Now you can translate your support for trans people into action! Consider donating to these 10 trans-run organizations to help make it better for trans folks everywhere:

1. El/La Para TransLatinas

2. Gender Diversity

3. Gender Justice LA

4. Sylvia Rivera Law Project

5. This is How

6. Transgender, Gender Variant, and Intersex Justice Project

7. Trans Justice Funding Project

8. Trans Student Educational Resources

9. Trans Women of Color Collective

10. We Happy Trans


Screen Cap StudyExpressions Pt. 1

Cap Sources; { x } { x } { x } { x } { x } { x }

Every screen cap in this series is free for use, no credit necessary. 

In fact, I don’t even want credit. Here’s why:

The goal of the Screen Cap Study series is to encourage everyone to create and share their own original work (and progress!) by providing the resources and/or inspiration to get started.

Create art or graphical content like icons, draw out your favorite cap from each study post, make gifs where multiple caps alternate, practice using filters and more advanced effects using tutorials and resources from the links below! And if you don’t like any of the caps you see now, check out the other study posts. You’re bound to find something you like!

If you’ve always wanted to contribute art or graphics to the community but never had the references or resources to start, here’s your call to action! 

Some Resource Links;

A Couple of Free Online Photo Editors: { pixlr } { fotor }

Here’s a free download for a Sai-like digital art program called FireAlpaca.

A Photoshop Masterlist, including download links.

YeahPS – chalk full of fantastic tutorials, download links for various versions of Photoshop, and other free downloadable content. { a personal favorite tutorial resource }

Possibly my favorite Photoshop Introductory tutorial.

Download GIMP here for free.

DeviantArt is also pretty good for GIMP and Photoshop tutorials, fonts, textures, etc. as well as great little art tutorials.

I hope that helps!

Be sure to always read the descriptions of the things you download and give credit where credit is requested. When in doubt, just ask! 

anonymous asked:

hiya! i saw your post about just irish things and one of them was loving native americans? i didnt realise that was a thing at all, could you explain a bit please?

When news reached the Choctaw people of the famine in Ireland, they donated ~$170 to the Irish people in need, understanding the hardship and great suffering that was happening, as they had only recently experienced displacement and poverty themselves. Even when they donated, they had only meager resources of their own, so their sacrifice was immense.


Well it only took all afternoon, but I’ve finally finished! And because someone asked cough mel cough I’m posting not one, but three versions of this lovely stained glass for all to use. I’m planning on using it as a sidebar image, but I’m sure you can find something else it’s good for. Have fun!

I humbly request credit if you do use any of these, as they’re resources that I put a lot of time into, but I’m not very picky.

And speaking of credit, the marble texture is courtesy of Akili-Amethyst.

The transformation of labour, land and money into commodities rested on violence, cheating, robbery, swindling and the like. The common lands were enclosed, divided up and put up for sale as private property. The gold and silver that formed the initial money commodities were stolen from the Americas. The labour was forced off the land into the status of a ‘free’ wage labourer who could be freely exploited by capital when not outright enslaved or indentured. Such forms of dispossession were foundational to the creation of capital. But even more importantly, they never disappeared. Not only were they central to the more dastardly aspects of colonialism, but to this very day the politics of dispossession of access to land, water and natural resources are underpinning massive movements of global unrest.
—  David Harvey | 17 Contradictions & the End of Capitalism 

Okay hi!! This is a hard post for me to make, but i mean, i can’t think of a better place to ask for advice. I just wanted to know of you guys have any resources for transmen who have very low income? I can’t afford to even buy a binder myself but am very dysphoric about my chest so if you guys know about any resources please share! Also, I’m not out to anyone other than my closest friend (thus I’m basically outing myself rn) so i can’t go to my mom for help. I don’t think she would be supportive or accepting. Any help you guys can offer me would really really be appreciated.

The libraries in my game have severely lacked children. With this mod you’ll now see more Children and Teens (as well as Young Adults) visiting the library (and the museum). You’ll also see less Adults/Elders.

Changes I made to the resources:
-Increased the amount of library/museum “students” (Children/Teens/Young Adults) - Preferred age was set to Child.
-Decreased the amount of library/museum “readers” (Children-Elder)
-Removed the autonomy to “study homework” at the library. The reason I did this was because they would prefer to do this over the other library actions, plus when they did this they were doing it on the sidewalk over by the Jungle Gym Boat in Willow Creek.
-Added the autonomy for children to play with indoor objects at the library. *Note that this will not guarantee that they will*

Compatibility - When a new update releases please check the Mod Compatibility Status page for complete status compatibility on this and all mods on this site.

XML resources that will conflict with this mod:

anonymous asked:

i think im polyamorous but im not sure how to know for sure? and do you know of any poly help blogs if you dont know about this subject?

Well, maybe it’s a good idea to just use the label for yourself and see how it fits! Whatever makes you comfortable is what’s important; no one can decide your identity except for you.

I myself am part of the aromantic spectrum; other than my datemate, I really don’t.. feel romantic attraction, so I can’t help much with this stuff! 

Sorry about that, haha.. I’ll get some resources for you right now! (Oh, and , a quick side not, I’ve been told that the abbreviation “poly” is only for use by Polynesian people, not for polyamorous people.)

Here are some resources: x / x / x

The last resource is for writing polyamory, but might help + includes some links to resources!

-Mod Silver

aloemoe asked:

Halló! I'm wondering, where you learned Icelandic? (I've been stalking your blog and I think you mentioned you are not a native speaker, please correct me if I'm wrong!) I'm bilingual myself, but learned my second language at a young age, and have no leads on this. :)

Hm… the internet, I suppose. And some books. It’s true I’m not a native speaker. In fact, I’m not even a very good speaker at all. I can read Icelandic with some proficiency but sometimes get bogged down with writing/speaking. However, I’ll list some of the resources I use or that other people have suggested:

Hopefully that helps at least a little. The online course and the colloquial Icelandic book are good starting points.

As promised, here is the video I recorded to introduce and launch our Gender Transition Handbook! I was told that our corporate head of Human Resources is so excited about this handbook that it was practically all she could talk about in a meeting today! :D I’m sooo excited about this! I truly hope that I will be able to share the handbook itself with all of you, but we still have a few more days to wait for the final version, so I’ll update again when I know more! Enjoy the video!!

Kaydee <3

I am working on a draft of my grievance letter. My main points are

  • The therapist and supervisor showed disregard for my physical and mental health on multiple occasions.
  • They tried to deflect my valid concerns with specious excuses (e.g. telling me I have nothing to worry about because he has no violent criminal record) and blaming (e.g. telling me that my reluctance to call the police was part of the problem and reminding me that I’m “not being forced” to live here).
  • The fact that it’s extremely fucking offensive (I’ll reword this) to tell a formerly homeless, disabled, low-income woman with no family or substantial resources (which they know) to “find somewhere else to live, just for the heck of it” while knowing full well that it took four years of looking with the help of multiple social workers for me to get a permanent place, and also knowing that this time around it would take much longer.
  • The “it only happened once” comment in relation to my complaint about having violent misogynist threats yelled at me for 11 hours.
  • The implication that because I have chosen to avoid homelessness, that somehow I also chose to live in constant fear. 
  • Also, why the fuck do you have social workers who don’t know how subsidized housing works, especially when your organization HAS A SUBSIDIZED HOUSING PROGRAM? And if they do understand, then they must be deliberately cruel.

My draft is much more eloquent than this (I hope). I would like to explain how this has affected me, but I don’t want to risk reminding them that I am a crazy person. Then again, they did put a woman with a PTSD diagnosis across the hall from a screaming guy who yells misogynist profanity and punches things, so I’m not sure what they expected.

Am I missing anything?

New Tarot Readers!

I’m tagging blythezarozinia and @wiccianpup!

( nightingale-apothecary, if you don’t mind)

Here are quite a few resources!




Me, tarotofthekittenofblade:

Blogs to follow for learning:

queenofchalices arcanemysteries ragabashwitch swampseer coffeeandtarot whimsically-intuitive tarotgram tarotismyreligion wolfmoontarot (there are SOOOO MANY!)

Also check for #tarot101 #beginnerstarot #tarotforbeginners #tarot #tarotspreads , for information.

And also, follow divinerchallenges, there should be past stuff there.

to anyone planning to take the new sat

khan academy had just teamed up with the creators of the sat to help anyone who needs it to prepare for the test! you can see it here and they will provide diagnostic quizzes and even a full 3-hr practice exam to figure out which subjects you need to focus on more than others. they even let you know on local saturday in-person practice sessions that you can attend and continue to practice for the new sat! i’m not sure if they’ll provide more resources but this is definitely a good start

the good thing is? this is free.