Please fire me. I had the following conversation with my boss today:

Boss: “Why didn’t you ask me to order this?”

Me: “Because it doesn’t sell.”

Boss: “You should’ve told me anyway.”

Me: “You yell at me when I order things that don’t sell and now you’re yelling at me for not ordering things that don’t sell.”

Boss: “Jeff, you should’ve learned by now, I’m going to yell at you regardless.” 


In Woodland Books (as well as Australia and New Zealand) you will be asked at the terminal whether you would like to pay via Cheque, Savings or Credit. Those first two are linked directly to your Australian or NZ bank account and the third is self-explanatory - but the wolves in retail will get the same joke a few times a day in any case. 

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isn’t retail joyous?

Retail is the cesspool of humanity laid bare, presented in its purest form. You do menial work for the lowest incentive your masters can get away with. You are told what to do by people you don’t like to serve people you don’t care about. You are dismissed as stupid and useless by those above you, looked down up on by society at large, and pitied by your friends. But hey! Its okay! If you pay the company money, you can wear jeans on Fridays! Perhaps one day, if you’re really lucky and the Lord Governer, your wonderful store manager, is in the right mood, you can be treated like a human fucking being for a few minutes! God forbid the customers think you’re anything but a malfunctioning automaton put specifically on this Earth to serve them. Because the second they see that badge with your name on it, not only are you not a real person anymore, it is your life’s goal to meet every one of their trifling little needs. And you’d better do every last trifling little thing they demand of you because if they so much as hint to one of your All Knowing and All Powerful Supervisors that you have so much as cast glance in a customer’s direction without apologizing for your very fucking existence,they’ll get you fired! And you little lower class shitbags can’t afford to lose your jobs or you’ll join the rest of the poor little fucks they can’t be bothered to think about because YOU AREN”T THEM.


Well, one of my regular customers who I love A LOT (actually had coffee with her once when I was in school) said she would drive me to the airport next week if she could but she has stuff to do next Friday morning.

I’m just blah!! Halfway to my goal. I hate asking for help. I have one week left and I gotta book the shuttle to the airport to visit the boyfriend. I hate how I am having such a hard time. I finally get ahead and then BOOM! I get knocked back a few notches.

Anything helps.


today at work I planted the fear of god into a man’s heart (。◕w◕。)


Urban Outfitters HQ Renovated from Abandoned Navy Yards


With three big brands all the same company – Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Free People; it would only make sense to have a office space that matches the “trendy” vibes that each posses. While the renovations cost $100 million, the four buildings cost $1 to buy each (yes that’s two 50 cent coins you read correctly!) much of the materials were reused and reclaimed into the 330,000 sq ft space. Designed by Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle, this large space allows the brands to grow side by side, while allowing the public spaces to be their ‘mingling’ grounds between brands and buildings. The cafeteria, coffee shop, library, fitness center, and courtyard are all shared areas. Photography by Lara Swimmer
$100 Dollar Bill Real Ya'll
  • Myself:...alright, that brings your total to $8.88.
  • Customer:*holds out a $100*
  • Myself:I'm sorry Sir, we are not allowed to accept $50's or $100's. Do you have anything smaller?
  • Customer:No.
  • Myself:Do you possibly have a card?
  • Customer:No. Why can't you just take my money?
  • Myself:I'm sorry Sir but there is nothing I can do. It is against policy to accept $100 dollar bills.
  • Customer:Are you serious?! You are actually going to turn me and my business away?! You've got to be kidding me right now?!
  • Myself:*stands there awkwardly as everyone from the line is now staring at me in disgust like I'm some evil entity being unneededly unreasonable*
  • Customer:This is rediculous! You are seriously willing to loose business over this! *pulls out a $20 and hands it to me*
  • Myself:Thank you. *takes the $20 and cashes him out*
  • Customer:You know you've got a lot to learn about business kid. *takes his change* When someone offers you payment, you take it. You don't get all picky about the form of money. *starts walking toward the hand-off plane*
  • Myself:*begins to help the next customer in the line which now reaches the door*
  • Customer:*waving his $100 in the air* It's real you know! If that's what you were worried about! I just got it from the bank across the street less than five minutes ago! There aren't even any creases in it yet! I bet that is the real reason you wouldn't take my money! You don't even know how to tell its a real $100! You should ask your manager to teach you how to check bills so that you don't keep loosing business due to ignorance! *stops waving the $100 around and finally leaves me alone so that I can help the other customers*
  • All I have to say, is why is this scenario so common?