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What's your beef with realism anyway?

is this about princess nine or something else?

1. in the case of Princess Nine, the team losing and not going to koshien isn’t more “realistic”. “realistic” in this case is an assumption, an idea, that failure and loss and not getting ahead or having anything good happen is inherently more realistic because… because, basically. people have accomplished things throughout history that still blows people’s minds today. women have done shit in history that has gone forgotten, ignored, or even plain covered up. a baseball team of all women winning and going to koshien is not unrealistic - there is simply the assumption it is, because we get this thought put in our brains that things like this, people struggling against history and bullshit in society, and winning, is somehow unrealistic… and in this case, it’s especially because it’s women. a rag tag team of all-men winning and going to koshien? who’d disbelieve that? we’re not coded to believe such a thing is “unrealistic” in this case.

there are tons of real history out there that we’d be lead to believe couldn’t possibly be “realistic” because of the bullshit we’re taught about how shit works out in the world.

2. this longing for “realism” is the same kind of shit that leads to a fuckload of stories about people who would not generally be considered the main character in a story, to put it one way, ending with misery, or failure, or just getting to the point of where many other people’s stories would start. i think in particular all the stories out there of gay people, lesbian people, bi people, trans people, queer people, and on and on, that end without being able to get love, or end with death, or end with a general vacuum of happiness, because that’s more “realistic”, right?

it’s a bullshit idea that ignores everything around it and the very people it’s about. “realism” here isn’t realism at all, it’s the idea that loss and misery and failure is, somehow, inherently more realistic, just because it feels bad, or because we expect certain people, certain groups, to have these failures and these miseries.

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Hello ally. I fell in love with a banjo player today. Just thought I'd share that with you. He winked and smirked at me and then we had a nice long chat about banjos and music and then he gave me his number.

I am already very invested in this relationship

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Saying that somebody is a trans man because of internalized misogyny is like saying that somebody is a trans women because of internalized misandry. Uhm, no, I am trans myself. Just because I no longer want to identify as a woman doesn't mean I dislike women!

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Why are you posting all these old pictures of Misha? They're so cool but I've never seen lots of them before!!

Being on forced bedrest means that I don’t have much else to do but scour the internet for ancient Misha pictures.

I’m not supposed to communicate with people because these meds make me loop loop. It’s great to be in a lot less pain than I was before. It’s like yeah, I can tell it still hurts, but I don’t care that it hurts, and the best part is that I don’t care that I don’t care that it should hurt and doesn’t. I feel like Dean when he had the leviathan goo sandwich. 

basically i am in a much better mood now that my pain is not a constant 8 like it was this morning.

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People never get the difference between liking sex and wanting sexual satisfaction when it comes to being Asexual. It's like they think an asexual person never gets turned on or even never masturbates.


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If I could summarize tumblr in a scenario it would be an ongoing war with no end of injustice vs injustice, then there's the one who stay in no man's land and eat popcorn and watch how horrible it is.

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Lmfao people are dumb. I'm female, queer and POC and I agree with that post. Tumblr activism is incredibly stupid at times.

i just, being mad at your oppressor and being able to rant is something im completely fine with, i just get so bored of posts like “why be straight and cis when you can be queer”… its like how the fuck do you even think this works. 

Its really not that hard to be a decent human. 

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So you have no interest in sex?

In theory, i do, but in practicality, i don’t. Idk, i’m still trying to figure things out but at the moment being Panromantic Asexual seems most fitting.