If you live in South Carolina, North Carolina, or even Georgia please share this. This is the man that assaulted and robbed me while I was working at Spencers in the Northwoods mall. He has robbed retail stores in Myrtle Beach along and Columbia in South Carolina. The malls are Columbiana and Coastal Grand. Stores are Hottopic, Zumiez, Spencers, and Buckle Down. Consider him armed and dangerous. During his robberies he will restrain you by the arm and put a ten inch knife to your back. Today he made an attempt on a woman in a restroom in Coastal Grand in myrtle beach. He waited in the ladies room for someone to come in and GRABBED HER BY THE ANKLE FROM UNDER THE STALL. She screamed and he ran off. ANY INFORMATION CONTACT YOUR LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT. He is notorious for also masturbating in malls and stores and his behavior is escalating. He needs to be stopped before anyone else is harmed or even killed. News links are: http://www.postandcourier.com/article/20150116/PC16/150119532 CHARLESTON ROBBERY ON SPENCERS http://m.wmbfnews.com/wmbfnews/db/346947/content/SxSpDHyw MOST RECENT MYRTLE BEACH http://www.wmbfnews.com/story/27845293/mbpd-coastal-grand-mall-cashier-robbed-at-knife-point FIRST MYRTLE BEACH ROBBERY http://m.myhorrynews.com/news/crime/article_a014cc18-a49f-11e4-95a4-0b1fe29b12da.html?mode=jqm HOTTOPIC ROBBERY http://m.wistv.com/wistv/db_330790/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=xKFp2tJW COLUMBIA ZUMIEZ ROBBERY Please reblog even if you don’t live in the area, maybe someone you know does or even someone who knows him may see it.

A girl came in to work earlier and wanted to return a bra. My coworker told her she couldn’t because bras are final sale, and this girl wasn’t okay with that so she asked to speak to a manager. My coworker called my supervisor up to the front, and she says the same thing my coworker does. This girl says ‘Why can’t I return it? People try things on in the fitting room and you still sell it, why isn’t it okay after I buy it?’ My supervisor says it’s because once it leaves the store we don’t know what happens to it, and when they try it on in the store it’s over the underwear they’re already wearing.

This girl freaks out and says ‘So you can sell things in the store after they’ve touched somebody’s fucking genitals but once I take it home it’s not okay?! This store is bullshit!!’ My supervisor says ‘Ma’am if you’re going to talk like that you’re going to have to leave.’ The girl just goes ‘UUGGH!!’ and starts to storm out the door when my supervisor says ‘Want to put down the bra you haven’t paid for?’

So this girl screams ‘FUCKING BULLSHIT!!’ and slams this $3 bra down on one of the counters and flings the doors open to the point where they bang off the glass window.

when a retail or food employee hooks you up a little bit just to be nice, like gives you a free extra espresso shot or free fries, god dammit don’t freaking mention it in front of other employees or especially their manager next time because now you have earned yourself a 0% chance of that happening again and also you probably just got them in trouble. don’t be an idiot

A customer touched me in a way that triggered my anxiety/ocd hhhhhh

He walked up behind me, put his hand around my neck, and squeezed????Is that ever appropriate except under extremely close and trusting circumstances????

I asked him not to do that and tried to explain that he had triggered my social anxiety but he kind of laughed and said if I don’t like people touching me, how must my boyfriend feel??????

Please???? Don’t???????? Never mind that I don’t have a boyfriend anyway

This guy thinks he’s like my best friend because he’s done a few nice things for me in the past but his familiarity is making me extremely uncomfortable



You wanna know what my coworker said to me today?

Well you rely on technology for your hearing

Excuse me? I don’t have to wear hearing aids you know. I choose to be in the hearing world because I want to communicate with my family and friends, I don’t enjoy shoving those things in my ears every damn day because for starters, what the audiologist doesn’t tell you about them is:

-They get itchy at times and you need to take them out and even then you won’t get relief right away

-After so many hours, they get uncomfortable and actually painful to wear since ears aren’t designed to have foreign objects in there amplifying sound

-Thats just it. They’re aids my hearing will never be the same as a normal person’s and i will always have hearing problems. I will never be “fixed” and you know what? I don’t need to be to fit to YOUR standards.

You know what i told him? To put his hands up to his ears and imagine hearing that from the moment you wake up, till you fall asleep. Every. Single. Day

Imagine being made fun of by some jackass because, yes, I cannot hear the background music in the store very well, or hear the bell when someone walks in.

Imagine having to train yourself to look there every few seconds to make up for this.

Imagine having to be self-taught in lip-reading or ASL since no one accounts for those being languages in itself. Both very hard to learn on your own. Because there are no classes near you based on where you live. 

Until you spend a day with my condition, and having to learn to adapt to a world you were forced to live in despite you knowing something was wrong with you and your family refusing to acknowledge your fears and not understanding why you can’t listen to them or hear what you wanna hear. I can’t select what i can hear. I wish i could. So i could tune out your voice bullying me, taunting and tormenting me over something i can’t control. You could never understand how i feel, because i am a female and am “moody and emotional” according to you. All i have to say to you is 

"How fucking dare you".

You have no idea the privilege you were born with. And just because you can hear better than i can doesn’t make you anymore important or make me any less of a person. I”m a human being with feelings. Treat me like you would treat anyone else rather than single me out because i am not like you. I strive to be the best i can be, and i can say with pride as i fall asleep every night, that i am a hell of a lot of a better person than you are and can rest easy. 

I’m done crying over you. I’m done wondering why you hate me. You only have power over me if i let you. And this is the part where i fight back.