Modish Kitten’s Woodstock A Retexed + Bonus Pattern. 

This gorgeous hair is perfect for a music fest!

  • Both versions, Straight and Curly
  • Short and long versions available
  • Magic Dance V2 Texture and control on Straight, Edited Nymphy Texture on Curly (Includes PSD file for retexturers)
  • Normal map was done on the headband and hair 
  • Includes all original Presets from Modish Kitten
  • 1 CASTable channel
  • Uses unsigned saving method for Controls (Quality)
  • Compressorized. 

Also to go with it is an edit to the Seasons (?) striped pattern made to go vertical. I finally got a pattern working :D.

RESOURCE Minute: I also am including the edited Nymphy texture which includes a highlight template, root template, Tips template all in one. 


Modish Kitten - Mesh & Cassandra’s Top
EA Store (Bohemian Garden) - Daisy’s Dress
IN3S - Daisy’s lipstick
Skin - Kurasoberina
Curled Texture/Alpha - Nymphy


Hi my sweeties, I made some hair retextures here. some of them are requested by friends, but also I wanna share them with all of you :) 

  • Mesh credit goes to its owner: Newsea, Jeb, Peggy, Alesso, Zauma, HFO and Sintiklia,
  • Texture and Control map by me. please don’t modify or take them without my permission.
  • Custom Thumbnails available.

[NewSea J182 Melt Away] for YA-A female

★Downlaod: {Mediafire} or {360cloud} 

[JEB_W Hair Edit #03] for YA-A female
★Downlaod: {Mediafire} or {360cloud} 

[Alesso Ana] for YA-A female
★Downlaod: {Mediafire} or {360cloud} 

[Zauma 033 Melodies] for YA-A male
★Downlaod: {Mediafire} or {360cloud}  

[Sintiklia Mike] for YA-A male
★Downlaod: {Mediafire} or {360cloud} 

[Sintiklia Mike] for YA-A female
★Downlaod: {Mediafire} or {360cloud}

[HFO IcedGem] for YA-A male
★Downlaod: {Mediafire} or {360cloud}

model: Sunny & Cole

CC credits: Simsimi for shirts, Julies for the blouse

luv y’all ;)


Skysims retexture dump (part 1)

As you can see… i have a lot of free time. Well, as i’m actually retexturing all the hairs I had in my game these were there too, and since someone asked for some more skysims hairs, why not? Texture used is a personal blend of pastry’s and hoz’s textures. AS action by awt, teen-elder, bla bla. You can either download only the hairs you want from the folder, or download all of them. Have fun :)

Download: mf folder | all


ahh, it’s been so long! I’ve been meaning to update but…I got lazy and busy…and game of thrones…and other games…sorry ( /)u(\ )

Anyways, I really like this new hair from skysims but when I go to put it on my sim…it’s forehead-y! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ so I fixed it and decided to retexture too (cause why not :3)

This retexture is a little different, I lightened the texture as it was too dark for my taste and I also played around with the control so it has a streak! :D But I realize not everyone likes the streak look so there’s a regular one too c:

Difference between mine and skysims 
You can have skysims’ orginal and both of my retextures :D

(ノ´ヮ´)ノ Download Regular & Streaked (T-E Female)

Credits ~
Original Mesh by Skysims
Hair Texture by pooklet




 Hiya! I’ve decided to make a small gift for you guys! (๑′ᴗ‵๑)

It’s been a while since I started creating my simblr and let me present this to you as an appreciation for the all the things around this community. Well, this is nothing special, I just tried re-texturing some hairs and in case you are interested… Without further ado, here are my “experiments”!:

Sakura Flower (Plumb bombs Mash-up)


Nightcrawler #15 


Newsea Sunshine 


Butterflysims #105 


Newsea Kiss Jasmine (Reis Edit)


Hope you enjoy them!


Credits: awt’s ATN // PS CS5 // TSRW // Newsea // Nightcrawler // Butterflysims // Plumb bombs // Reis // Own controls and texture

No custom thumbnails.


Hello Lovelies! I have for you today 4 hairs dread-locked retextures for your YA-E females. I know there are a lot of complaints about there not being enough ethnic styles, and I love to contribute anyway I can for our ethnic simmies. Enjoy!

Hair #1 - Coolsims Paraguay

Hair # 2 - Coolsims Primadonna

Hair #3 - Skysims 0047

Hair #4 - NewSea YU128 - alpha edited by me (removed all wisps)

Download|package only 

(preview pictures are in the DL file for you to pick and choose which one you want)

CREDITS: Coolsims, NewSea and Skysims for the mesh. EA for the Texture

TOU: Don’t upload anywhere and claim as your own or add to paysites or whatnot or add an adfly link. Just link back to this page. Its not hard.