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What you think of valdaya?

What do I think of them? Well, I think they are both incredible individuals, who possess so much talent and drive, along with a great sense of kindness and charity. Together, they seem to have such a wonderfully unique connection, in that they compliment each other so well. They essentially seem to bring out the best in each other, and push their motivations and goals into high gear around one another. However, they both reduce one another to smiling, goofballs, which is wonderful, and the hallmark of a great relationship.

If you are asking whether or not I think they are dating, then my answer is no. I know a lot of shippers out there are either rejoicing or cursing this answer, but that’s my honest opinion. Without question, I think their relationship far supersedes your generic, run of the mill connection you form between partners on Dancing with the Stars. I truly believe that they view each other as family. That being said, I don’t buy the bro/sis thing. That might be what they call each other because they haven’t really figured everything out. I mean, even though Z is legal, she is still really young. Do I think that it is morally reprehensible of them to date because of this? Absolutely not. She’s an adult. He’s an adult. However, I don’t see them jumping that hurdle just yet. I see an INCREDIBLE amount of flirting going on between the two, and if it is honestly, a bro/sis type of relationship, it is very confusing and borderline worrisome. But, I think that’s where their relationship lies. Definitely in the realm of family, but in uncategorized territory. Because overall, I cannot imagine them risking their amazing friendship right now, with Z’s climb and V’s business pursuits.

One thing is indubitable, and that is that those two love each other. Plain and simple, and that’s what I feel that matters most above everything else. They will without a doubt be in each others’ lives for a long time, if not for their longevity, and they will support one another relentlessly. To me, that’s what it is all about. I don’t idealize romantic relationships, as cute as I imagine them to be together, because I’d much rather have a world with adorable Valdaya friends than a broken-hearted mess of them. And without question, I believe IF they fell for one another, and that’s NOT a very big if, and it didn’t work out, god forbid, it would SINK them both. They both come across, as the type to fall hard and to be rather hard to unfall for, so I am just waiting for time to take its place, and see where it goes.

Finally, while I don’t think they are together now and I try to remain as neutral as possible about their future, I do think at some point they are inevitable. As a matter of fact, I think its almost a guarantee. Whether it be sooner or later, your guess is as good as mine. I just hope that that the inevitable transcends to become eternal. Life is unpredictable, and has lots of twists and turns, and uncertainties, so only time will tell. And at the end of the day, I don’t personally know them one iota. But…

Essentially, yes, I am rooting for ENDGAME.

I miss having people that care about me in my life, seriously I have no friends anymore because no one was willing to stick around when things got rough and now I’m coming out the other side - I don’t want to go back to those people. Somebody be my friend please? I need someone to text everyday and talk about TV shows and how dull my day has been and to skype over pizza and all the shit normal people do when they have friends - I even lost my internet friends ffs.

I know I’m like 20+ years late to the party but I wanna start listening to Nirvana. I’ve listened to their stuff in the past but now I think I’m at a better phase/age(19) in my life where I can actually handle and appreciate it. So any suggestions where I should start? And don’t say SLTS.
Wow I sound like such a child.

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Send me “alt!” and I’ll introduce you to a charecter I’ve rped in the past, want to play in the future or are currently playing somewhere else!


If you don’t have anything to say, then leave. The blonde was writing his lyrics, he didn’t care about the city noise or the cars or people walking around him, but he did care when someone come to near him. Satsuki was not in a good mood, he don’t know why his other half lost his glasses again, but he was sure that the brat would soon appear. I have to finish it, before this idiot appear. 


Shinomiya Natsuki and Shinomiya Satsuki, from Utano Prince-Sama 1000% and 2000%… My Natsuki/Satsuki account is an eternal hiatus and my Satsuki I go only to answer one person, and under request I can RP both on my multi-muse… So yeah I’ve rped in the past both.