Grilled cheese sandwiches are awesome, but grilled cheese from heaven delivered via parachute? That’s super awesome! And that’s exactly what has just started happening in New York City thanks to an Australian pop-up restaurant called Jafflechutes. We aren’t kidding, grilled cheese sandwiches really are falling from the sky and we wish we were in NYC right now.

"Jaffle" is an Australian term for grilled or toasted sandwiches. In 2013 three guys in Melbourne who really love jaffles (Adam, David and Huw) successfully crowdfunded their concept for delivering tasty jaffles via parachute - Jafflechute! One year later they decided to tempt Americans with the same offer, grilled cheese sandwiches delivered from on high. Their second fundraising campaign was a success and the jaffles are now descending to meet their destiny in the hands (and bellies) of hungry New Yorkers.

The setup is simple: The Jafflechutes crew posts when they’ll be working. Payment is submitted via PayPal and a delivery/drop time selected. At the appointed time the customer stands on an ‘X’ marked on the sidewalk outside the designated location and awaits the arrival of their very own jaffle. Provided the wind isn’t too strong, a yummy grilled cheese sandwich that’s been carefully wrapped up with a tiny parachute attached is then dropped from a window overhead.

But don’t worry if the wind is up. If your jaffle happens to get stuck in a tree, Jafflechutes says you won’t have to chase after it, they’ll make you another.

Click here to watch Jafflechutes in action.

Visit the Jafflechutes website to learn more. You can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

[via The Telegraph, USA Today, Gawker and Jafflechutes]

"Chippa Lattes" right next to the "Donkey Donalds"

GUEST: Hey there! I need a restaurant. Chippa Lattes.
CONCIERGE: Chippa Lattes?
GUEST: You don’t know it? Everyone loves it.
CONCIERGE: Can you spell it for me?
GUEST: No idea how to spell it. It’s just a whole bunch of letters put together.
GUEST: Or Chippo. Chippo Lottie’s.
CONCIERGE: Cheapo Lottie’s?
GUEST: Yeah. Something like that.
(Concierge begins to google Cheapo Lottie’s.)
GUEST: You know. It has the big burritos and stuff? Fast food place.
CONCIERGE: Chipotle?
GUEST: Maybe. I just know it has a bunch of letters.

In a story from the archive, the chef Anthony Bourdain spills some trade secrets:

“By means of a hidden camera in a restaurant, the reporter was horrified to see returned bread being sent right back out to the floor. This, to me, wasn’t news: the reuse of bread has been an open secret—and a fairly standard practice—in the industry for years. It makes more sense to worry about what happens to the leftover table butter—many restaurants recycle it for hollandaise.”

Illustration by Adrian Gill

Finally: you can eat like a slobby uncle AND tip!

4 Theme Restaurants Clearly Designed by Crazy People

#3. Tincan Tests How Stupid People Are by Serving Only Canned Fish

Tincan sells only canned fish, offering you the privilege of spending up to $36 per can for what you’d normally eat for $2.50 at home, where it comes with a free side of overwhelming ennui. To be clear, they’re not using canned food as the basis of a meal that has additional ingredients or any sort of thought or effort put into it. No, they crack open a can, dump the contents into a bowl and tell you to eat up with all the emotion that you’d put into feeding your dog.

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McKitchen McNightmares, or, I'm Hatin' It

GUEST: For like, all the restaurants…
GUEST: Do you do that?
CONCIERGE: I can definitely help you with restaurants!
GUEST: Okay so like, we just want the celebrity chef places. What’s the closest one nearby?
CONCIERGE: There’s a handful, do you have a particular favorite celebrity chef?
GUEST: Oh, I don’t know. What are their names?
CONCIERGE: Well there’s Gordon Ramsay-
GUEST: That sounds good. We’ll go there.
CONCIERGE: He has two restaurants, one starts at about $30 a plate-
GUEST: Ohhhhh no no no no. Cheaper than that.
CONCIERGE: That’s the cheaper one of his two restaurants.
GUEST’S HUSBAND: Forget it. Where’s a McDonald’s?
CONCIERGE: Two blocks to the left.
GUEST: Great. Thank you!

Too bad they’ll miss out on the opening of Ramsay’s newest restaurant: McMaze.