Mob Violence Erupts in Prague


September 18, 1997

A mob of anti-Anglo protestors raged through the streets of downtown Prague last night, searching through local shops and homes in an effort to find two British citizens whom they blamed for recent troubles. The Czech capital has experienced a string of serial killings over the summer months, as well as an uptick in robbery and arson. Officials state that the crimes are not related, but few citizens found comfort in such reassurances.

Czech Police responded to the riot with their elite Rapid Response Unit, only the find the mob already dispersing. By morning, the rioters had disappeared, yet numerous stores and stalls were damaged in the violence, and several cars were overturned and lit on fire. No group has come forward to take credit for inciting the riot, though the Czech Police are continuing to investigate.

There were no reports of the supposed British perpetrators being found, lending credence to the growing belief that they were “fictional bogeymen”, in the words of Deputy Mayor Radola Eliáš. Eliáš, in a terse statement to the press, added, “It’s disappointing. These are the types of silly, superstitious behaviours one would expect see with the Romani or their ilk, not here in this metropolitan city.”


Ambassador Power: “The safe and dignified burial rate in Freetown, Sierra Leone has gone from around 30% to around 98%. The dignity piece is key.”

Ambassador Power discussed the Ebola crisis and her recent trip to West Africa at a Reuters Newsmaker event in New York today. You can read the latest about our efforts to stop Ebola on DipNote.


Hawaii Volcano Update

(Reuters) - A menacing river of molten lava that bubbled over a road and overran a cemetery on its path toward a village on Hawaii’s Big Island crossed onto a residential property on Tuesday where it threatened to consume its first home, officials said.

The slow-moving lava from the continuously erupting Kilaueavolcano has been advancing on the town of Pahoa for weeks, with officials warning repeatedly it is hot enough to incinerate any homes, roads and businesses in its path.

Molten lava is hotter than 1,650 degrees F (900 C), according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Residents living in the projected path of the lava, whose leading edge is 82 yards (meters) wide, have been urged to prepare for evacuation and many have slowly emptied their homes of prized possessions as the lava approaches.

"People have their life savings in their properties here. They face losing it all," said Mike Metcalf, whose Pahoa Auto Parts business is potentially in the path of the lava flow, although his home is in the clear.

The lava menacing Pahoa began bubbling out of the Kilauea volcano on June 27 and initially threatened a smaller community before turning toward Pahoa. It came to a standstill in September, raising hopes of a respite, before resuming its meandering trudge several weeks ago.

The lava, whose glowing leading edge has sometimes triggered methane explosions, crossed onto its first residential property early on Tuesday, the USGS’ Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said in a statement.

With its hardened top layer extending like a darkened river up the volcano’s slope, the lava has devoured grass and trees, turning vegetation into smoke that wafts into Pahoa.


The lava flow was advancing about 10 yards an hour toward Pahoa village, a historic former sugar plantation in the east of the Big Island consisting of small shops and homes, with a population of about 800 people.

Education officials said they would close an endangered elementary school on Wednesday and temporarily shutter four more schools on Thursday.

Crews have been building temporary access roads and trying to protect Highway 130, a route traveled by as many as 10,000 cars a day. Two other roads have been closed, Hawaii County Mayor Billy Kenoi’s office said.

Authorities have not allowed residents to approach the leading edge, but people have taken helicopter tours to watch the slow-moving disaster.

"I can see the smoke. I can smell it. But they’re not letting anybody in to see it," Metcalf said of the lava. People here would like to see what’s taking them out."

The Kilauea volcano has erupted from its Pu’u O’o vent since 1983. The last home destroyed by lava on the Big Island was in Kalapana in 2012, according to Big Island Civil Defense.

Between 1983 and 1990, lava flows from the volcano destroyed more than 180 homes, according to the USGS.

Kay Furse, 54, a front-desk employee at the Kalani Oceanside Retreat in Pahoa, said residents in the path of the lava had been moving items out of their homes over the past month, with help from neighbors.

"It’s been stressful, a lot of anticipation and waiting and wondering," she said. "I think people accept it and are prepared for it."

(Additional reporting by Malia Mattoch McManus in Honolulu; Writing by Alex Dobuzinskis; Editing by Angus MacSwanBill Trott and Peter Cooney)


Pirate Bay co-founder sentenced to 42 months in jail in Denmark | Reuters

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COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - A co-founder of the Swedish file-sharing website The Pirate Bay was sentenced on Friday to three and a half years in prison, in what the prosecutor called Denmark’s biggest-ever hacking case.


"Reuters" - Scrawl

Speaking of covers of post punk songs, I thought wishbonekid might appreciate this Wire cover by Ohio indie stalwarts, Scrawl, which was part of the The Machines: Simple Machines 7”s (1990-1993) compilation. 

Προσευχή στον Ήλιο

Το Τσατ είναι μια από τις σπουδαιότερες ινδουιστικές γιορτές της βόρειας και ανατολικής Ινδία, γιορτάζεται κυρίως στην επαρχία Μπιχάρ και στο γειτονικό Νεπάλ. Διαρκεί τέσσερις μέρες, κατά τη διάρκεια των οποίων οι πιστοί συρρέουν κατά χιλιάδες στις όχθες του Γάγγη για να λατρέψουν και να ευχαριστήσουν το θεό Ήλιο (Surya), ενώ οι γυναίκες της κοινότητας συνοδεύουν την προσευχή τους (να δίνει ο…

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Reuters Analysis: Nigeria’s Goodluck Jonathan Leads 2015 Election Race

Reuters Analysis: Nigeria’s Goodluck Jonathan Leads 2015 Election Race

Not many presidents could survive three multi-billion dollar government oil corruption scandals and a wave of cold-blooded killings and kidnappings of civilians by Islamist militants still holding hundreds of schoolgirls after six months.

Nigeria’s president Goodluck Jonathan has not only survived, he will seek re-election in February stronger than ever, after five years in a job no one expected…

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