I have told my client several times that we can’t just Google an image and plug that on our website or printed materials. Yet, she still does.

Finally, we saw some backlash because of it. A large newspaper called us and told our eMedia specialist that if we didn’t take a certain image down, they would sue us. I thought for sure this would teach the client. Instead, she told him to Google another image to replace it with. 

Me: I will just need a vector file of your logo before I can get those mock-ups going for you.

Client: Here is my logo. Could you also remove the text off of the logo?

Me: Sure. This is a jpeg though. I will need a vector file for printing and to remove the text.

Client: Can’t you just add a new layer and paint over it?

Me: Well, yes, I suppose. But I will still need the vector file for printing, this image isn’t high enough resolution for what you’re looking to print.

Client: Can’t you just turn the resolution up in Photoshop?

Me: It doesn’t work that way. The image will still be low quality and pixilated.

Client: Well I’m not at home right now so I can’t send you the file. Just go on Google Images and look for it, that’s how I found it. 

markandyxii said:

I don't know if you have already answered this, or care to voice your opinions about it all, but how do you feel about Scotland's independence? Is it the right thing for the country? As a Scot myself, I am excited about the possibility of having an independent nation again, but at the same time I am concerned on whether or not it is fiscally a good idea. Do you think the referendum is going to pass?

I’m voting Yes. I wasn’t sure I could, but apparently I’m still registered at home so I’m voting by proxy (thanks Mum).

it took a while for me to wade in, as both sides have been shouting over each other with a lot of blanket statements and scaremongering tactics, but then I started looking at figures.

The population of Scotland makes up 8.3% of the UK. That’s tiny. Then when you consider the resources the country provides for the rest of the union (e.g. 62% timber production, 40% wind, wave and solar energy,  90% of surface fresh water and an average of 30% fish and livestock) and start looking at those figures on a per capita basis, suddenly you realise Scotland could become one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

Of course I completely understand why this would make the rest of the UK nervous. But I do believe that an independent Scotland wouldn’t necessarily mean those resources would be completely cut off from England and Wales; they just won’t be entitled to them in the same way they currently are. Think of a young adult with a lot of potential, who has some toxic/manipulative elements in their relationship with their parents, leaving home for the first time with the intention of succeeding by themselves and cutting those toxic elements out. That’s p much how I see Scotland right now.

And what are those “toxic elements”, you ask? Well there’s the uncertain future of the NHS; the political party currently obstinately in power that most of Scotland didn’t vote for (we literally have more pandas in the country than Tory MPs); the fact that the UK, with increasing influence of parties like UKIP, is under threat of leaving the EU (while the EU would gladly take on Scotland on its own); increasing cuts on welfare, particularly for disability and food aid; and also, keeping fucking Trident missiles in the country.

A lot of people think there’s too much uncertainty to come from a Yes vote, but here’s the thing! Scotland voting Yes does NOT mean instant independence this Thursday. The question of the referendum is “Should Scotland be an independent country?” If the country votes Yes, THEN they’ll get to work on making it happen. It likely won’t officially take place until, like, 2016. The plans are in place, but there’s no use acting on them yet in the chance it’s a No vote.

I’m optimistic that the referendum is going to pass. But even if it ends up being a No vote, I’m also of the belief that this will still pave the way for some serious political and economical change for Scotland - because I think that the vote will be close enough that either way this will be a serious wake-up call for Westminster, if not the rest of the UK.

I want to make it clear if I haven’t already that I’m not voting Yes as a slight against England based on some 700 year-old William Wallacey grudge. I live here, I like it here, I like the people here. I just like my home country more, and want to see it flourish - or at the very least, exist - separately from Westminster/Conservative rule. Whether I move back home next year, or settle in a house in Edinburgh when I’m old and tired of travelling, I’d like to return to the country knowing its future is in its own hands.

Anyway if none of this helps you make up your mind, do it because Dave Grohl says so



Happy 227th #ConstitutionDay!

September 17 is designated as Constitution Day and Citizenship Day to commemorate the signing of the U.S. Constitution in Philadelphia on September 17, 1787. Learn more about the U.S. Constitution through programs, and resources from the National Archives:

Have you ever been to the usnatarchives to see the Constitution in person?  

Bonus question - have you ever slept over in the same room as the Constitution?

Craftsy Online Class Giveaway: “Painting Wildlife: Acrylic & Mixed Media!”

Sponsoring Supersonic this week is the fantastic website Craftsy and they’re GIVING AWAY the online class, "Painting Wildlife: Acrylic & Mixed Media" to a lucky winner.

Craftsy is an brilliant online resource for aspiring and professional creatives of all types, offering classes on hundreds of creative endeavors from drawing to fashion.  With "Painting Wildlife: Acrylic & Mixed Media" you’ll learn all the basics all the way to creating the illusion of realism within your work through seven HD videos that never expire as well as plenty of downloadable resources for extra guidance.  The entire class is a truly valuable opportunity.

Entering to win the usually $40 dollar class is incredibly simple: Just enter by registering or logging into Craftsy via this link!

(Winner will be chosen within a week from today, September 16th, 2014.)


MAN PROTECTS SHELTER DOGS FROM VIOLENT MOB - “Petro Dibrova was forced to become a human shield when a mob of angry men appeared with the intention of killing the animals and taking the compound for themselves.”

A security guard named Petro Dibrova recently encountered an angry mob in front of a dog shelter in the Ukraine. The mob wanted to kill the dogs and destroy the compound. Apparently, they felt that resources at the shelter should be used for humans. Dibrova did his best to stop the mob but he was stabbed and punched. Police were called and one of the attackers was arrested. Read more from The Great Animal Rescue Chase & Harmony Fund:

“The men started beating the dogs on their paws and Petro immediately threw himself at them,” Tamara continued. “The men were punching Petro and stabbing him with a screwdriver. They knocked out one of Peter’s teeth and stabbed him in the cheek and leg. The shouts and the barking of the dogs alerted the women employees at the shelter who came forward instantly. Then the men started screaming more and threatened to burn down the shelter with all the dogs in it. Our female employees managed to call the police who arrived pretty quickly and arrested one of the attackers.”


“Had Petro not been there, the animals would be dead today and we fear for what may have happened to our female workers,” Tamara continues. “This one man single-handedly protected more than a thousand lives.”

Petro is expected to fully recover and to return to the shelter later this month. At his own home, Petro cares for several dogs he has adopted from the shelter, and now he is compelled to defend them all. He has vowed never to leave the dogs.

Mr. Dibrova’s heroic actions saved the lives of many dogs. The dog shelter in the Ukraine is in dire need of assistance, especially since it is in a war zone. Please share and click here to donate to the Harmony Fund. Click here for more about this story. (Photos from the Harmony Fund Facebook page) 

armellekumakins said:

This blog is brilliant and much needed! I've been struggling to incorporate diversity into Euro-centric curriculum beyond semi-irrelevant footnotes. I believe equality doesn't simply mean all races are taught the same information; it means all races are given the same value within the information taught. Thus, demonstrating the influences of PoC on Europe is important. I see this blog focuses on art so can you suggest similar blogs/sites about PoC influences on European literature or philosophy?


If you’re looking for something like Medievalpoc but for literature: http://disabusing-common-notions.tumblr.com/

The two best-known Black European authors from before the 20th century (that you probably already know) would probably be Alexander Pushkin and Alexandre Dumas. This is a very good article to read in regard to learning and teaching Black European history and addressing its complexities.

For philosophy, you’ll have to dig a little deeper for resources. Here’s what I have tagged “philosophy”. Not a lot of books on History of Philosophy in regard to Europeans of color, despite plenty of learned people like Anton William Amo and the rich history of Classical texts being preserved in the Middle East during the Medieval period in Europe.

If anyone has more resources, feel free to add them in the notes.

Watch on blog.gamefreaks.co.nz

Alien: Isolation - Survivor Mode

Survivor Mode is all about pitting you, one-to-one, against the universe’s deadliest killer. Against the clock, it’s you versus the creature. With limited resources on each map, you will need to take advantage of everything and anything you can find to complete the objectives that will help you escape.

You’ll be able to enjoy the first map of Survivor Mode – ‘Basement’ in your copy of Alien: Isolation from October 7th.

Language of Life - Right Whales

Did you know that Right Whales have that name because they were considered the “right” whale to hunt and kill? They are rich in resources such as oil and baleen and they conveniently tend to float when killed, easing the harvesting of these resources. They are also rather mild mannered and swim close to shore. Therefore, of course, they are much endangered.

more at National Geographic


Alpha 20 is now available, get it now!

Sky Rogue is now also on Greenlight! Be sure to take a moment to vote!

"Skunk Works" (Alpha 20) Changelog:


  • NEW AERO: ‘Kirin’ Swing-wing Fighter
  • New Weapon: Micro-rockets, unguided high-damage missiles that fit in your micromissile slot
  • New Weapon: AAM-IRMR, very fast IR missile, best against fleeing enemies
  • New Skin: Sky Fox
  • New Enemy: Hovercraft
  • Removed the Aeromod slot because it didn’t affect gameplay enough to justify having it around
  • Scrap is now a permanent resource
  • Like before, dying will make you lose all equipped weapons. You’ll need to re-build them to use them again.
  • The default loadout for every aero only uses free weapons… no more “free lunch” with non-free default weapons, sorry.


  • You no longer have access to all aeros and weapons, you will need to research them
  • Destroying certain enemies will give you “tech points”, which you can use when you die to research new technology
  • Researching a tech gives you a free copy of that weapon
  • In future versions, there will be more interesting ways to gain tech points


  • Missile guidance changed significantly: they are easier to dodge, but will more reliably hit a target that doesn’t try to dodge
  • Most missiles will take twice as long to accelerate to top speed, making them a bit more accurate at steep angles


  • The enemy will send reinforcements to the island if it feels you’re too much of a threat.
  • Destroying ground targets will increase this threat
  • Landing will increase threat significantly (repairing + reloading gives the enemy time to regroup)
  • Destroying the command center will also increase it significantly
  • Your current threat level (max of 5) is displayed in the upper-right hand corner
  • There is no way to remove threat except by clearing the island


  • Veteran and Ace enemies added, they use more missiles and can evade yours
  • Enemy defenses like the LRSAM and TORO will only appear in later islands


  • Colliding with aircraft (dead or alive) will no longer kill you, but it will screw up your orientation pretty bad.
  • When you equip a bomb, semitransparent reticles will appear over ground targets to assist in aiming
  • Changed the loadout GUI so you can see the aero you’re working on


  • New InControl version: more controllers should be supported (http://www.gallantgames.com/pages/incontrol-supported-controllers)
  • Terrain and skybox colors are a bit more saturated now
  • Bomb / bomblet blast radius increased slightly
  • MIRV missiles pick their targets in a round-robin style for better distribution. They are now MUCH more useful for taking out drone swarms.
  • Flares have more ammo but a longer delay before they trigger
  • BB renamed to FRIGATE
  • RIG structures temporarily removed, they will come back with sea-based defenses!
  • Sounds for gunfire and several GUI actions updated
  • Minor UI polish in some places
  • Fixed: weird aspect ratio on bombsight
  • Fixed: using a loadout with one weapon, or no micromissile, shouldn’t wreck everything and show <ERROR> messages
  • Fixed: ammo multiplier bug when using multiple copies of the same weapon
  • Fixed: modded skins without decals wouldn’t work properly
  • Fixed: some GUI elements were visisble in the flyby camera, now EVERYTHING is disabled for cooler screenshots!

There’s a really nice long entry on the PlayComu official blog about pretty much everything covered so far about DR:AE, so it’s a great resource! It also has some fairly nice large pics that were smaller in the magazine articles…
Also, there’s a campaign for a wallpaper download (exact download method to be announced at a later date) featuring our Heroines. They want you to leave a comment about anything DR related (no spoilers though) - your favorite moments, tips, character love, etc! The DR:AE staff will be reviewing them and will pick 3 people to get a collection of their autographs!
Only 1 entry is accepted per ID, no matter how many you leave…. Ends 10/2

Libraries have always been second homes to many writers. Two programs are hoping to further encourage that relationship starting this fall and into the future. The Public Library of Cincinnati’s Writer-In-Residence program and the CHP in the Stacks residency program from publishing company Coffee House Press (CHP) will give select writers stipends to do their work in a library while helping publicize that library’s resources to the community.

Writers in the stacks!


Day 17 of September’s #SizeDoesn’tMatter Yoga Challenge: Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana (Single Pigeon Pose)

Want a little more guidance? Click here.

It’s not too late to participate in this month’s challenge- you can check out my instagram, youtube, facebook, & blog for videos, photos, and other resources!

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One of my publishing mistakes recently sent out advice to all of their authors on how to get yourself reviewed on blogs, strongly implying that it would be the author’s responsibility to do so.

Meantime Riptide’s marketing peeps have been sending me preview PDFs of advertisements they’re placing in trade magazines that include my book.

When you think about subbing to a small publisher, consider what they have to offer you. The differences can be immense — cover quality, editorial quality, distribution, marketing…. A good small publisher has resources and uses them to help you out. A bad small publisher expects you to take care of everything yourself — which begs the question: If they aren’t going to put the work in on your behalf, why are you giving them a substantial share in the income from your book?