I see, right… Luke, is it a revenge? Honestly, it seems like.
Coz Mikey would like to hug Luke but he immediately hugged Calum looking at Ash, I suppose, right, heh?
Like ‘see, huh, I’m hugging Calum as you were at AMAs, lol’ (poor Cal, btw…)
But you can see how, motherfucking, Ash was staring at Lukey then. ‘I love you anyway’. My. Gosh. I’m. Not. Okay.

Also watch out. When Malum went away, Lashton stayed at place for a while to hug some women. A little rewind before this hug… Right. I see how you, Hemmings, put hand on Ash’s back. For some seconds but you did. Not even put, like…you touched his back 0_0 wow. And Ash felt it he turned to you, you could have hugged too, guys! Wtf. But you missed everything, Ash, revenge is continuing. Luke is hugging women, bye =)

video is ->