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Can you write some more of your wilding!Sansa? its just too good for words to describe! Thank you!

Jon couldn’t remember the last time that he’d laughed so much. He knew that even his siblings were surprised, looking at him with questioning glances throughout the feast. Sansa sat at his side with an innocent expression, though her eyes were sparkling with amusement. Her whispered comments and jests were quiet enough that only he could hear.

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Here is the bird you swallowed at one in the morning
making a resurgent flight up your windpipe.
It’s ten and the sun’s up;
you’re sitting holding a coffee cup
chewing your lip
fighting back wings
biting on a beak—
now is not the time for early morning thoughts
to breathe air. At one someone kissed you
all you want to do is tell someone else,
say you’re a sinner; at one you believed the fairytales they told you;
you had faith;
at one you worshiped in dirty-fingered red-handed revelry.
It’s ten and you have talons in your throat.
You tossed in the crown, opened your eyes,
drank your coffee and stepped to the ground.
You’re learning that being human is closing teeth on an animal
and keeping it down.
—  Morning After

Temporary Hair Dye (With Kool Aid!) | A Subtle Revelry

If I saw someone walking down the street with hair like this, I would assume it was done by a hairdresser or that Fudge hair colour - nope, Kool Aid! This DIY takes you step by step through how to prep your hair and the ingredients to dye it. This is only temporary of course, which means you can have pastel hair for Spring and back to ‘normal’ when you’re done!


Worship. Stars. Revolution. The future is burning.

The City is the power, the city is alive and older than anybody could imagine. The city is light and spires and humanity running through the same spaces for aeons. The city is angry. It is ruled by the God Queen in whose throne the ancient alien power of the gods are bound, who holds the power of the city in her conductor hands, in her sparking, untouched heart. Her brother, the shining warrior prince, is the iron fist to her divinity, and is brutal as only the old gods were, with a mind like the shining vault of heaven. Together they are of an ancient dynasty with secret knowledge of forbidden ceremonies, who hold dominion over all understanding of the heavens and the electrical soul of the roiling City.

But their doom is lurking in the shadows, dancing in blood and guerrilla tech in the underground: the wild, joyously violent messiah who will tear apart their rigid and ceremonial rule, who leads an ecstatic hedonistic cult that threatens the civilized and stagnant peace of the city. In this, he walks hand in hand with his mad scientist, she who lives in the guts of the City, who shapes and reshapes bodies with savage surgery and living metal that when the people dance in revelry; so too might the City. Together they will show the people the forbidden way to the stars.

The City is rising.

[In pre-production Summer 2013, by C.O.I.N, learn more here]

Ice Cream Birthday Squares | A Subtle Revelry

Speaking of birthdays - how sweetly pastel are these little ice cream squares?! Before I read the tutorial I was thinking that the process would be really difficult. But the two tone look is created by…tilting the mold with a cup! Simple! The great thing about the small serving size is that people can take as much or as little as they want - great when you’re dealing with little ones who can’t finish a whole ice cream!

DIY Frozen Water Balloons as Drink Cooler and other hacks from A Subtle Revelry. Or… how to squeeze as many sponsored Smirnoff product placement shots as possible.

Lord, I thought that …Love Maegan’s cranberry juice post was the worst sponsored post almost ever (and the numerous comments about that have been deleted).

Painted Party Glasses | A Subtle Revelry

These cups are gorgeous, but looking at the pattern I thought - ok so there’s no way that I would be able to do something as pretty as that freehand! Well if you look a little harder in the back right, you can see how they did it - print off a pattern you like, roll it up and pop it in your cup. Then using your glass paint, trace your pattern then fill it in when it’s dry! So clever. Or you could go ‘organic’ and just go where the paint takes you.