The signs as pranks

Aries: mayonnaise instead of toothpaste

Taurus: everything gets covered in aluminum foil. E V E R Y T H I N G

Gemini: covers the bottom of the laser mouse with a piece of paper so it won’t work

Cancer: airhorn when they’re not expecting it, causing the prankee to smack their head/fall down

Leo: mixes skittles, M&Ms, and Reeses Pieces together to make a combination directly from Satan’s asshole

Virgo: glitter bomb in the mail (if they’re truly vicious, it’ll get opened over a keyboard or in a bed)

Libra: everything is glued to their desk and they can’t pick anything up or even move their computer mouse

Scorpio: glues someone to a toilet (what the fuck Scorpio)

Sagittarius: lies to someone to prank them- I’m cheating on you, _____ passed away, etc.

Capricorn: moves everything in a room 1 inch to the left to throw the person off

Aquarius: pretends to be dead; makes use of ketchup and pretends it’s blood (Aquarius’s aren’t the best pranksters in the world)

Pisces: chugs a bottle of vodka (no one knows they already filled it with water beforehand)