If you EVER yell and curse at a retail worker, barista, or register clerk in front of your children for ANY REASON, you’re lower than dirt to me. You’re literal shit. You don’t even deserve the right to live. Go flush yourself down the drain where you belong.

Please fire me. A customer came into work the other day and yelled at me that our store was irresponsible for not telling her sooner that she wasn’t able to buy anything because she forgot her wallet at home. She then proceeded to yell that other stores can look up her paypal account. When I told her our registers didn’t have that technology, she got more frustrated and continued to yell at me and say it wasn’t fair that her daughter couldn’t get her outfit. When I apologized she just gave me a glare, asked for my name, and then walked out.

Customer: I was charged too much for these pajama pants! They are suppose to be 50% off

Me: I’m sorry about that. Oh actually you were charged full price for one and got the second one for free

Customer: But the sign said they were 50% off! I want them for 50% off

Me: Ma’am you bought one at full price and got the second one for free so its just like you got them each for 50% off

Customer: NO THE SIGN SAID 50% OFF

…this went on for 20 minutes before she stormed out and left after I finally just gave her a refund and then rang each item up for 50% off and the total shockingly came out to the same as before


Customers be like…
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I walk in, take off my coat start up the computer/cash.
Woman and Man walk in and I greet them with “Hello!”
Woman, before even saying hello back “Excuse me! Your sign isn’t flipped it still says you’re closed!”
Check Time
Open at 9:30am.
"Yeah we just opened, I’ll flip it now.."



Customer making complaints about the speed of our computers and he hasn’t made a payment on his account in so long that it’s suspended. Maybe if he paid his bill on time we could afford faster computers.

Had a customer today who went crazy after a customer behind her went to the next cash register when the cashier called for the next person.

The person apologized to her a lot because he sincerely thought she was with the customer I was currently dealing with (she was standing really close and not giving us much space) and the other cashier thought the same thing and she just completely went nuts on him.

Come on, chill. I was almost done with my customer anyways so she wasn’t going to be waiting for long. And it was an honest mistake, it wasn’t even a douche move or like some guy jumping from the back of the line. 


Crazy Christmas Shoppers Be Like…
New comedy video over on YouTube.com/LounaTuna
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when you see a customer mistreating an employee

Anonymous said to realsocialskills:

Yesterday I saw a man being very angry with a cashier while I was standing in line. She was obviously upset and nothing she told him would calm him down, even though she wasn’t a manager or anything. I wasn’t sure if I should say anything to him to help her or if that would make the situation worse. What are you supposed to do when you see someone being rude to an employee?

realsocialskills said:

I’m not sure whether there are effective things you can do to directly intervene in order to defuse the situation. (Do any of you? If so, please comment.)

There are a couple of things you can do afterwards, though.

You can be nice to the cashier afterwards. Like, you can wait until he goes away and say “Wow, what an asshole.” or “That guy was really mean. I’m sorry you had to put up with that.” Being reassured that other people saw what happened, and that it wasn’t their fault someone was horrible to them, can help a lot. It’s hard for most people not to blame themselves when others berate them.

Another thing you can do is be a witness. Mean customers often decide to complain to managers and say that the employee mistreated them. Managers sometimes believe mean customers over employees. This can get people fired. If a mean customer is lying in a way that might hurt an employee, you can contradict them and tell the truth. That can protect them from being punished for a lie.

Anyone else want to weigh in? People who work as cashiers or other customer service roles - is there anything bystanders have done to protect you from mean customers that’s worked? What’s backfired? People who’ve intervened - what worked? What didn’t?