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Why not? :o

Because my family couldn’t afford christmas presents and stuff.

christmas is not about the presents. I’m just happy I got to see my brother and my other family members. 

I don’t care about the presents or anything materialistic like that. I’m getting to spend christmas with my family and that’s all i need. 

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hey!! i really love the clothes u draw and i was wondering if there are any specific fashion blogs that u would recommend? :O

THANK YOU! UMM I FOLLOW A LOT OF BLOGS SO it’s a little hard for me to get the blog names but i have a pinterest where i pin fashion stuff I like if you want to take a look at it! 

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Hi! Just need some help.I'm rushing through all of my subjects as school is starting in like a week. When I study , I will first read my school notes ,then my assessment/guidebooks (I have 3 of them) and then do the work related to that topic by redoing my homework and the 3 assessments books. I realized this technique used up a lot of my time. But I want to know the subject thoroughly (hope you know what I'm saying) and also,when I read notes , I will make notes on myown, p1

i never got the second part of your question, i’m sorry! 

the optimal way to study a subject thoroughly is by employing active recall, rather than passive. active methods of studying include:

  • flashcards—question in front, bulleted answers in the back // name of equation, actual equation + description of variables // key term, definition // etc. (and then quiz yourself by going through the cards and separating them into piles of “i’m comfortable with this” and “i’m not quite comfortable with this yet”)
  • feynman’s technique—first reading your school notes is a good start. then put all of your books away, all of your books, and pull out a blank sheet of paper and a pen. now write down everything you remember from your school notes without looking at them, explaining each part as if you were teaching it to a 5 year old child. you should be using the most succinct, basic terms. once you’ve written down everything you remember, go back and reread your school notes again to fill in any gaps of knowledge. repeat. 
  • summarizing—simply reading over your notes/homework/assessments and summarizing them is helpful not only for learning, but using as a study aid when exams come around. the important part of this is to limit the length of your summary—for example to half a page, so that you aren’t just rewriting everything and are actively consolidating/condensing all the information.
  • teach it out loud—basically feynman’s technique but in real life. go over your notes, and then teach the topic at hand out loud as if someone were sitting across from you (you can do this with a buddy if you’d like, i usually just talk to myself in my room). for subjects like math or science, it’s helpful to have a whiteboard/chalkboard/paper out to write out the process of solving a problem as you explain it aloud.

passive methods include writing or rewriting notes, reading the textbook, highlighting, etc. i think students (including myself) tend to gravitate towards passivity because it’s a) easier, and b) gives us the illusion that we’re being productive without using too much brain power, but who’s losing in the end? us. we’re losing valuable time that could be spent learning other things, or reading that really good book you’ve been meaning to read for the last 3 weeks, or watching netflix, or spending time with friends. so by studying more efficiently, you’re giving yourself an edge in your life. hope that was helpful! good luck! 

more tips on active studying from UCSD’s med school page: x

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This is weird but will keep me in your thoughts today? I'm working through an eating disorder and it can be extremely difficult during the holidays.


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listen, i know this isn't up your ally but you're the only artist who will ever answer my asks. I know a lot of people use art as therapy, like ive seen a lot of people be like "drawing keeps my suicidal thoughts away", but i get so upset when I read that because drawing is always a sure fire way to make me think nothing but suicidal thoughts. I've been drawing for like 8 years and i can't just quit, you kno. i want to not hate the only thing i can say is a hobby, but its so toxic. im so sad.

Oh gosh anon UMM It’s definitely hard to stop doing something that means a lot to you, but I think you should take a break from drawing for a bit, just to see how you feel. IF SOMETHING IS TOXIC YOU SHOULD Take a step back from it and distance yourself from in as much as you can, don’t let it control you or your thoughts.

Everyone is different and just bc drawing helps some ppl it doesn’t mean it will have the same effect for you so don’t feel upset bc of that. You have your own feelings and they’re in no way invalid just bc other people feel a different way. IT’S FRUSTRATING that you can’t draw without the negative feeling but you don’t have to stop drawing forever, just take a break until it’s less of a stress point for you. DON”T GIVE UP, I BELIEVE YOU WILL FIND A WAY TO ENJOY DRAWING AGAIN, ESPECIALLY SINCE you love it enough to stick with it for 8 years. I HOPE things get better for you soon anon, and my askbox is always open if you need to talk.

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Ray sitting in the back during a heist, playing on his DS, lvling up his pokemon, when his DS is shot and he kinda snaps and decimates the cops. (which is a big turn on for Ryan, who drags Ray off for a fuck when they get home)

i think any form of Ray Showing Murderous Strength is a turn on for ryan

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why did that one chick say you were too young to be on tumblr??

because she doesn’t understand that 13 is the youngest age you can be on tumblr and i’m 17. 

meaning she’s fucking stupid lol

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an au where their code name just get longer and more complex to the point where they can't even complete the heist because they are laughing to hard at how silly their code name have become

did you mean actual heist canon

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I told my ten year old cousin that Korra and Asami were dating and he didn't believe me so I just showed him and he blinked at the screen, whispered "well... that actually makes me feel a little better" and I was like "wait what" and he walked away idk what just happened but...?

Wow, that’s pretty cool. I wouldn’t assume anything but I guess he was pretty moved by Bryke’s decision to end the show with Korrasami. Whether that means he felt connected to it personally or just in general, that is pretty special. 

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One of my good friends saw me freaking out over some of the early episodes [episode 10?] and a couple of gifs on Tumblr that he decided to check it out with me one day. Needless to say the ride to e36 was wild and included a lot of fanboying/fangirling. He even thanked me for showing a series so strong on female characters, where sexuality wasn't the most important part of the series, and with a happy ending. I'm glad to call this guy my friend, and that he roped his gf into watching as well

Your friend is A+