bit a contender for Emily’s heart. He stands by her through thick & thin, would do anything for her -even give up his whole company to protect her. Her firey nature & his quick witted humour make for this, somehow beautifully balanced dynamic that I think she needs in her life. She needs someone to cheer her up, be the voice of reason & make her smile. He’s the spark to her flame. Everyone can like whom they like for Emily. But for me it’s always going to be Nolan.