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Since I’ve been doing a lot more work on my fantrolls (and apparently getting a lot of publicity for my limeblood in particular), I think it’s about time I put my headcanons on the lime spectrum into text.

So based off canon, the colour of lime blood in trolls sits at about #658200, which looks like this;


And this colour was taken from the walls of the Grand Highblood. However, a little-known fact in the fandom is that before this colour appeared on the walls, a different, cooler shade of green took its place, which looked like this;


And this colour fills the gap between Olive and Jade - which just so happens to be the largest colour gap on the hemospectrum. Seems more of a logical place to put an extinct caste, don’t you think?

And what’s more - if you brighten this colour up to 84% brightness, which is the same brightness as Calliope’s blood;


And then compare it to Calliope herself’s blood (at #2ed73a, after the above colour), which has also been described as lime;



Combine this with the idea that a bright olive could be classed as lime

And you get a whole spectrum of lime which ranges from betwixt gold/olive all the way up to olive/jade. So if you factor in the increasing brightness of these colours, then…


All the colours in that little black triangle shape on this little scribbly hemospectrum chart I made in GIMP just then would be classified as lime and are thus cullworthy on canon Alternia.

Do whatever you want with this headcanon! Just thought I’d share it with you all and see what you think.

Shirred JSK Materials Cheat Sheet.

A lot of Lolita fashion is based on adding different finishing details to the same basic thing. For this reason, it’s very useful to have a folder of filled out cheat sheets so you can know exactly how much fabric to buy, without having to do math over and over again.

Here’s some for the shirred JSK, in both imperial and metric*



And instructions:



Apologies for the fact that these aren’t the most printer-friendly. Better scans are coming soon.

Since the Imperial instructions are kind of blurry:

(A) * 3.5 = (E) / 45” = ____, Round up to nearest whole number: <#1> [Fabric Widths]

<#1> * (D) = ____ / 36” = [Yards of Fabric]

(E) / 36” = [Yards of Lace]

(C) * 3 = <#2>
(D) * 2 = <#3>

<#2> + <#3> / 36” = [Yards of Elastic]

The sheets are identical between the systems, except for a bit of formatting changing.

For those of you who are able to print your sheets out and understand it, go on ahead.

For those of you who like a little explaining:

  1. Write down your key numbers  (A) through (D). 
    Measure your waist at your natural waist, the smallest part of your torso.
    Measure your back-to-knee by holding a tape measure at the back of your neck and having a friend measure the distance to the back of your knee.
    Your underbust is the area just under your boobs, where your bra band sits if you wear one.
    Your chest is around the fullest/largest part of your chest.
  2. Multiply your waist by 3.25. 3.25 is the magic number to calculate Lolita skirts. The number you get is the number of inches/cm in your hemline If you want to get [Inches/cm of Hem Lace], get this many in/cm. Divide that number by 45in/115cm. A standard bolt of fabric is 45”/115cm wide. Round that up to the nearest whole number.  If your number is only slightly over the number (2.1, 3.2, similar), you can round down. This number is how many rectangles of fabric you’ll need to cut out to sew end-to-end to make that distance around your skirt, or how many [Fabric Widths] you need. There’s a spot for that number on the sheet, under the “cut” category.
  3. Multiply the number of fabric widths by your back-to-knee length. The back-to-knee length determines how long your JSK will be total. Multiplying that by fabric widths give you how many inches of 45”/115cm wide fabric you will need to buy. Divide by 36”/100cm to determine how many yards/metres you will need to buy. Write that down under [Yards/Meters of Fabric.]
  4. The bodice of the dress will have five layers of elastic. Three of them will be the length of your underbust measurement, and two will be the length of your chest measurement. This avoids the dreaded Boob Loaf look. Multiply your underbust measurement by 3. Multiply your chest measurement by 2. Add those two numbers together. Divide by 36”/115cm to get [Yards/Meters of Elastic].

When you go buying, always get a little bit more than your measurements say. These calculations do not factor in seam allowance. When you go cutting, make sure to add a bit extra for that. 

Now that you’ve got these numbers, go to the store/yard sales/fabric stash/estate sales/bedsheet section of Target and buy this:

  • Outside fabric of the JSK: your yard/meters of fabric number (plus extra). I’m using a unpatterned sheer fabric. You can use anything you like. Because this dress is lined, you can use a very lightweight fabric.
  • Lining fabric of the JSK: Same as outside. I chose a patterned quilting-weight cotton that shows through the outside.
  • 1/4” (5mm or 6mm) or 3/8” (10mm) elastic: The number you calculated. If you’re smaller-chested, 1/4” is going to be fine. If you’re chestier (C-cup+) you might want 3/8”. You can also use a mix of the two widths (wider on the top and waistband for support). If you want elasticized fabric straps, get 2 2/3 /126 yards/cm more elastic.
  • If you want lace on the hem: Lace length your calculated. If you want lace on the hem and the neckline: Twice the length you calculated.
  • Other things you might want to buy: 1 1/3 /112 yards/cm ribbon, if you want ribbon instead of fabric straps. 1 1/3 /112 yards/cm lace if you would like lace edging on your fabric straps.

Well, that was technical, but in the next step we’ll actually have pictures and get to do some sewing. 



*I have never bought fabric somewhere that uses the metric system, so this might be off. Thankfully, for this particular project, it doesn’t matter if things are off by a bit.

56 year old MtF transgender needs a place, Arizona

I am a disabled vet with full pension, in a wheel chair and service dog.  Clean, open minded and quiet.  I have to move  by the first.  currently in Kingman, AZ.  When it was discovered I was transgender, it went really bad.  Please help a person and service dog (border collie named freckles, fully train, no barking, good with all pets, and like me, mellow and loving).



This PSA brought to you by the institute of I Promise It’s Okay If It Didn’t Come Out Right The First Time and the department for Big To Small, General To Detail - It Works.

UPDATE: I have added the following resources to the blog:


  • The Game Theorists (discussions of science and game theories)
  • GameGrumps (watch them play video games, sometimes they are loud or use slurs)

Please see the Other Stuff page for more TV shows and movies available online for free!


Wicked Plants by Amy Stewart

A source book of the world’s most deadly, dangerous and irritating plants. I originally bought it as a resource for story writing, I think this book would also serve well as a reference for any who use plants and herbs for curse work as well as what to look out for in your own garden. 

Contains alternate names of plants, different categories of how dangerous each plant is with a mix of history. Also includes which plant is related to the other. I found this in the “Gardening” section of Chapters, but is probably easy to find in most book stores online and offline alike. 

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So a few people have asked where I find links to books, because they have all been searching for textbooks thus I created this post. Enjoy

Text Book Nova
Medical Textbooks 
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Science/Math Textbooks 
Business Textbooks 
Tech Books 
Greek and Roman Text in English 
Art Books 
Historical Fiction 
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Project Gutenberg
Free Ebooks 
Classic Books 
Classic Books 
Classic Books 
Classic Books 
Classic books and Reference and study guides 
Classic books 

You should also know how to cite things, these websites will help

Son of Citation Machine 
Owl Purdue
How to write Bibliography 

Plus some Masterposts that you should check out

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While I’m here you might as well check out this things that will help you survive your school career 

Create flowcharts, network diagrams, ect.
Check spelling and grammar  
Google books for research 
Youtube Crash Course
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Math Help
Mathway (type in your problem and it solves it)
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Any calculator you need
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Science Help
All about space 
Guides for more than 5,500 animal species
Improve you Geography knowledge 
vast collection of historic images and videos
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Comprehensive site for genetics and evolution
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lectures, and ideas by famous, influential people 
environmental issues
AP BIO Masterpost

plan, budget, and manage daily finances
How to take a Standardized Test
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Fact check politicians

And finally check out this tag for any other masterposts, resource or tricks throughout the year 

I hope that helped have a great year all <3

Watch on

safetytank submitted:

Footage of women in proper armor in action! This video was taken at Dragon*Con 2014 ‘s Full-Contact Steel Medieval Combat panel and features combatants Sandra and Amy of the USA Knights Armored Combat League, both of whom participated in the last international tournament in Spain. The fighting obviously isn’t quite the same as an actual battle since no thrusting or stabbing moves are allowed in order to prevent actual serious injuries, but it’s clear that even with 75 lbs of armor on they are still able to move just as well as their male teammates. And not a boobplate in sight!

Bonus photo of the ladies without their helmets on:

Awesome ladies doing awesome things! Thank you for that submission, what a great contribution to positive examples tag :)



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