This does a really good job of defining what “queerbaiting” actually is (because people are throwing it around far too loosely), and also tackles some of the major arguments—including disappointment that Korra didn’t stay single and that they missed an opportunity there (*coughcough*have you met Lin Beifong coolest single woman ever *coughcough*). 

Highly recommend this one.


sports car week … formation flying

presentation of the teams at the 1968 24 Hours of Daytona

the first picture shows the Autodelta Alfa Romeo T33/2’s of Udo Schütz & Nino Vaccarella (20), Mario Casoni, Giampiero Biscaldi & Teodoro Zeccoli (22) & Mario Andretti & Lucien Bianchi (23)
the middle picture shows the DX Sunray Oil Chevrolet Corvette’s of Peter Revson & Don Yenko (29), Jerry Thompson & Tony DeLorenzo (30) & Jerry Grand & Dave Morgan (31)
the third picture is that of the Porsche Works Team with the 907LH’s of Jo Siffert & Hans Hermann (52), Gerhard Mitter & Rolf Stommelen (53) & Vic Elford, Jochen Neerpasch, Rolf Stommelen, Jo Siffert & Hans Hermann (54)

Porsche dominated the race, winning with the join effort by all works drivers  in the n°54 car, putting the n°52 car 2nd & the n°51 3rd, both with 14 laps less than the winning car

Alright, there has been way too much drama on my dash and in the tags today, and so far I have stayed out of it. But this ‘reverse racism’ bullshit is too much.

I am white. I have been bullied, often severely, for the majority of my life. People have called me ‘white’ and ‘pale’ white insulting me, but that does not mean I am a victim of racism. Never have my people been forced into slavery, been killed, been misrepresented in the entertainment industry just because of their skin colour. Yes, I am a victim of discrimination, in many different ways. But I am not a POC, and I am not a victim of racism.

First of all, every single person on my dash who is white and thinks they are a victim of racism needs to do a serious reality check, and then shut the fuck up. Just because someone made a white boy or a white girl joke about you does not make you a victim of racism.

Second of all, people need to stop using the N word. It doesn’t matter what the colour of your skin is, you shouldn’t use it. White people especially, do not use it. But I have black friends who find it offensive when other black people say it. It doesn’t matter if you are one of the many victims of racism, it is a racist term. The origins of the word are incredibly racist, and it is still very racist today. You cannot preach about not calling other women ‘sluts’ or ‘bitches’ and then use a word like that. Just stop.

As a white person, I am never going to say I am not racist. I am not intentionally racist, I would never intentionally discriminate against anyone about anything. But if a POC came up to me and said ‘that was racist’ I am going to listen to what they have to say, because they are the people racism affects. I am going to listen to why they think what I did was racist, and then I’m not going to do that again.

To summarize, my fellow white people need to stop being whiny bitches and accept the fact that yes, we are privileged. Yes, we have all probably done racist things. But now we need to use the privilege and the voice we have to help those without.



SCANDAL;【DAM CHANNEL Recording Landscape】In midst of the talk, Kanna-chan steps into SCANDAL’s scandalous incident! Something SCANDAL has experienced even in overseas performances, what could this scandalous incident be…?! Check out the answer on DAM CHANNEL, which is currently being broadcast(´艸`)”

Ok so I’m just as infuriated as I was about Ferguson/ Eric Garner/ Tamir Rice but shooting innocent cops is counterproductive, wrong, and downright unjustifiable murder based on appearance which is exactly what we’re fighting against.


SCANDAL; DAM Channel Message

Everyone watching on Club, hello, we are SCANDAL! Our new album, ‘HELLO WORLD’ has been released! Yay! For us, this is our 6th album, however, there’s a total of 13 songs included this time and we have songs that were composed, written and sang by each and every one of our members. Be it a certain situation or season, it’s a piece of work that has a lot of variety and is something we’re super proud of. It’s jam-packed with 6 years worth (of experiences), so please listen to it. Be it on DAM Channel or at the karaoke, do watch! That’s all from SCANDAL! Bye bye!

Original video at DAM CHANNEL HERE, translations and screencaps by fyscandalband