As demand for steel dipped in the later 20th century, this factory was eventually abandoned in the mid-80s leaving behind an ominous industrial hulk and immense amounts of pollution. 

However instead of blasting the land clean of the forsaken metal works, it was decided that the facilities would be refurbished and turned into a public park where the memory of the plant’s good work could live on and be appreciated by future generations. once the pollution was cleaned up that is.

After extensive purging of the toxins that had poisoned the site and general refurbishment of the works, the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord was born. TODAY THE NEON LIGHT SHOW THAT APPEARS AFTER DARK PAINTS THIS OTHERWISE HARD-EDGED, GRIM SITE INTO A SORT OF SCI-FI DYSTOPIA. 


"An old chair is given new life through the introduction of botanical life."

Okay, I’m interested.

According to Design Boom:

sao paulo-based artist rodrigo bueno lives and works in what he calls the ‘jungle inside’, a living laboratory where nature and time meet. his studio is filled with reclaimed materials — mostly wood and plants collected from urban waste — which he transforms into installations, sculptures, paintings and objects. …

one of his recent creative endeavors has seen him untie colorful botanical life with furniture, intertwining bark, branches and leaves into fabric cushions and chair legs. the quotidian objects come alive with new purpose, ever-changing in shape, size and color.

It’s not clear to me how practical this is, but certainly turning disused chairs into planters sounds cool!

More here. Via Curbed.


GO Box SF, an offshoot of a company first launched in Portland, Oregon, wants to help every restaurant offer reusable containers … .

It works like this: Participating restaurants will have a stack of clean GO Boxes on hand for anyone who signs up for the program. After customers finish their food at home or work, they can drop the box off in a collection bin. The company picks up the boxes, washes them all in a commercial kitchen, and brings them back to restaurants.

Any given box can last for as many as 500 uses.

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