Appearing on Wednesday night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Jennifer Aniston agreed to act out some fan fiction supposedly written by Kimmel. Watch the full skit here and see Jimmy Kimmel try to get Aniston to wear the “Rachel wig.” 

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This skit was hilarious

I still surprise myself with how fast I can actually color the covers for Future Reunion, considering how much I usually hate coloring. XD;; As you can probably guess, the Sailor Quartet will be featured on the covers for the next few chapters, though I dare say I’ll probably go beyond 6 chapters with how much I have planned for Future Reunion. I drew the flutter of petals for Ceres as she was known as the Flower Magician in her Dead Moon days, and so her attribute seem to be flowers, but I don’t know if I’ll actually have a chance for her to show off her power in the doujinshi. :\

I’m planning to release a hard copy of Act 3 like I’ve done for Acts 1 and 2, but it may be a while before I can get that ready. I have to format the doujinshi and I start my new job on Tuesday, so things may take a while. But I’m pretty certain it’ll be ready before Christmas. :)

anonymous said:

Don't you think it's about time we got a Buckingham Nicks tour? Stripped back & acoustic, with them both playing guitar & piano - imperfections & all, sharing their fabulous stories & creating magic together. Full circle I say.

Wow, I really like that Idea. Even if not a tour, perhaps a performance documentary, I would love to contribute to that. I could see it on PBS or an HBO special. Ya, just call it “Buckingham Nicks, Full Circle”. Well, we put it out there, now let the magic of the internet do it’s work. We can all hope.



Pimento Hill (Montego Bay, Jamaica) :: It was originally built in the late 1950’s for French Count and Countess Jacques and Vera di Sibour in the period when Jamaica was a glamorous party destination for the early jet set and attracted the likes of Noel Coward, Ella Fitzgerald, Ian Fleming and the Kennedy’s, among many other notables. The Master Suite was the residence selected for Queen Elizabeth II when she visited Jamaica to open the Queen’s Highway.*

Pimento Hill was extensively renovated and refurbished to a high standard while retaining many period features. Today, owned by a family in London, Pimento Hill’s essence is the tasteful marriage of Colonial grandeur of a bygone era complemented by modern amenities and comforts one would expect in a luxury villa. Priceless chandeliers and antiques define character. Marvelous meals emerge from the modern kitchen. Comfortable bedrooms feature top-of-the-line mattresses and en-suite bathrooms. Delicate orchids adorn the rooms. The grounds include water gardens, hidden walkways, an arched bridge and sprawling grassy lawns.

Architecturally, the villa is constructed in four defined areas connected by footpaths.

I have mixed thoughts on the Friends reunion on Jimmy Kimmel.

To be honest, I thought the whole skit was horribly written, and just awkward to watch - I was cringing most of the time. Surely they could have come up with something better than that. 

However, despite the terrible writing, it was still great to see the three ladies together again. And the recreated set was very cute. Hopefully there will be another reunion in the future that’s more comfortable, with the three guys too!

What did you all think of it?

Yeah this is just pretty much a ~300 drabble. (That I just posted and deleted and am posting again because tumblr is being weird, if you’re wondering).