Die Brotzeit (“bread time”) is a traditional German savory meal or snack native to Bayern (Bavaria) in Southern Germany. Typical items consumed as part of it include fresh pretzels, other bread, butter, different meats in the form of cold cuts, different cheeses, pickles, radishes, onions, peppers, and fresh herbs like chives. In centuries past when people were farmers in rural areas with a lot of physical work in their day, this was a traditional meal eaten between a (very early) breakfast and lunch. Today it’s probably more likely for it to be lunch at a restaurant or a smaller version as a snack at home.


Veggielicious, Toronto

is on from November 14 to 30th - it’s a good opportunity to revisit some of the best vegetarian/vegan dining options in Toronto. Here are some of my favourites:

The Steady Cafe + Bar - has a wonderful $30 set meal that I highly recommend. It’s a hot cafe/resto/club hybrid that channels the infamous Beaver Cafe via South Beach bringing some much needed multi-sexual flavour to Bloorcourt/Bloordale. Their vegan donuts (seen above) have also won them acclaim.

YamChops - is a vegetarian butcher/grocery that does some amazing things with veggies, I’m a big fan of the carrot lox. I always load up my cart with the inventive vegan goodies here.

Grasslands - is the classiest place where you can bring your date, whether or not they are vegan, the lights are low and the food is delicious.

Live Food Bar - is the one and only original raw organic food palace of Toronto, now with 2 locations. I usually go for their raw platter and the almond dream bars but the burgers are great too.

Tori’s Bakeshop - is a beacon of good food (that happens to be gluten free and vegan) in the Beach neighbourhood. Their sandwiches and baked goods are all delicious and now they have a liquor licence for evening tastings.

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At Thai Grill on the corner of St-Laurent Blvd. and Laurier Ave., owner Nicolas Scalera watched his business come to a halt when the sidewalks were widened. For four months, the entrance to his restaurant was accessible only by a small plank set over a mud pit. Construction, estimated to last a month, started in August yet only finished in early November. Scalera said customers not only petered out, many called to see if he was closed. “I paid $68,000 in taxes to the city last year. It would have been nice to see a break during construction.”

This whole thing is depressing. Off to drown our worries at Patati Patata.


Check it out! It’s a new film that Joseph Bennett and I collaborated on. Joe Animated most of it, I animated the two demon cops.  The audio is from a street recording provided by Ben Kronberg. Additional sound design by Mike Jansson.

My father and I just went to a local pizza place for dinner that has paper place mats and crayons, so, naturally, while he chats with the employees I start drawing. Usually when we’re done I fold up the drawing and take it with me because hey, what’s the restaurant going to do with it? And I had the same plan as always tonight

When we were done eating and I finished it, my father handed them the mat. They put the drawing up on the wall with the other drawings. The drawings done by 6 and 10 year olds


I’m 22
I go to a fine arts school



My dad had told me to draw Trundle on that mat