let’s take a moment to remember some amazing people we lost in 2013. They all fought a battle, somehow. May their beautiful souls rest in peace.

Cory fought a battle against his addiction with drugs. If one more person says that it’s his fault he died bc he took drugs imma shove a stick up your rectum, because quitting drugs is hard. It was heartbreaking for me. He made my late childhood complete and he made me happy.

Talia fought a battle against cancer for a long, long time. She was too young. Too talented.

Nelson fought a battle to find world peace. He made us realize that there can be peace, if we all just work together.

Paul fought to help the needy. He was a selfless, giving man. I heard he died coming back from a charity event.

happy new year, everyone. xo


On July 13th,  Cory Monteith was found dead in his hotel room in Vancouver. His fans, friends, family, and fellow actors/actresses all over mourn his sudden death. On this day the world lost an amazing talent at the age of 31. It is obviously that he's touched the hearts of many, and his smiling face will be forever remember by people all over. Rest in peace Cory. You maybe gone, but you will never be forgotten.

idk if i’m alone in this but at this point it’s like i kind of know what’s happening but i don’t get it. i know i should be sad and i know i am sad and i know this is really the end but i don’t think my brain understands it, like i’m just going through the motions of mourning but in the back of my mind i’m still half-expecting new candids or tweets or interviews or something, anything, because that’s just what i’ve grown to know over 3 years but it’s not gonna happen anymore because he’s gone and i don’t think i fully understand what that means, that’s he’s actually .. gone. like .. no more. not here. it’s so much to comprehend and i’m almost physically incapable of it right now, i want to understand, i keep trying to understand but my brain’s like one giant black hole, i think it’s still in shock even though the rest of me is actively trying to make sense of it all

you guys i just laugh-cried so hard

i was staring at an article that said “the late cory monteith” in disbelief because .. no. how is that even an expression that applies to him ..

and my friend goes “what, you thought he’d actually fucking be on time for something now that he’s passed? of course he’s late, he probably waited til god was actually calling his name to even bother getting dressed”