To set the scene, this took place in Australia, about 1 year ago.

I was playing a game of pool with my dad at the local RSL club (Returned and Services Leagues - founded by Soldiers I believe) and this is where one may go for a drink and/or a meal.

I notice the guy in this photo walk over to the jukebox and put a few dollars in to play a song.

It is at this point I realise I’m in need of another beer, so I walk around to get one. On my way back I see this guy again and notice a tear escape down his cheek. It is then I hear the song he played:

I was only 19 - Redgum

This is song is the experience of 19 year old Australian Soldier in the Vietnam War and the struggle he faces after.

Once I got back to the pool table I saw him looking off into the distance, slowly tapping his feet.

I can’t imagine the things he saw, the things he went through, the friends he lost.

- Lest we forget -