2 ; A Muslim bride received applause on Sunday as she interrupted her wedding day to lay her bouquet in tribute to the victims of the Sydney siege at Martin Place.

Barrister and mother-of-three Katrina Dawson, 38, and café manager Tory Johnson, 34, were both killed in the siege in which lone gunman and self-styled cleric Man Haron Monis held people hostage in a Lindt café for 16 hours. He was killed when police stormed the area to end the stand-off.

Thousands of tributes have since poured in for Ms Dawson and Mr Johnson at Martin’s Place, where flowers and messages cover the ground.

Manal Kassem, 23, from Punchbowl, a Sydney suburb, had originally planned to have her wedding photoshoot in the city, but had been hesitant after the events last week.

But on Sunday, dressed in white, wearing a headscarf and a veil, Ms Kassem chose to visit the site before the pictures were taken for her wedding, and received applause from the crowds as she lay down her bouquet.

Ms Kassem’s wedding planner, Dina Kheir, told AAP: “She was going to cancel [the photoshoot] because she didn’t want to be judged – celebrating her wedding in a scarf while people were terrorised.

“But she made it her priority to visit the memorial site as the first pit stop.

“She did it out of respect for her country that will one day be the country of her children and grandchildren.”

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  • Artist: Sam Wolfe Connelly
  • Card Name: Otherworld Atlas
  • Card Number: no 219
  • Card Text: [Tap]: Put a charge counter on Otherworld Atlas. [Tap]: Each player draws a card for each charge counter on Otherworld Atlas.
  • Community Rating: 2 to 2.99
  • Converted Mana Cost: 4
  • Expansion: Avacyn Restored
  • Flavor Text: “Any fool can open it. But it takes a genius to decipher the blank pages.” —Kordel the Cryptic
  • Mana Cost: [4]
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Types: Artifact

“I was moved by the unwavering commitment and professionalism that every staff member demonstrated to me, despite knowing what I had done. Through their work and kindness, they taught me that Sikhism is about the much broader collective well being of humanity. Through that process, I gained an incredible support system that inspired me to make dramatic changes in my life.”


So, someone just dropped this in my inbox, and no, I haven’t written about it but I knew about it. This is the sort of thing that happens, unfortunately. I do have a post about the Black Madonna of Chartres, Our Lady of the Pillar.

Here’s the linked article above, and here’s another article from someone who visited for a pilgrimage, with photos, from

 They did this in 2009.*

They “restored” the entire cathedral based on how they have assumed its builders in the Middle Ages (the 1200s) intended it to be. Including, but not limited to, painting a Black Madonna white.

No matter what you think about the Black Madonnas of Europe, or the arguments about their meaning and intent or anything like that, painting her this way is both an academic and a religious sacrilege. There is…a lot to say about the whole debacle, but I’ve already been rubbing my forehead enough over this. I’ll just say that this “restoration” says a lot more about society today than any medieval society.

* The change to the Madonna itself was apparently slightly more recent. The “restoration” to the entire Cathedral began around 2009 and is supposed to be completed in, I believe, 2017.


The Narcissus Desk by Sebastian Errazuriz

Designer Sebastian Errazuriz continues his reign of creating unforgettable functional pieces that double as sculptures which also make you think. The latest is The Narcissus Desk, a desk that will let you gaze at your reflection all day long. The desk’s inspiration came from a Caravaggio painting of Narcissus that Errazuriz remembers seeing with his father, an art teacher, as a child on a trip to Italy. The painting made him think about the idea that someone could stare at their reflection but not necessarily be aware that they were looking at themselves. In today’s times, with everyone’s obsession with selfies and being “our own perfectly edited online self”, we tend to forget about the real person that exists outside the screen. The desk offers the user a moment of reflection, where we spend most of our days and tend to make the most important decisions in our lives. Errazuriz found a broken French desk from around 1880 and completely restored it. He then cut a semi-circle out that lets the user fit inside the desk.

Of Mice & Men have announced “Restoring Force: Full Circle.” This reissue will feature three new songs and an acoustic version of “Feels Like Forever.” The album is due out February 24th

1.”Public Service Announcement”
2.”Feels Like Forever”
3.”Bones Exposed”
4.”Would You Still Be There”
5.”Glass Hearts”
6.”Another You”
7.”Break Free”
8.”You Make Me Sick”
9.”Identity Disorder”
10.”You’re Not Alone”
11.”Space Enough to Grow”
12.”Broken Generation”
13.”Something To Hide”
14.”Never Giving Up”
15.”Feels Like Forever” (Acoustic Version)

[ The Perfect Uchiha Woman ]

Sakura is the only woman who deserves to bring the Uchiha name. She is the only one who is worth a match for Sasuke's genes. She is the only one who has the rights to be a matriarch and worth to become the woman who will bring the Uchiha clan to prosper again.

Sakura Haruno is the only woman who is worth it for Sasuke Uchiha.