So a thing happened today and I had to set it right
  • Adult:so do you have a prom date?
  • Guy friend of mine:no, not yet.
  • Adult:why?
  • Guy:I haven't found anyone yet.
  • Adult:will don't worry. Most likely you'll get lucky and some girl will fall into your arms.. *chuckling* Not having a date is not that bad, maybe you'll get really lucky and a girl might want to spend the night after prom with you. *winks*
  • Adult Person goes over to me not realising I heard the entire conversation.
  • Adult:do you have a prom date?
  • Me:no, I don't.
  • Adult:well that's too bad.
  • Me:excuse me?
  • Adult:maybe if you tried being a bit more feminine a guy will ask you. Maybe dress up a bit more. You wear allot of hoodies and dark colors.
  • Me:*crosses arms* didn't you just tell him that it was fine to not have a prom date?
  • Adult:oh... *shocked* you know....
  • Me:know what? That he's a guy and out isn't sad when he doesn't have a date, but when I don't it because I need to change? Well you can take your double standards and force then upon your own generation. *leaves with friend*
  • I was absolutely appalled by the whole experience. I couldn't believe that just happened. Honestly, I can't believe that people still think that if a female doesn't have a date she is the issue.

Do not stress yourself out by trying to live up to a “sexy” image.  Everyone in this world is as sexy as they want to be, the self image you have of yourself is dependent on you, so being sexy to me is being confident, progressive, kind, knowledgeable, smart, respectful, and having the ability to present yourself in your ideal way. In that sense I think we are all sexy if we want to be. The sexiest thing is to be able to see yourself that way. Take care of yourself, be healthy, value knowledge and education, and don’t be dispirited by constantly looking at yourself through the eyes of others.

“Remember, You will one day be Older ”

Some of the things older people can teach you include:

How to say no.
How to live life to the fullest without ruining your reputation.
How to love yourself, warts and all.
How to love your wrinkles.
How to never retire (at least, if you’re having so much fun, you don’t want to).
How to slow down and appreciate life.
How to accept those few extra pounds or kilos.
How to treat your own body with more respect.
How not to sweat the small stuff and to take a more philosophical approach to life.

Finding ways to respect and honor older people is often a pathway to better understanding and acceptance of your own concerns and ideas about aging. Learning about the ways other people have coped with growing older can give you greater insight into taking better care of yourself now and realizing that with old age often comes great new opportunities and a wiser self.

Carrying around a chip on your shoulder at how good previous generations had it? By asking people from earlier generations than your own about the past, your ideas of life being easier back then or of them “getting all the breaks” will often be changed dramatically. Communication between generations is an important part of respecting one another and learning instead of assuming….;…

(I like spending time with my grandmother, she has so much wisdom) I am dis-interesed in people who judge according to age, no matter what that age is. Grow up!

4/20 blaze it-
No, I mean: 4/20 remember how precious life is. Remember how at any moment your life could be taken away, just like the 15 people killed today 16 years ago in Columbine, CO. Remember all the families affected, all the lives lost, and most importantly- learn from it. Tell your family and friends you love them, tell that girl you like her hair, sit with the boy shying away from the crowd, and live each day like it’s your last because some situations are unavoidable and today really could be judgement day.
Rest well victims of shooting and bullying.


THE ARTIST IS ABSENT Featuring Martin Margiela by YOOX Group


近代ファッション史において偉業を成し遂げた謎のデザイナー、Martin Margiela(マルタン・マルジェラ)に迫った短編ドキュメンタリー映画が登場!


また、この映画は最近NET-A-PORTERとの合併でも話題のYOOX Group(ユークス・グループ)が初めてドキュメンタリープロデューサーを務める渾身の作品でもある。


監督は、アメリカ人作家・監督のAlison Chernick(アリソン・チャーニック)。






ストーリーの中では、Jean Paul Gaultier(ジャン=ポール・ゴルチエ)やSuzy Menkes(スージー・メンケス)、Raf Simons(ラフ・シモンズ)といった、マルジェラと同じくファッション界に影響を与える巨匠たちのインタビューも交じっており見どころいっぱい。




Yoko Kondo / Editor in Chief & Fashion Journalist(近藤陽子/編集長&ファッションジャーナリスト)