Anna/Lucifer AU.

On the run from an abusive home but without money for a bus, or a car of her own, Anna decides to hitch hike. She’s heard all sorts of horror stories about girls getting picked up by strangers and meeting horrible fates, but she’s desperate. Lucifer, a drifter that just so happens to be driving through, never picks up people standing around on the side of the road. Never. But as he drives past the young girl on the guard rail, something tells him he needs to make an exception. When she gets in the car, Lucifer notices the bruise on her cheek, but deigns not to bring it up. Instead he asks her where she’s headed, trying his best to sound friendly. All she gives him in return is “away.” They travel the country together, passing through backwoods towns, miles and miles of countryside whipping by, the two of them growing closer and closer. They have no destination, nowhere they have to get to. Their only objective is to keep each other safe, and keep each other from feeling as alone as they did before.

ihavehiminmycrosshairs said:

If Bee died, Crosshairs wouldn't refuel. He wouldn't do anything but sit in his room and or at the place of Bees death. He sees Bee as a brother-Someone he could go to the shooting range with to have a fun time-And possibly even play lobby with. Crosshairs would keep crying silently on and off when he thought no one was around to over hear him or when he thinks someone cant see him. And he would spend a lot of time looking up at the stars. Maybe even sometimes talk to bee like he was still there