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Are there any close family members (e.g.: brothers and sisters) who played in POTO (like Rob and Rebecca Pitcher)? If so, photos? :)

There’s Rebecca Pitcher and Rob Pitcher, yes. Siblings. But they’ve never performed opposite eachother, or even appeared in the same productions. Rebecca Pitcher has starred as Christine in the US tour, on Broadway and in the World Tour. Rob Pitcher has been u/s Phantom, Raoul and Piangi in Antwerp, Hamburg etc, and is on every now and then as the Phantom in the current Hamburg production. 

Gary Mauer and Elizabeth Southard played opposite eachother in the US tour. They were married. Same with Kevin Gray and Dodie Pettit. 

There is also Mark Jacoby (Phantom on Broadway and in Chicago) and Ben Jacoby (Raoul in the restaged tour) - but again, they didn’t perform opposite eachother. 

A third example is Alexander Lewis (Raoul in the World Tour) and Ben Lewis (Mr. Y in Love Never Dies) - but once again, they never performed together, and not really in the same musical either. Just mentioning them because others always mention them if I don’t. ;) 

So, there aren’t really any photos to show of any of these TOGETHER, except the married couples (Mauer/Southard to the left, Gray/Pettit to the right): 



Seven different ALW!Phantom deformities: 

1. The replica version, as seen on Ramin Karimloo in the Royal Albert Hall concert. It was in West End style, but had less colouring on the cheek and chin, and a more prominent… brain? The main idea is to give the impression of a lifted/drawn back lip so it looks like a beast sneering. The wig is a nod to the disease Alopecia Areata. Other replica versions have less prominent “brain”, and often bolder colours. 

2. The Las Vegas replica version, as worn by Michael Lackey. If you look closely, you’ll see that the prosthetic pieces is more or less the same as the original. But it was much heavier coloured, to be seen from the very back of the auditorium in the large Phantom Theatre. 

3. The 2004 movie version, as worn by Gerard Butler. Kinda underwhelming, looks like a bad sunburn more than a deformity he was born with. Of course made for movie closeups, but still not very terrifying. Certainly not something you’d be put in a cage and be forced to live in the underground for. But at least it followed the idea of one side being damaged, one being good. 

4. The restaged tour non-replica deformity. The abandoned the idea of a “sneering beast”, and instead went for… melted cheese. 

5. The Hungarian non-replica deformity, as worn by Sandor (Alexander) Sasvári. They too went for the “sneering beast” lip and the cracked skull, but went for grittier colours, with yellow flesh with black patches. The eye socket on the bad side was also coloured all black, to give the impression of a skull. 

6. The Polish non-replica deformity, where it looks like the skin is heavily infected and falling off in patches. Rather cool as such, but I hate that we’re able to see it’s merely a plastic piece attached over the ear. It’s like a second mask. 

7. The Czech non-replica version. Full-fledged deformity, going from lip to the very back of the skull. Less “sneering beast” here, instead the disappearing jaw area and the “empty eye socket” is underlined to give the impression of a skull. Interestingly enough, they’ve kept the cracked skull and “brain” idea, as seen in the RAH concert. 

Day 84: Re-staging

After a Pet and CT scan, we are thankful and grateful to share that that THERE ARE NO NEW CANCEROUS CELLS IN NOAH’s HILAR LYMPH NODES!!!

Nurse Kelly commented on his “great color and hair.” Knowing that radiation and stem-cell therapy was successful makes me love the Chaplin’s prayer even more.

Cheers to life and being able to live it, fix it, or just enjoy it!!

(Noah wanted me to include this after I asked him a million times.)

Most Merciful God, Creator and Sustainer of LIfe,

We come before you today, humbled by your great gift of life. In your infinite love, you planted within us these tiny cells that have the power to heal and renew. For giving scientists, physicians, and nurses the knowledge to use these cells for our well-being, we give you thanks. For having brought us to this special day, we give you thanks.

Today, we ask a special blessing on Noah as he receives these life-giving cells. Let him trust not only in their power to heal, but in Your invitation to new life and new birth. Grant Noah patience and hope as he waits for the restoration of body, mind, and spirit.

And now, send your spirit upon these cells, blessing them with your love and healing power.

In Your Holy Name, we pray. AMEN
—found on What About Bob

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so if you were directing a production of Phantom, what would the sets, characterization, and costumes be like? in addition, who would your cast be?

I’m such a fan of Maria Bjornson’s designs, it’d just be a carbon copy of hers. The differences would probably be in the costumes - it’d be a massive mixture of my favorites from many different productions. (Like, I’d have the Hamburg slavegirl bodice and tiaras with their massive gold decorations, London Elissa dress, those beautiful old Countess dresses from the American productions, etc.).

Still, I think I might steal some of the sets from Vegas, as well as their chandelier. And one of the few things I’d take from the restaged tours - I’d make “glass” shower on the heads of the audience, maybe have parts of the “set” fall down when the chandelier crashes into them, and use their staging of the Don Juan rehearsal scene.

Characterization-wise… I think I’d try and give my actors enough freedom to improvise. Mainly it would stick to “don’t do this” rather than any “do this”: don’t make the Phantom violent to the point where you can’t sympathize with them, don’t make Raoul a jerk, don’t make Christine a wallflower, for the love of God DON’T make ‘Music of the Night’ a music lesson.

And as for my cast:

  • Phantom - Earl Carpenter
  • Christine - Gina Beck
  • Raoul - Sean MacLaughlin
  • Andre - I hold a special fondness for Aaron Galligan Stierle and his hysterical shriek of fright in Il Muto
  • Firmin - Uh, Tim Jerome, I guess, since he worked with the above (even though I feel his Firmin could be a bit better)
  • Carlotta - I’m dragging Rebecca Caine back. But if she really won’t cooperate, maybe I’ll go with Claire Moore. (Come on, that’s one of the biggest what-ifs in recent years - if Claire Moore hadn’t injured her ankle, what would her Carlotta have been like??)
  • Piangi - Larry Wayne Morbitt

Drawing a bit of blank with the rest. I should probably also cast a few alternates/understudies, but whatever I usually don’t go beyond the trio.

OH HAAAIIIIII, ANGELA DAVIS. It’s been a minute, Dr. Davis. Remember when we took a selfie in 2012?? Ima need us to restage that while confronting racial capitalism in America & the world.