a-force #1 (2015): “it’s this world where the marvel heroines are leaders in their own civilization. […] there are men—there are heroes there. you’ll see familiar faces and favorites, but the heroines are in charge, by majority. it’s just this is how their world evolved. they were competent. they were clever and they were the ones in charge because of their skills and they were the best fit for these roles and demands of their world.” (comixology)


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Since season 2 won't actually be in like, real time (as in it won't be June in the show), what are the Twitter accounts? Are they in May right now, and therefor after season 2? Or are they before season 2 and don't actually have a specific date? Thanks for keeping up with this account x

Season Two will take place starting January Eleventh, 2015 (1/11/15 or 11/1/15 depending on your format). 

The VOICE OF SILAS tumblr account is backdated to be in story real time, but unfortunately you cannot back date tweets (and backdating tumblr is a huge pain in the ass) and no one would be able to see the posts. Therefore the story will progress as though the series started in the second week of January.

(All this time confusion means, regretfully, that there is little acknowledgement of traditionally American holidays [or any real mention of time at all] since when we were writing we weren’t sure when the series would pick back up/be filmed/air).

The story will span the course of a traditional Western-style semester of January through late April/early May.

Have characters that are PoC (Persons of Color)? Want to know how to describe them without falling into racial stereotypes? Then head over to Writing with Color and feast on the wealth of information they’ve curated. Their amazing mods have covered just about every topic at the intersections of race and ethnicity in writing.


piamiarph’s character psd (pack) #02 ➳ rae lamoureaux

i’ve been really loving jhene aiko lately so i decided to dedicate this (android/ios) social media character graphic psd pack to her. the preview images above were adjusted in size so the quality doesnt look the best,but the psds in itself are HQ once you download them. all of them are 500x500px except skype so they might not look the best on your dash, but they are HQ on your blog. psd isn’t included on any of these, but I recommend using this one, since it doesn’t wash out pocs. everything is well categorized in folders and easy to edit. i changed the whatsapp layout slightly to make it more useful for rp purposes, but if you want the original one feel free to contact me. please don’t steal these/claim as your own or redistribute them in any way, likes and reblogs are highly appreciated. also this is the info you need (click on the fonts to download them):

[facebookfont: Arial - pictures needed: 3 of the fc + 2 for the friends section

[instagram] font: Roboto - pictures needed: 7

[skype] font: Segoe UI - pictures needed: 1

[tinderfont: Helvetica Neue - pictures needed: 3

[twitterfont: Gotham Extra Narrow  - pictures needed: 5

[whatsappfont: Helvetica Neue - pictures needed: 6

[download] or click social media names to download them individually.

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Any tips for a first time fic writer? I'm trying to get into it.

Write. Write every day. Write about anything– everything. Write about things you know, write about things you don’t know– force yourself to learn and grow. 

Always take a step away from what you’ve written, then come back and read it again. Have someone else read it for you. Reread it again.

Ignore the haters. Work on bettering yourself. Learn to take constructive criticism. Learn to understand that sometimes your pieces are going to have a lot of red when it comes to editing.

Do it because you love to do it. Not because you feel pressured by your readers or anyone else. You cannot pull a ten-thousand word story out of your ass and call it a day, it comes slowly and fiercely.

Sometimes you will be on a roll and write ten-thousand words in a day, and it could be good and inspired– but there will be other days when you cannot write a single paragraph that sounds believable to your characters and your story.

Don’t give up.

Learn to be your own advocate and fan. If you second guess yourself, so will other people.

Moo’s Steven Universe Brushes v.2

I came up with another awesome idea for Steven Universe brushes and thought of sharing them with you guys! ♥

Brush pack contents:

1. Cloud Brushes

-Three different shaped clouds + Scattered versions (I recommend toying around with the hue jitter in the brush presets to make it perfect for your art)

2. Cloud Streak Brushes

- Three different shaped cloud streaks: thick, medium and thin + Scattered versions (Again, I seriously recommend toying around with the hue jitter in the brush presets to make it just perfect for your art, trust me ♥ )


- They are free

- They come with instructions!

- They work for sure in Photoshop cs6, but most likely they will work in the older versions as well!

-Credit is appreciated but not necessary!


If there’s any trouble with the download link please message me and I’ll solve it



Legit’s Historical Fashion Masterpost

All right guys, I’ve decided to put together another masterpost for you - this time on historical fashion. This could get lengthy so… bear with me. (Forgive me also if some of the dates are a touch inaccurate - I’m not a historian and I’m going with what Google gives me.)

Prehistory -

Neolithic Clothing - The beginnings of textiles, some woven materials, leather, etc. Circa 102000 BCE - 2000 BCE

Bronze Age Britain - The development of more sophisticated textiles, including wool and some ornamentation, including brooches. Circa 3200 BCE - 600 BCE

Iron Age Clothing (Europe) - Even more sophisticated, ornamented clothing, textiles, hairstyles. Dyed clothing arises. Circa 1200 BCE - 1 BCE (in Europe)

Fashion of the Ancient World

Clothing of Mesopotamia - i.e, Babylon. Also Mesopotamian jewelry. Circa 3000 BCE - 300 BCE

Clothing of Ancient Egypt - All eras.

Clothing of Ancient India - An overview.

Ancient Greek Clothing + Wikipedia for Definitions

Ancient Roman Clothing + More Rome

Ancient Celtic Clothing


Biblical Clothing - i.e., Primarily Ancient Hebrew

Byzantine Clothing

*Note: I’m not including many cultures here (such as Asian/South American) simply because of my own lack of expertise + time and space limitations in this masterpost.

Medieval Clothing

Wikipedia Overview

Anglo-Saxon Clothing - (Pre-Norman Invasion)

England 1066-1087 - Ish

1100 - 1200 in European Fashion - Wikipedia

1200 - 1300 in European Fashion - Wikipedia

*A Note on Women’s Fashion - Tight lacing did NOT appear until about 1340, which means that shapely, comely bodices would not have appeared in fashion before this time.

14th Century Women’s Fashion - The stereotypical “medieval” look with wimple, long sleeves, etc.

Sexy Sexy Knights

Suits of Armor & Their Component Parts

Suit of Armor - Labeled Photo for Reference

15th Century Clothing

The Renaissance

History of the Corset - Italian in origin. Introduced to France in the 1500s.

15th Century Florence

*Note: For the Tudor and Elizabethan eras of fashion it’s important to note that there were laws in place which dictated what clothing you could wear due to your social class.

Tudor Era Clothing - King Henry VIII, et al

Tudor Dress & Its Component Parts

Elizabethan Clothing

Tudor/Elizabethan Corsets - Corsets during this time created a shape with a flat chest and narrow waist.

Jacobean Era Dress - 1603 - 1625

And Beyond

Baroque/Rococo Fashion - France 1650 - 1800

What to Wear in the English Civil War

The “Naughty” Side of 18th Century French Fashion - NSFW. Ooh la la.

Pilgrims in Murica

American Revolutionary War Costumes

Colonial Clothing - 18th Century Murica

Colonial Men - Colonial Women

Overview of Native American Clothing - *Note: Please use this as a starting point only and do your own research. Remember that different groups have fashions specific to their cultures. This is more to know what NOT to do than to know what TO do.

Fashion Under the French Revolution

Regency Fashion - 1800-1845 England

Regency Corsets/Underthings

History of Victorian Fashion

Victorian Men’s Clothing

History of the Victorian Corset

Victorian Women’s Clothing By Layer - All 5 yo.

American Fashion - 1830s

Women’s Fashion During the Civil War

Twentieth Century

La Belle Époque 1895-1914

Edwardian Fashion - 1900-1919

Men’s Edwardian Fashion

Flapper Fashion

More 1920s - 1920s Hairstyles - 1920s Makeup

1930s Fashion - 1930s Hats and Hair - 1930s Makeup

1940s Fashion - 1940s Hairstyles - 1940s Makeup

1950s Fashion - 1950s Hairstyles - 1950s Makeup

Early 1960s - Mid/Late 1960s - 1960s Makeup History

1970s in General - 1970s Makeup - 1970s Hair

Punk Fashion

And I’m stopping here. You should have it after this point, kiddos.

You better appreciate this.