Plot 95:  Back to High School

Muse A has been cordially invited to their 10 year high school reunion.  After several years of putting off attending, Muse A is encouraged by a close friend and former classmate, Muse B, who promises that they’ll go too. This year’s reunion is unlike any other; the high school is hosting a lock-in—an all-night event in which former students will be sleeping over within the hallowed halls they once ruled or dreaded. It’ll be a night filled with memories— reliving old ones and creating new ones. Muse A and Muse B will encounter friends from their past and maybe some old enemies too. Once the sun rises the next morning, the school doors will be unlocked and all former students will go their separate ways, back to their adult lives.  

Was high school the best time of Muse A and Muse B’s lives or a time they’d be better off forgetting?  Since graduation, have they changed for the better or for the worse?   

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Do you have a reunionfic reclist by chance?

I’ve procrastinated a long time on this because I KNOW I’m missing 70% of the great ones. So please let me know if I’ve missed any of your favourites or your own works! These are mostly recs where the Doctor and Rose end up back together, but there are a few where the reunion is more temporary. 

* indicates a longer multichapter or series

Teen ratings or below

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   ★·.·´¯`·.·★ 3 мσηтнs ℓαтεя ★·.·´¯`·.·★

Black paws trudge through a heavy blanket of snow- ears pinned back. His energy’s sapped, and every shaky step has his paws protesting the movement and threatening to give way. A couple times, they actually do, and he face-plants into the snow and is forced to pick himself up. The cold’s seeped in, and he can’t tell what exactly is making him shake.

Three months are lost to him; three months spent in a haze at the institute. Three months with no free will, until he appeared. He’s the one who helped Jun out, and he’s the reason why Jun’s trudging forward in a haze. 

He’s not going home; the penthouse isn’t safe. The enemy’s already infiltrated it once, and he wouldn’t doubt their presence again. No.. his mind is on one track- one person makes sense; one person keeps him going. 

He stops at the end of the street- and there it is: The Shijima house. 

’..Run..’ He can barely breathe right now. 'Run..!'

He limp jogs as quickly as he can, stumbling up the stairs to the front door. He scratches, leans against it- closes his eyes and lowers his head, ears pinned back. He can’t be silent; he needs in. What if their enemies are near by?

Jun throws his head back and barks, loudly and constantly. He knows it’s using up the rest of his energy- no; he’s far beyond his limits, but it doesn’t matter. He needs to get someone’s attention. 

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What do you have to say about that B£thyl manip using the Caryl hug?

Hi there my anonymous friend,

As always thank you for your message and for trusting me with your question.
In the grand scheme of things and especially on our beautiful CARYL ship, my personal opinion or thoughts when it comes to these things isn’t all that important but I think that when it comes to the “drama” surrounding this particular issue, most Carylers are on the same page as me.
I can’t speak for everyone of course but the reactions I have heard about were pretty unanimous and I believe the creator of the manipulation might be in for a surprise once more voices are heard.

While I am rather “talent-less” when it comes to artist creativity, I absolutely love fan-art of all sorts and that includes manipulations as well.

There are several amazing artists in our community (justyouanmee and Ooohshiny) that create these “lost scenes” and their work never fails to inspire and stir everyone’s CARYL feels (whoever a boost is needed). It is my understanding that these pieces require a lot of work and their creators spend a lot of time and effort perfecting the final product.

All Art regardless of whether you like it or not should never be mocked, belittled or slammed negatively just because one is simply not able to appreciate its beauty or its message.

For me, personally, that rule applies to fan creations even more, because I recognize that behind each piece are people who are not just proud of their work but are also brave enough to share it with virtual strangers. All the time fully knowing that they could be ripped to shreds by negativity and for absolutely no other pay aside from their own desire to make others happy.

For that very reason if something doesn’t appeal to me I simply scroll away from it.

That being said, this particular manipulation in my opinion does not represent a piece of fan art nor does it celebrate their “ship” in any kind of positive way AND in fact I feel that it’s very existence only serves to devalue and downgrade their “pairing” more.
In a way it even elevates and validates CARYL, which obviously wasn’t the “artists” intent.

The reason I don’t consider the manip to be an art piece is because to me it looks like very little work went into it and aside from some basic cutting-pasting and light-colour alteration, whoever made it didn’t exactly express themselves creatively in any sort of way.
Taking Carol’s head and replacing it with Beth’s, isn’t exactly inspirational or meaningful AND to me it says absolutely nothing about Daryl and Beth at all.
On the contrary like I said the very fact tag it had to be made, paints the B*thyl ship as petty, envious and even more dubious than it was before this.

I can’t see any serious B*thyl shippers approving or even wanting this on their blog because the “heads” might be different in their “faux” piece BUT the emotion behind it belongs and shines brightest between Carol and Daryl because ultimately the MOMENT portrayed was shared between them and them alone.

No matter whose head you put on those bodies, the emotional significance and the beauty of what actually transpired can’t be duplicated, replaced or manipulated, no matter how fancy your photoshop skills might be.

The reunion was between Carol and Daryl and I can’t see how a B*thyler can look at that scene with Beth’s head on Carol’s body and feel anything but bitterness and a sense of disappointment for it not being a REAL THING for them.
For that reason I can’t understand why someone even thought it was a good idea in the first place.

The reunion scene was originally declared as “familial and platonic” by B*thylers in order to validate their perception of Carol and Daryl’s relationship being something akin to a sister/brother, mother/son or BFF dynamic BUT this manipulation seems to suggest and validate romantic elements within it because their own “assumption” and expectation of the B*thyl reunion had always been one of romantic love.

So the theory being is that the mechanics of the CARYL reunion could have been ones showing two people “in love” BUT not if Carol was involved.
Basically - if Carol had been Beth and that scene was the B*thyl “romantic” reunion they had wanted then the scene was indeed one between “lovers”!

Thereby the manip shows that their previous certainty of the reunion being platonic was either not genuine or their resolve to deny it has started wavering.
Regardless of the motive for creation - the picture might have Beth’s head in it but the scene inadvertently validates a romantic CARYL possibility.

With that said even though it is “flattering” to CARYL in one way, I still feel that the “artist” who made it meant it more as an insult towards Carylers than a way to boost any kind of positive B*thyl morale on their ship.
I believe it was meant to create “drama” and “outrage” BUT not in a way to give B*thylers any kind of “feels” or hope for their “pairing”.
I can’t help but feel like the manipulation was created more out of spite and desire to mock and devalue a moment Carylers treasure the most - the message being “the scene would have been better if it was Beth and not Carol in Daryl’s arms”.

However what we have here is a validation that we have something they not just don’t have but also want to have for themselves.

We have the original and since they can’t have the real thing, they have to go for a cheaply made “knock-off” to satisfy their envy and bitterness.

Bottom line is - “Imitation is the best kind of flattery” so I suggest that instead of getting mad we just say “Thank You” and revel in the fact that CARYL is just that amazingly powerful that they simply couldn’t help themselves…

Daryl broke down in joyous tears, sprinted without needing to, gathered Carol in his arms and has been practically glued to her side ever since!
That’s some beautiful stuff right there - No wonder they want it for themselves!

CARYL On My Lovelies - The Best Is Yet To Come!



So, finally got to see Paddington at the weekend! Seriously, how cute is that little bear? The whole film is actually ridiculously cute and we spotted at least two TTOI regulars but there could well have been more.

My embarrassment at us being the only couple in the theatre without small children was soon forgotten after seeing Mr Curry with his flat hair and his 1970’s themed home. His tank top is especially interesting. I’m guessing PCap didn’t bring his own clothes here :)

out of all the deaths that happened in the last 10+ chapters of tokyo ghoul, THIS IS WHAT GOT ME (and it isnt even a death). THIS IS WHAT MADE ME TEAR UP. their friendship is so important to me. they are both precious babies that dont deserve to be in a tragedy. hide is SUCH A GOOD FRIEND IT MAKES ME WANT TO CRY, LOOK AT HIM. LOOK AT HIM LOOK AT HIM LOOK AT HIM!!! I WILL NEVER GET OVER THIS HIDE YOU PRECIOUS THING, YOU GO. YOU GO SUPPORT YOUR BEST FRIEND. i cannot accurately explain in words how this made me feel but it made my heart squeeze and my eyes teary and just……… i cant handle it. i can not handle the relationship that these two have just leave me here to die goodbye world