Michelle Williams’ “Say Yes" spends its 12th consecutive week in the Billboard Gospel Songs top 10, where it previously was #1 for 2 weeks. Join the REQUEST CAMPAIGN HERE. #TeamMichelle

Belgium Urban (Flanders): #28 
France: #90 
UK: #106 
UK R&B: #15
UK Indie: #8 
US: #109
US Gospel: #1
US Gospel Digital: #1 
US Gospel Streaming: #1
US Gospel Airplay: #15
US Heatseekers: #14

I feel terrible for teasing you guys and then not being able to post sooner. So I’m really happy to finally share this new piece with you.

I’m impatiently waiting for my holidays to start and my mind’s been wandering a lot about long summer vacations, exotic trips and that special moment when you return home and you’re finally able to hug that special someone and get lost in each other scent. And then I thought about forest and cinnamon ;)


au meme: calum hood

Calum and you were the social pariahs of middle school but somewhere along the bullying and tears, you found each other. He fought the bullies for you and dried your tears. He made you laugh and he was your best friend. But one day he didn’t turn up to school, and the next day he didn’t either. He didn’t come into school for weeks and you were told that he had gone away and that he wasn’t coming back. 8 years have past and you’ve turned yourself from a social outcast to one of the most popular girls in high school. You’re about to start college when you meet your neighbour in co-ed housing. It turns out to be him, the boy you’ve missed for 8 years but silently held inside. You two start to get close again but life doesn’t always work out as you plan it and sometimes you have to let go. 

This is a story that I’ll be uploading onto wattpad very soon. It is called Undone and please keep your eye out for it. Please follow me on Wattpad for frequent updates on how the story is coming along.


All ideas belong to me :’) Please do not copy.