Android (Google) to iPhone Transition. It

Android (Google) to iPhone Transition. It

Android (Google) to iPhone Transition. It has not gone well. I give up. I don’t understand and I don’t think I ever will. I’m debating on wether I should hang in there. I now understand iPhones and Mac compared to Android and PC. With Apple you have few choices and little ability to customize but everything just works together from a central location. You just can’t screw anything up or lose it.…

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So what’s the #returnpolicy on a #Cuisinart if this was my Christmas gift, I used it once, put it on the top rack of the dishwasher and it’s right on the box that it’s “dishwasher safe”? :’(

ASOS return policy: an experiment that pays off

Text by Guest Blogger and itembase user Nikki Smith: digital communications professional, blogger, online shopper and masters student based in Melbourne, Australia.

One of the barriers we face when shopping online is whether the items we buy are what we expect when they’re delivered to our door.

The shoes don’t fit.

The colour isn’t right.

It doesn’t look like it does in the pictures.

What happens next? Can I return this?

In most instances, yes, you can return an item to the online store you bought it from, but it’s worth doing some research and being smart about where you shop.

My first time shopping for clothes

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1. The customer should notify the shop representatives for return or exchange via email ( and include the pictures of the products applied.

2. Orders applied for return or exchange are subject to full speculation. The orders are double-checked before shipment and made sure that they are in their best condition before shipping them to customers.

3. The customer may demand a return or exchange of the purchased items from the time such items are shipped by the Seller until 7 days after receipt of the delivery.

4. Any product could be exchanged as long as the price of that product is equivalent to the item applied for return/exchange.

5. The allowable period for domestic returns is 7 days (15 days for international returns) from the date the order was received, including the shipping period. The merchandise must be shipped back to us within 24 hours from the date of email notification.

6. Items to be returned must be in brand new condition with the original packaging.

7. Items that have been altered, damaged, or used cannot be exchanged, unless the item is a factory defect.

8. Shipping and handling cost incurred are non-refundable.

9. Shipping, handling, and Paypal or Credit Card fees and taxes involved in exchanging / returning and sending back the merchandise will be handled by the customer.

10. Refunds, if return request is approved, will be refunded via Paypal, Gcash, BPI, Unionbank, and other bank deposits.