Any retail/customer service worker

Customer: *says rude, disgruntled rant about the product or the price and criticizing associate’s performance because they can’t get their way*

Customer Service Worker: “Ma’am, your total was $10.95. I didn’t ask for 2 cents.”

I don’t understand customers who get angry over nothing. I said “thank you, have a lovely day!” To a lady I had a nice chat with today and she just turned and went “go fuck yourself you silly teenager” and I’m just behind the till, looking at my next customer like “what the fuck just happened”

Alright, last week I had a really weird dude come to my register and ask me what my bra size was. at first, i laughed because what the fuck? who just says shit like that. and then when he repeated it again, this time shifting closer to where i was, i started freaking out. now, my managers aren’t always around when we, the cashiers, need them, so i checked around first. making sure the coast was clear, i told the guy that my bra size was larger than his iq. he then got really mad and called me a bitch. like??? idk why guys find it okay to say things to girls? to anyone?? what the heck.

AR lets customers virtually preview furniture designs in store

Brick and mortar stores still have a few benefits over web retailers, with the biggest being the ability for customers to try out products in a way they can’t online. But they can’t even offer that bonus if the items aren’t currently in stock. We’ve already seen Poland’s A+D use augmented reality to trial store designs through lifesize projections. Now Vizera is leveraging AR to enable customers to virtually visualize products in a range of different designs. READ MORE…

Why I hate customers

One time, I finished my shift and shopped around for a while with my mum afterwards. It was a busy Saturday because it was 20x points for our rewards card so that’s what we were doing as well. We finished shopping an hour later and got into the (very long) line. 

There were only 2 people on cash, a cashier and the supervisor, which I thought was weird because I knew there were 2 more cashiers somewhere (I later found out they were both on break. Why the fuck would they do that?)

It was so busy that my supervisor looked at me with very sad eyes and asked if I could possibly hop on the empty register. I said yes, so I literally hopped over the bagging area and logged in. Since I didn’t have a till in, I could only accept debit and credit. I voiced it loudly, I asked for customers who can ONLY pay with DEBIT OR CREDIT. 

Yet, my first customer, I asked how she was paying and she told me with cash. I then told her I was unable to serve her and she told me this was unacceptable and that I should put up a sign saying I can’t take cash.

Yes, I should definitely find the time to write and post a sign that I can’t take cash for the 15 minutes I helped out on cash. Seriously. You saw me jump on cash, you know I’m not even working. I’m doing you a favour and yet you think it’s terrible of me to not take your cash. People honestly amaze me sometimes. 

SE22 - Chener Books in East Dulwich

Here is a little gem! This beautiful independent bookshop is like heaven on earth! 

Also, East Dulwich itself is a precious thing. When I first moved South I couldn’t believe that I never even heard of it before! One of the prettiest villages in London in my opinion - with nice cafes, delis and little boutiques. 

Good luck finding a store that doesn’t keep expensive, high theft items (such as headphones) locked on the pegs, you old fuck. “I’ll just shop somewhere where they don’t distrust everyone!”

Holy shit dude, it’ll take me literally 5 seconds to unlock it and get it for you…. go fuck yourself


i went to take my roommate to work. we got there an hour early so we decided to try on some clothes at the store he works at. this particular set of men’s fitting rooms were supposed to be closed, since they’d had an unnecessarily bad time of girls walking all the way over here, trying on loads of dresses, and then leaving them in there.

now, the door to get into the fitting rooms was accidentally unlocked, but the stall doors themselves were locked. how did they get opened? people crawled under the stall doors and opened them from the inside.

this was fucking inconsiderate.

however, this is the havoc that was left.

my roommate looked like he was about to cry, since these fitting rooms were on his side of the department. these fitting rooms were supposed to be locked, but even then, the stalls were locked!! two of the three stalls had signs on them saying that they were closed, yet people used them anyway!! they were fucking trashed, and that is not okay!!

my roommate should not have to deal with this. these rooms were not supposed to be used, and yet they were. and what’s more, everyone left their things in here, in the most sloppy ways possible.


please, please, i beg of you, please don’t be these sorts of people, especially with the holidays coming up!! retail employees already have to deal with so much; please clean up after yourselves in fitting rooms!!

Not your fault, not my fault

The next time you encounter a retail employee who is in a bad mood, ask yourself: has another customer that this employee dealt with before I came in, been such a shitty fucking monster asshole that this employee is now fed up and has reached the maximum limit of tolerating being treated like a useless waste of human garbage?

The answer is, probably, 1000% percent YES.

Walmart imposes new employee dress code, suggests where to shop for it

Effective September 29, Walmart retail workers, or sales “associates,” will have to put some of their meager hourly pay toward new clothes.

Gawker first reported that the Walton family-owned conglomerate, valued at nearly $250 billion and under increasing criticism for paying low wages and scant benefits to its employees, issued a cheery edict on its internal server requiring “associates to wear white or navy blue collared shirts with khaki or black pants, capris, or skirts and closed toe shoes in any color,” complemented by a navy blue Walmart vest provided by the company. The point, wrote human resources manager Barbara Simone, a “single mom, from a small town” who climbed the Walmart ranks, is to “help customers easily find us” and “help drive teamwork, customer service, and sales.”

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*a man, his wife, and his daughter walk up to me*

Man: Excuse me, where do you have girls’ things?
Me: Oh, the girls’ section is upstairs.
Man: No, no, the thing for girls-
Daughter: He means pads.
Me: Oh. D27.

Females have periods. This is not a secret. Why is is embarrassing to even say the word “tampon” or “pad”? Masculinity is so fragile, it’s actually kinda funny.