retrodox asked:

I HAVE to ask, because it's killing me when it comes to lineless art (I @!#$ hate line art). LOL And I really really love your style. I normally work in illustrator and all vectors, but I started to dabble into Photoshop just so I could get some experience with it for work. Do you use PS or AI for your art? and do you use the pen tool/selection tool in PS assuming that's what you use? :D any answer would be amazing ^_^ <3

aww, thank you!! i hate doing lines too, i’m godawful at them haha

actually, i use neither of those! i use paint tool SAI for all of my artwork. i explain most of my art process here, but when it comes to PS or AI i’m afraid i’m absolutely no help at all. sorry!! 

best of luck with photoshop though! 

About Me & Knot Inspired

I just realized you guys don’t know ANYTHING about me.

Hey there! I’m Kim, an illustrator from Southern California and I run Knot Inspired

This is was started as a fun hobby as I enjoy the creative work that goes into weddings alone, especially the much geekier stuff. (Seriously just look at my old posts). It provided me much inspiration if I was ever having some artistic block, but now it’s turned into something better where I can share this information with becoming-brides as well as ideas for my own future—for fun!

It always needs to be fun! ;)

I love and appreciate all the work that is displayed! Nothing but infinite praise for these creatives.

Please note that I do not take credit for any of these images, posts, or ideas unless stated. 

I’m also known as Retrodox on the web. I’ve been shown on Comics Alliance (the featured Batman piece), DeviantArt, Pinterest, and other places! But, with the busyness of life, I draw on slower days.