First Flight Home | rinharu 

one day, 15 hours

one border

one car, one bus, many trains and subways later

two friends, one way

a hospital, another friend, our friend.

330 miles spent on the road

strange cities, strange roads, many people

just to make sure you’re okay.

Maybe it’s madness, but I call it affection, passion.
Maybe it’s foolish, but we think it’s caring.
Maybe we’re silly, but it doesn’t really matter.

—  a friend and me visting our friend in hospital
A Reunion - Closed Starter @Phantomhive-trash

Anfere watched the blond man he called Father babble at the headmaster of the large boys school, his own blue eye looking around at his surroundings quietly.

The Chamber heir was a small boy, barely 5 foot despite his age of 16, and slender bordering on skinny. Anfere didn’t let it bother him, after all, he didn’t let people see him without clothes on anyway, there was more than his weight to hide. Shifting from foot to foot, he fiddled awkwardly with the simple black eye patch he wore over his left eye - a necessity born from the scarring it had, not to mention the odd colour that had been born from said scarring.

He shook himself from his thoughts, fighting the urge to tap his foot on the floor as the clock ticked, how long am I supposed to stay here?

Eventually, it seemed like an eon, he and his Father were shown out of the overly ornate office, and from their they split ways. Anfere watched the elder almost coldly, glad to see him gone. Despite having been taken in and raised by the man from a young age (or perhaps because of that) he felt little love towards the extravagant blond man. 

Stop getting distracted. Nodding to himself he tugged the little map he’d been given from his bag, inspecting it with a critical eye before huffing. “Well that makes no sense whatsoever.” He looked back and forth up the corridor, insulting the school in his head for their lack of tour, as he decided which one to go down.

"Well…" With a sigh the young boy began to walk down into the bowels of the school, bag slung carelessly over his shoulder. Under his breath he snorted to himself "I have no clue where I am."

( phantomhive-trash )

What she said: I’m loving the hair.
What I heard: I love you. Your haircut is sexy. Let’s make out.

But seriously though, the reunion was amazing. I still can’t believe Korra blushed. HEARTS IN MY EYES. I’m so glad we got to see how deeply her absence hurt Asami. And Korra’s gotten much more resilient during the last few episodes, I’m so proud of her <3

No but can I just say how overly ecstatic I am that Naga and Korra’s reunion was the first in Republic City?

Naga isn’t just any old pet, Naga is Korra’s best friend and animal guide. Throughout the seasons, Korra makes it clear that Naga was all she had as a friend growing up. She’d only known Mako, Bolin and Asami for perhaps a year or a little over a year before her disappearance. But Naga? She trained and raised her. They basically grew up together. Naga was there for Korra when nobody else was. I can just imagine little Korra crying for some reason and then little pup cub Naga comes along and licks her tears away and brings a smile to her face again.

This is an animal whose kind is feared and hunted by the Water Tribe. Yet, here she is, forever bonded with someone who is suppose to fear her. But of course it would be Korra who trains and raises an animal that everyone else fears. There are no words to express how much feels I am getting just by staring at this picture. I’m literally crying.

Naga will forever be before anyone for Korra. I don’t care who you ship. This was the most important reunion. It may have only been 6 months but their bond is unbreakable. Friends could come and go, but you don’t fuck with an Avatar and their animal guide.


 ”Like this fellow with his big knife. ”