so the thing w/ moira is

re fans wanted to bring back survival horror, CHILL
re fans get to see claire again,
some re fans liked re6,
capcom has to appeal to like lots of people,
claire gets to use the guns (not that it removes from the survival horror experience, but you still get your precious guns)

so why the h*cK are people complaining that moira cant carry guns//??

like, that is cool
On the one hand we’ve got badass Claire, still cool and nice but somewhat of a veteran, so there’s some story in there, a familiar face, and she’s not some military tough guy which is rad
And on the other hand we’ve got Moira, who is not like “a second Ashley” like dude she is so badass and such a character without falling into too many shitty tropes as per female characters in games
There is development going on here and the characters are actually INTERESTING, so the fact that Moira won’t/can’t carry guns is just a cool piece of development and also
Imagine how scary RE will be when you can’t carry guns

It’s like such a good idea, the moments when you need to be Moira and you’re practically unarmed
and who knows, maybe she will carry guns later in the game, which would be even cooler

SO stop hatin on the girl bc she’s cool as fuck

Restuff Sofa Cushions

Provide Your Sofa A Facelift!

Does located on your sofa help remind you of located on our prime school’s bleachers? You don’t have to spend 1000’s on new furniture you need to simply provide your sofa a facelift! In the following paragraphs, you’ll learn easily restuff your sofa cushions~


1. First, you will need to buy an affordable foam bed mattress pad. The dimensions you’ll need will rely on how big your furniture. For instance, if you are focusing on an appreciation chair, you will probably just have a twin size bed mattress pad. I’ve found that utilizing a pad made from foam produces the greatest results. (Check ‘resources’ for links)

2. Next, you will want to have a measurement of the sofa’s cushions. (The dimensions needn’t be exact.) Let us say your cushions measure roughly 20 inches by 35 inches. Take away 2 from each number providing you with 18 inches by 33 inches. Now, you’ll produce a pattern on your own. Make use of your marker to attract a square/rectangle around the foam pad making use of your information. Bring your scissors and cut across the lines. The amount of squares you’ll need is dependent on the number of cushions you’ve however, now you can make use of your first square like a template.

3. And today for that stuffing! You will need to get into within your cushions. If you’re able to go ahead and take cushion from the sofa, you will in all probability look for a zipper around the back side from it. However, if you are focusing on a sectional, you might want to feel round the edges to obtain the Velcro access. Take your foam squares and work in two. This will make placing the information much simpler and you will never notice inside your finished project. Put the pad on the top from the existing stuffing making certain the graceful side from the pad is facing up. Go ahead and take other half from the pad and put it next to the very first, making certain there’s no gap together. In case your current stuffing is totally divided, you are able to change it entirely, by utilizing multiple squares from the foam pad stacked on the top of one another.

Tips Alerts

You are able to reduce your foam squares into more compact pieces to really make it simpler to put within your cushions.

Save any other foam padding for cushion ‘touch-ups.’

If you prefer a much softer cushion, you can put fiber-fill on the top from the foam padding.

Use care when handling scissors.

Christmas Hiatus

In the light of my huge inability to fill my queue to an adequate level lately, due to a mixture of lack of art/meta from the hiatus, low spoon levels, and paralyzing fear of disappointing anyone, I have no choice but to put CCE&CC on a Christmas break. I’ve converted the 26 posts already in my queue to drafts, and will try to fill the drafts properly over the next few weeks. Once my to-be-queued list hits 100+, I will restuff the queue, and posts will continue as normal. 

Apologies to everybody for the inconvenience. 


Here’s the wood almost finished, I should probably put another coat of wax on. Next step is the upholstery. I’m going to see if we can wash the current material and restuff it restoring it to the original provenance. 

I used a shortened version of french polishing (I didn’t want a mirror finish, but one that picked the light up), I doubt very much that it would have been made that way since it takes up time. I found a similar daybed by the same designer and the finish on theirs seemed much flatter. Under an ideal lighting set up I don’t think their daybed shows off as much wood grain…. so I included one more pic of that since I’m proud of it. I’ll do another one when we actually have some sunlight.

anonymous asked:

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