I’m imagining that when they first see each other it is in the midst of a frantic struggle to keep Robin and Roland safe. There is a glance, a breath, recognition, relief, and then they are too busy to focus on each other. Then, they have Zelena, Emma and Charming and Snow all holding onto her between them.

"Let’s go," Regina says, turning to open her car door, offering for them to ride with her so they don’t have to be near that woman any more, but Robin’s having none of it, catches her hand and pulls her into his arms for a fierce hug and buries his face in her hair. Not only are he and his son safe—he has his soul mate back, and he’s never letting her go again.

Ficlet: Anxiety

Written off the back of this post. When Rumpel has an anxiety attack on seeing Zelena again, the Queens of Darkness turn to the only person they know who could possibly help him through it - Belle.

Sort of prospective rumbelle reunion fic based on recent spoilers.

(AKA: Three villainesses have no idea how to treat blind panic, and Belle is really rather tired of people coming back from the dead.)


Cruella will admit to having been about a bit and having seen a lot of things, but the all-powerful Dark One having a full-on anxiety attack is not one of them. It’s all happened so fast. One minute, they were standing looking out of the clocktower and watching the hoohah going on in the street down below and making snarky comments, the next Rumpel was shaking and hyperventilating.

"What the hell?" Ursula asks. Cruella shrugs and turns back to Rumpel.

"Rumpel, are you all right?"

"She’s back," Rumpel whimpers. His hands are clutching, clawing at nothing as he slides down the wall, curling up on himself. "I made sure she was gone and now she’s back and now Belle’s in danger…"

"Wait, Rumpel, who’s back?"

"Zelena," comes the whispered reply.

"What, the ginger in the dressing gown?" Ursula peers out of the window. "Yeah, she’s in handcuffs, I’m sure she’s a real threat to the Dark One.”

"Shut up!" Rumpel howls. "You know nothing, nothing of what she’s done!”

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"Olivia. I’m thinking about it. It’s all I’ve been thinking about. And I’m afraid. I’m afraid because I’ve made this mistake before. I betrayed the Olivia that I love. But what I’m really afraid of is… when I look into your eyes, I know it’s you. I know it’s you."

twenty-five days of peter and olivia
↳ day six - favorite season four moment


I’m not excluding myself in this because I want a happy Bellarke reunion as much as everyone (well all my fellow Bellarkers), BUT can we all step back and think what the Blake sibling reunion will be like though? Like seriously That will be one intense reunion too, even if Octavia is now a grounder princess she still loves her brother and well we ALL know how protective Bellamy is of her so can we just imagine the Blake siblings being reunited along with a happy Bellarke reunion?

Just in case: For any who are going to the April Newsies Reunion, Matthew told me that it’s looking like those attending are: 

Marty Belafsky (Crutchy)

Arvie Lowe Jr. (Boots) 

David Sheinkopf and/or Shon Greenblatt (The Delancey Brothers) 

Eli Keats (Sarah)

Mark David (Specs)

Kevin Stea (Swifty) 

Trey Parker (Kid Blink)

Matthew Schoenfeld (Snipeshooter)

Kenny Ortega (Director)

Bob Tzudiker and Noni White (Writers) 

+The Toursies!! 

Big Hero 6: oneshot

If the rumours are true, and Disney ever decide to make a sequel to Big Hero 6, where Tadashi is shown to somehow survive, and comes back as Sunfire, this is how I would like it to go down:

(links to articles are here and here)

Tadashi followed the others down the corridors of Fred’s mansion. Normally he should have been full of awe at his friend’s home, especially since he’d never seen it before, or indeed had never known before now where his friend lived; but Tadashi’s mind was currently focused on other things. Namely a certain person he had been waiting so long to see again.

It had surprised the others greatly when Tadashi just showed up at the college. Well by surprise, meaning sheer panic complete with Fred yelling random stuff about “zombies back from the dead”, and Go-Go threatening to slice her electromagnetic bike wheel through said zombie’s head. Luckily Tadashi had managed to calm them down, and explained the situation.

Apparently he had sustained amnesia from the explosion on that night. How, he couldn’t say, neither could he recall who rescued him; but Tadashi could remember waking up multiple times in the hospital, drifting in and out of consciousness, unable to recall who he was or any of his family. After months, his memory slowly started coming back, and doctors allowed him to go home. But Tadashi decided not to go home yet, as much as that would have been the sensible answer. No Aunt Cass would have a fit, and a wave of tears. He didn’t want to put her through that just yet. He went to the only other people who he cared and trusted for. And they were more stable minded than Aunt Cass. And there was something else he also needed their help with…

After his explanation, the others quickly filled him in on their doings. Tadashi was deeply saddened to learn it was Callaghan that had started the fire, and the villain he’d become. He understood why he did it, anyone would, but there were plenty of ways to get vengeance other than killing.

More than that though, Tadashi was extremely surprised to learn they were now super heroes, and even more surprising was that Hiro was their leader, along with Baymax. His brother really had come a long way, and Tadashi couldn’t be more proud. Though he would chew him out later for turning Baymax into a fighting machine.

That could wait though, they were now outside Fred’s room. Wasabi knocked on the door. No answer, but Wasabi opened the door anyway. Tadashi deliberately hung back.

"Hey, Hiro!", Wasabi greeted. Hiro, who was sprawled out on the couch, let out a groan of both annoyance and acknowledgement.

"Someone’s here to see you", Wasabi said, barely able to keep the grin from appearing on his lips.

"If it’s the mayor asking to thank us for the umpteenth time for stopping that cable car, tell him I’ll see him later. Sorry guys, I’m just so tired." He felt ashamed for saying that; but it was true. Dark circles marked under his eyes, signifying lack of sleep. He ran his fingers through his messy hair in exasperation.

"Been working that big brain of yours too hard, haven’t ya, buddy?" said Tadashi, finally revealing himself.

As expected, Hiro sat up upon hearing that voice. It had to be a dream. It couldn’t be real. This was impossible.

But it wasn’t. Standing there was Tadashi in the flesh. His arms slightly spread out, his face trying to stay composed, but unable to keep the biggest smile off his face.

"Hey, little bro"

Hiro slowly slid off the couch. He stumbled forwards as if he was sleep walking. The shock was etched on his face, and clammy sweat had appeared on his forehead.

Slowly, almost reluctantly, Hiro raised his arm; then without warning, he leapt forwards and started punching Tadashi all over as hard as he could.

"OW! Gettoff! HIRO! What are you…?"

"YOU! COMPLETE! AND! UTTER! DUNCE! TADASHI!", Hiro shouted. His words in tune with every punch he made.

Wasabi and Go-Go tried to prise Hiro away, but even with the two of them it was difficult. Hiro had suddenly gained surprising strength in the last second; it was like trying to restrain a rabid bear cub.

When they finally got him away, Go-Go pulled Hiro back, while Wasabi got in between the brothers, but not too close; he knew this was something that could only be solved between each other.

Tadashi was cradling the arm where Hiro had hit the most, while Hiro was panting heavily, anger flooding his eyes.

"You show up after months! And you say Hey little BRO?!", Hiro spat out.

In the midst of all the commotion, Baymax, who had been stored in the corner, suddenly activated upon hearing Tadashi say “ow”.

"Hello, I am Baymax. Your personal healthcare-"

"That’s enough, Baymax!", Hiro cut off. "Just shrink now, I’m fine"

But Baymax had noticed Tadashi. Recognising his creator, his scanners started up.

"Tadashi Hamada", he said. Height: 5ft8. Age 18. Recently claimed to be deceased"

"Hey Baymax", said Tadashi, raising his hand in greeting.

"Just shrink Baymax, everything’s fine", said Hiro, his temper rising further.

"Tadashi appears to have sustained beatings on his arms and torso. I detect no major injuries or swelling. However you will experience faint bruises. I suggest an ice pack"

"I can live with that, Baymax, it’s fine", said Tadashi.

Before Hiro could say anything else, Honey Lemon stepped in.

"It’s hard to explain, Baymax", she said, "but Hiro and Tadashi need to talk things over. We’ll explain everything later"

If her words made any sense to the robot, it certainly did this time. Baymax nodded.

Relieved, Tadashi turned back to Hiro. If looks could really kill, Tadashi would have scorched under Hiro’s glare. Though at this point he shouldn’t be thinking about fire jokes now.

"Look Hiro, I know you’re upset, but let me explain"

"You don’t need to explain anything", Hiro said icily.

"I had amnesia-"

"Oh how cliché!”, said Hiro, his voice becoming dangerously hysterical.

"I can’t imagine what I put you through-"

"No. You don’t!", Hiro yelled. His hand grasped a figurine from the shelf. Tadashi froze.

"I couldn’t go on!", Hiro screamed, as he launched the figurine at Tadashi. It hit his shoulder, followed by a crack that signified the model breaking. Fred let out a noise like a cat being sucked up a vacuum.

"I was alone!", Hiro shouted again, tossing another figurine.

"I was alone because you left me! I couldn’t stop all these thoughts. All this anger. I stopped Callaghun because I wanted vengeance. And now you just think it’s ok to just walk in here and think everything’s alright!"

With each sentence Hiro grabbed and threw more and more figurines. They all bounced off Tadashi and broke upon ground impact. Fred was going out of his mind, gathering them all up and whimpering about special editions and super glue.

Hiro finally stopped, panting heavily.

"I had to mature up. I’m not the same as before", he turned his back on everyone, especially Tadashi, and folded his arms.

"Yeah you have grown a couple inches since I last saw you", said Tadashi.

Hiro didn’t respond. He was too angry.

Tadashi sighed. This hurt more than anyone could possibly imagine; but he wasn’t giving up on his little bro.

Tadashi crouched down till he was below Hiro’s height.

"Hiro. I can’t ever make up for all those months I missed, but I’m not gonna forget that I did, and that hurts. I am so sorry for all those times when you needed me and I wasn’t there. How I selfishly left you. I can’t make up for any of that, but I can start trying"

No response.

"Do you want to know what the first thing I thought of when I got my memory back was? I remembered all those times we had fun together. Just the two of us. I especially remembered when we built the micro bots. That was one of the best, because I got to work together with my little bro on the greatest invention his brilliant mind could come up with. Maybe someday, we can have more of those moments"

Silence. Tadashi waited.

Then very slowly, Hiro lowered his arms. Giant sniffs could be heard; and when he turned around, Tadashi saw his eyes were full of tears.

No words could be said. Tadashi opened his arms wide, as Hiro walked forwards and quite literally fell into them.

"You’ve gotta keep that promise", Hiro chocked out.

"Count on it, little bro"

So that’s it. I’m extremely interested and open to the idea of Tadashi coming back as Sunfire :D Though being Disney, could they really do something like that? I mean they’re not prone to using the most intense character origins when it comes to plot. And they seem very open to the idea of letting Tadashi stay dead (thanks a lot Disney) But I digress, I definitely want to see something like that!

Along with the rumours, this also sparked from the idea of how Hiro would feel if his brother came back. Relief? Joy? Obviously. But what about anger? Or denial? Tadashi disappearing for months then showing up out of the blue would surely spark some fury in Hiro.

All characters belong to Big Hero 6, Disney. I own nothing except this story.

Oh and the lines Hiro says to Tadashi “you complete and utter dunce Tadashi!” “you show up here after months and you say Hey little bro?!” were inspired by the lines Hermione shouts to Ron in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (you complete ass Ronald Weasley!” “you show up here after weeks, and you say Hey?!”)



i got two requests for the bellarke reunion after mount weather SO!

(this little comic is full of wishful thinking and not what i actually think will happen but a girl can dream)

pls ignore the inconsistency of bellamy’s face.