Are you a Momo-san or a Sakura-san ? (find my scans in bigger sizes here and here)

This little booklet, included is Nanaoh vol.39, is designed to help you find what color family suits your skin undertone. If we usually think in “cool” and “warm” colors, here Nanaoh distinguishes between Momo-san (Miss Peach blossom) and Sakura-san (Miss Cherry blossom). It’s so cute!

  • Step one: juban’s haneri: pure white or eggshell?
  • Step two: pinks! Sakura tones are on the left, Momo’s on the right.
  • Step three: test other colors!
  • bonus: indigo family is kind of an exception as it’s a tint with equal warm (red) and cool (blue). Test which is better for you :)
Where To Get Film Developed Online

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to live in a major international city to get access to good film developing. For anyone who lives in an area with limited or no film options, we’ve put together a list of places which offer mail-order film developing:

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Free texture in print resolution for use in private or public free or commercial work. Share/link to this post, if you like to give it to somebody else (but please do not redistribute on other pages/as part of a collection)

You do not need to credit me, if you use this texture. If you find a way to link to my tumblr, it’s always appreciated. 

I created these textures for a job. And now I am not even sure, if they really help the project. So off they go into the vast internets - if you use them for something, i am always be interested to see it : )

Download the transparent Texture (black) of 9MB

Download the original bluish texture (solid background) of 18MB