Hundreds of firefighters from Nassau & Suffolk Counties line the route showing support for Former Asst. Chief Joe Sanford Jr. of the Inwood Fire Department as he is transported from North Shore Hospital to the Medical Examiner’s Office this morning. This is the true meaning of brotherhood. Photo credit: Paul Mazza

via Nassau County Firefighters Pipes & Drums on Facebook


How I came out to my little sister today

*sister walks into my room*
Her: what are you doing
Me: straightening my hair
Her: it isn’t very straight
Me: neither am I
Her: okay, anyway I came to talk to you about posture
Me: I basically just told you I like both sexes and you’re going to talk about posture?
Her: well yeah, it’s not a big deal, you are you are and I love and respect you for that

this couple in cartoon makes the difference for those non heterosexual children out there, because I know it would’ve helped me as a child, as a teen… now it’s helping me as a young adult in many ways, cheers to the creators, cheers to Korra, cheers to Asami, because they are more than characters, they exist in every mind of those who relate to it, those who understand something about them or see something in them like you see it in yourself, they are an example, same gender love is not a trouble, you feel love, not gender, they are a guide, they are us, let’s embrace ourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can we just appreciate Octavia Blake for a minute? Because when I first saw her I was okay typical pretty girl who does all the boys and acts like a ditz but damn this one is smart and she’s got guts. Like seriously the woman was raised beneath the floor and when she’s locked up in a cave she forgives the guy who put her there and then shows him mercy and THEN she tries to stop a war because she knows where it’s at. My respect for this one knows no end.

So my mom and I went to see Night at the Museum 3 (it was great), and when everyone would normally get up and leave, when the credits started rolling, everyone stayed silent. Everyone sat. Everyone was waiting to see if they would do anything in memory of him.

After his name came on the screen, “The Magic Never Ends” in gold beneath, everyone silently got up and left.