My reaction when the newly hired cashiers say that they like working here and that everyone is so nice and respectful..


One of them was called a “turd” by an old man that same day because she told him he gave her incorrect change. Yep.. get used to that, sweetie. It gets worse.


It took almost a year, but my Chocobo is rank 10!

I’m also glad they introduced a way to respec their talents, otherwise, I wouldn’t have this amazing WHM barding for him to wear! :D 

Figures Lifesteal and Regen aren’t that great. I’ll farm respec material when I find the time (if anyone wants to helpppp that’d be great!)

I went max lifesteal max regen max health and rest to health. The numbers are too low to make a huge difference for me.

So question everyone: Should I go max res all health or should i also grab regen since it is only 5 points? I mean it can be a good stabilizer if things get tough but than again since I play Masq the more health I have the more I’ll regen anyways if I were to kill.