You may not agree with a woman, but to criticize her appearance - as opposed to her ideas or actions - isn’t doing anyone any favors, least of all you. Insulting a woman’s looks when they have nothing to do with the issue at hand implies a lack of comprehension on your part, an inability to engage in high-level thinking. You make think she’s ugly, but everyone else thinks you’re an idiot.
—  Hillary Clinton

Dear Black Tumblr,

I’d just like to take a moment to remind all of you to take a second and reflect on your elders on this day of solidarity.  Their struggle was so much harder than ours, and they deserve all the love and respect in the world for fighting and paving the way so we could make it this far. Never forget who you are, whose you are, and where you came from.

"Respect is earned," is a rhetoric that I will never understand. Everybody is deserving of respect until proving otherwise. Everybody is deserving of decency and fair treatment, and respect falls into that. I respect my fellow bloggers, I respect the people who walk down the street, I respect my teachers and fellow students, because they have done neither good nor bad. They are people just like me and they are not void of respect somehow just because they have not proven worth to me. Respect is basic decency. If somebody is indecent, then they are not respected.

Ways to make me happy:

  • light some candles before bed and let them burn out while we sleep
  • make me a cup of tea
  • buy me a book
  • roll me a cigarette
  • watch me while I Tumblr obsessively
  • be strong
  • be the boss
  • buy me candy
  • tell me nice things
  • treat me like a princess
  • hold me in your arms
  • grab my face and kiss me hard
  • tell me what to do 
  • show me the world
  • be proud of me
  • tell me I’m a good girl
  • eat me
  • eat me again
  • and again
  • love me when I’m on my knees
  • be honest
  • be there for me
  • let me tease you
  • set the boundaries 
  • then punish me when I push them
  • claim what’s yours 
  • wake me up with kisses
  • respect me 

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Kandi ; plastic jewelry (made from pony beads) you see people wearing at rave. It is generally made in bracelet, cuff, or necklace form.
The tradition goes like this: the raver makes kandi at home, often with heartfelt messages, cool patterns, or with something having to do with the event they are about to attend. At the rave, when two kandi bearers see each other they may approach each other and ask to trade. What follows is a special handshake where symbols of peace, love, unity, and respect are expressed through each gesture. Finally, in a mutual show of love and respect, they slide the kandi bracelets over each others’ wrists, thus completing the trade.
Kandi trading is possibly my favorite part of rave culture and PLUR. Each kandi I receive is a piece of the raver who gave it to me; a memory of the show I had gone to. I wear each piece with pride, and I am fueled off the energy and loving vibes I feel from those I trade with and feel so amazing being able to wear other people’s art as well as mine. 🍭✨

Release all self doubt, self hate, and comparison of self to others. Know that you are an integral part of the whole that is Nature and Infinity. Comparison to others and a lack of love towards self is violence; to not respect and apprecite who we are is damaging and leads to disintegration/decay. Richard Buckminster Fuller said “Love is metaphysical gravity”; it is what holds our cells together in place in order for us to exist as we are, and we all are here because we have a purpose (we wouldn’t be if we didn’t). The more we truly appreciate ourselves and everything else in life, the stronger that universal bond becomes, leading to greater stability & ease in our lives and to a more sound and beneficial reality for all. Ego can only exist as we continue to fear in general, and fear can only exist if we doubt ourselves as we are, so relax, breathe, and admire your beautifully-amazing self more and more everyday. Give the best of care to your whole self (body mind & spirit) so as to become an ever-evolving efficient being that experiences ease and enjoyment at every turn in life.

Much love and courage everyone

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