revenge gerard

a message about three cheers for sweet revenge

ok so that literally such a good album I feel like it’s their only album that really shows what Gerard was feeling at the time and it’s just really great because if you listen to it you can hear all the raw emotion this album is just a mix of pure, disgusting, emotions like anger, pain, depression, fear, anxiety, etc. That album has no songs that are happy, it’s just all of these emotions, which I think the album feel more genuine. Like even in I’m Not Okay, like even though it’s set to sound happy he’s literally saying “I’m not okay” like //he’s not okay// I just rlly love revenge set me on fire

Okay so I hope you all know what’s been going on with the MCR website. No? go check it out:

you might be confused, but for the past few days, there has been a new message on the mcr website that only appears for 1-2 seconds. 

well, obviously, the quotes have been from danger days ONLY. No black parade, revenge, or bullets references yet. So far, the lyrics have been from “Na Na Na”, and “Sing”. Two of Mcr’s most popular songs from danger days. All of them being from Dr. D except for one. Maybe he’s the one messing with the website? HA!

you might be thinking, “oh its just a glitch. it must be” WELL….

 my vine friend (IF YOURE READING THIS I LOVE YOU!) is like a fucking detective and did this computer stuff and saw that everything was put in MANUALLY. 

this isn’t even the weirdest part! You know how the message only appears for a second or two? it was MANUALLY set like that as well. It was set to disappear, that part isn’t a glitch either.

Weird, right!?

then, there’s this. A knife??? 

I have no idea what that means, but Im pretty sure it was just them messing around when they first got the website :D trying to be all tech-like and badass. Idk. What else could it be anyway??

and also, don’t even get me STARTED on gerard. Just the other night he was wearing a black suit and a red tie. Obviously not exactly like how he did in revenge era, that would bring too much attention, right?

tell me. How many other times has he changed his usual Hesitant Alien attire? you know, with that salmon shirt and weirdly patterned tie? XD ZERO TIMES (call me zerozerozero) okay I’m sorry.

and then today. the SILVER HAIR.

he also cut it shorter aswell, and let me point out that it’s not white, like in black parade era. 

and although gerard DID have gray-ish hair for a small period of time….

it was still a VERY VERY LIGHT gray, pretty much white but not exactly.

Gerard also said that he missed playing onstage with Mikey. And there are also RUMORS of Mikey not wanting to tour with EC because he can’t stand being onstage without Gerard, and also obviously because of his drug addiction. Haven’t seen the video?: …

Now, IM NOT SAYING THAT MCR IS GETTING BACK TOGETHER. All I’m saying is that they’re up to something, and not just messing around. Maybe they’re releasing a never-before-heard song? re-releasing bullets or LOTMS? who knows. Just don’t get your heart set on them coming back because, well….