Technology: Prosthetic Eye, Hope for the Blind

Technology: Prosthetic Eye, Hope for the Blind

Utilizing neuroscience, gene therapy, and optogenetics, a pair of researchers from Cornell University have created a bionic prosthetic eye that can restore almost-normal vision to animals blinded by destroyed retinas.

According to Dr. Sheila Nirenberg and Dr. Chethan Pandarinath,  Retinal prosthetics offer hope for patients with retinal degenerative diseases. There are 20–25 million people…

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This girl underwent a scleral buckle surgery after trauma in the left eye 1 year ago. #ophthalmology #oftalmologi #oftalmologia #strabismus #retinaldetachment

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Vitrectomy for stage 5 ROP taken from the monitor, the goal of the procedure is to remove the traction of the fibrotic membrane without doing retinotomies, once the traction is removed if the RPE is working the retina will attach, we do not perform air fluid exchange or@injection of silicon oil, just by removing thentraction the retina in the next weeks will attach. #vitrectomy #retina #retinaldetachment #retinopathyofprematurity #ophthalmology #surgery #oftalmologia (en Laser Ocular Lomas)

8 months old patient refered for #surgery with the diagnosis of persistent hyperplasic primary #vitreous. If you look carefully you’ll see that what seems to be a fold and fibrosis is actually the #retina, and what seems to be attached retina outside the fold is the “naked” choroid, this baby may have Norrie’s disease and not a persistance of fetal vasculature. #ophthalmology #pediatricretina #retinaldetachment