Bullied and Dehumanized

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and I realize that a lot of my customers at my work are pretty much bullies.

When I was in school as a kid, I had been bullied for being in a poor family. We couldn’t afford everything we needed, so my siblings and I were mocked because of it.

To this day, I go to work to make a decent, honest living, and I still get harassment. I get yelled at, screamed at, insulted, berated, by customers and management at my job. A while back I also had a customer try to hit me with her car because I caught her trying to steal. Really? You’d think my days of being bullied are over. This is much worse, though. This is bullying by grown ass men and women and the managers won’t do a damn thing about it.

I don’t feel like a person anymore. I can’t go to Starbucks to hide from the customers without them going, “Hey, shouldn’t you be over at Derp Mart ringing up people’s groceries? Get back to work! Hurr hurr!” And I cannot go shopping in my work for lunch without being stared at by the customers like I am some kind of wild animal out loose in public.I have to quickly grab what I want and scurry off. 

This job has taken all my self-esteem and happiness away. I don’t know who or what I am anymore. I know what you’re going to say, go find a better job. I would but there aren’t that many options out there. 

I write this blog in hopes of sharing my stories of what I deal with. I have read the blogs of other customer service workers and I feel relieved knowing I am not alone in my struggle. 

Fuck bitches, get bells.

Hey everyone! I decided to make a list of prices for all of the bugs/fish/sea creatures available on the island in animal crossing new leaf. I was getting tired of guessing the value of the critters I’ve caught, and tired of looking up and comparing each & every price, so I thought this list would be a good reference to get the most bells out of your trip.
The full list is under the cut!

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Back when I was in charge of hiring for GameStop, a guy came in, handed me his application, and ‘accidentally’ let a sonic screwdriver fall out of his sleeve. “Now that you know I’m a time lord, I guess you’ll haaaaave to interview me,” he laughed alone, and that’s why I refuse to watch Doctor Who.


today at work I planted the fear of god into a man’s heart (。◕w◕。)


Urban Outfitters HQ Renovated from Abandoned Navy Yards


With three big brands all the same company – Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Free People; it would only make sense to have a office space that matches the “trendy” vibes that each posses. While the renovations cost $100 million, the four buildings cost $1 to buy each (yes that’s two 50 cent coins you read correctly!) much of the materials were reused and reclaimed into the 330,000 sq ft space. Designed by Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle, this large space allows the brands to grow side by side, while allowing the public spaces to be their ‘mingling’ grounds between brands and buildings. The cafeteria, coffee shop, library, fitness center, and courtyard are all shared areas. Photography by Lara Swimmer

Tanzania: Supermarket Culture? Not for Arusha Residents

By Marc Nkwame

Arusha — THOSE who think that a single Tanzanian shilling no longer buys anything should spend a day in Unga-Limited, the densely populated section of Arusha City, where the local currency is still valued down to the last cent.

Retail outlets operating in Unga-Limited, as well as similar suburbs of Ngarenaro, Sombetini, Kijenge and Sokon-One, know their trade; why not slice stock into tiny servings so that even a guy with a single shilling could afford a measure?

Eventually, it becomes rather convenient; for instance, if an unannounced visitor pops in, no need to panic; the small shop next door will sell you two spoon servings of sugar at about 20/- just enough to sweeten a cup of tea for the guest without tearing your pocket.

One can also get a snuff of tea leaves, a pinch of salt, a handful of grain flour, few drops of cooking oil and trickles of paraffin (fuel) to make a meal for one or two within a budget of less than 500/-.

In order to stay afloat therefore, retail outfits here must be flexible enough to measure such commodities at whichever size or amount so as to accommodate even the thriftiest spender.

But spending as little as possible does not necessarily mean that people do not have money or they are as stingy as Uncle Ebenezer, sometimes it is just a matter of ‘Waste not, want not!”

With many of Arusha residents still living in single rooms, thus few can afford to buy groceries in advance due to lack of storage space and therefore choose to shop when the situation arises then consume whatever was bought on spot.

A child will be sent to buy things like sugar, rice, cooking oil and charcoal for fuel three times a day; for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the shopping trend will again be repeated on daily basis.

As the result, the city is now dotted with hundreds of small grocery stores capable of breaking their stock down to the last grain in order to accommodate the economy and space conscious customers.

Boasting a population of 500,000 residents and additional 100,000 daily visitors, it comes as surprise that ever since it was made a township in 1948, Arusha has had only one supermarket to date.

Even worse, the oneand- only supermarket ,which opened here in 2002 courtesy of South Africa’s Shoprite- Checkers, has just fled from the city citing the lack of supermarket culture among Tanzanians but especially those living in Arusha.

Shoprite recently handed over its premises to the Nakumatt stores of Kenya which also want to try its supermarket luck here while its South African predecessor makes hasty exit.

Photos: Arusha Central Market via Google

Working in retail taught me not to be an asshole...

I don’t understand how anyone that has worked in retail can think it’s okay to be an asshole to other people in retail.

There was this time I went to McDonalds for breakfast and asked for the sausage and egg snack wrap, but they gave me the McMuffin instead.

I went up to the cashier, and apologized for bothering them because it was rush hour and explained to them politely that there had been a mix up. I also asked if I could be refunded the difference because the McMuffin was more than the snack wrap.

The lovely cashier apologized for the inconvenience and gave me a full refund on the McMuffin. After she gave me my snack wrap, I reminded her that I hadn’t yet paid for it, and she replied “No worries, you can have that for nothing, sorry for the mix up.”

I was almost speechless, I even asked “Are you sure?” because I felt bad just taking it. Seriously, I wouldn’t have minded paying.

But it also reminded me that some places do still care about polite customers, and that they don’t just let the rude customers have their way all the time, because that is one thing that ticks me off more than anything - the way we ‘reward’ rude customers. The way we give into their demands. They way we give them what they want even when they’ve just treated the staff like shit.

We should not be encourage this sort of behaviour, we should be thinking of the polite customers and encouraging good manners.