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do you have anything on how funerals work and the planning of a funeral?

Sure, below you will find a few different resources split up between attending a funeral/what to expect and actually planning a funeral and the steps one must take directly after a loved one’s death. I hope these will help:

What It’s Like to Attend a Funeral:

Planning a Funeral:

Looking for a couch in the Oakland Area

     I will have no place to stay around the 5th of June. I’m really just looking for a place to sleep, shower and eat while I work. It can be a floor, couch, or garage. I'm not very picky.  I just don’t want to be in the streets while i’m working.  I just got a employment opportunity here, and I need like a week or so to get on my feet.  

me: Transman, 38, African American, artist, teacher, 420 friendly( though I don’t smoke) pet friendly. Introvert. Likes watching the NbA, drinks occasionally. I am tidy, don’t get into other peoples business, and a workaholic

Can also provide food for myself and my roomie. you can contact me at 818 200 5634 for further info.  I came here from Chicago to attain top surgery. I prefer someone thats trans or trans friendly. I can also provide resources for other transgender people so im sort of a mentor also. Since im new here,  im also looking for friends. I work close to San Leandro, so I want to be close to be able to catch public transportation.  I am slightly disabled so I cant walk very long distances.


Handy listing! Not all anthologies mentioned are accepting submissions right now, but could be worth keeping an eye on.

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how do I write a Doppelgänger?

The common every-day definition people use today is generally “someone that looks like you” but Doppelgänger’s have a long history and origin relating to spirits, omens, ghosts, and paranormal phenomenon. This short article on Brainz.Org gives a great overview of what Doppelgängers are and their origins/adaptations today. You can check it out here or read it below: 

 “A doppelganger refers to the ghost of a person who is still living. It basically references a person’s physical double. Others think of a doppelganger as that of some type of an “evil twin” or a malevolent other. The word doppelganger originates from the German word Doppelgaenger. This word literally means “double-goer.”

According to people, doppelgangers come in different types. The reason for this is that the term itself is now being used loosely and now refers to anyone kind of double. A doppelganger may appear either as a ghost or as a real physical person. The “evil twin” concept of the doppelganger refers to a double that the original person doesn’t know about but who sows mischief among friends and relatives by confusing them. A doppelganger can also refer to a person who is seen in two places at once, though this ability or phenomena is often called “bilocation.” Based on experiments conducted by scientists at the University Hospital in Geneva, Switzerland, electrical stimulation to the brain – the same one used for treating epilepsy – can produce a feeling of a doppelganger in the test subject.

According to myths and folklore, a doppelganger is unable to cast a shadow or reflection – just like a vampire. These apparitions are considered malevolent and a bad sign. It can even haunt the original person himself. Some are said to give bad advice to the original’s friends and relatives. There is also a belief that a person who sees his doppelganger is extremely bad luck and is meant to foretell the person’s death or serious illness.”

Here are some other articles I hope will help:

What Is a Doppelgänger? 

Stories of Doppelgängers 

Doppelgängers: Origins and Types 

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I'm a begginer cosplayer and I really want to cosplay lapis since she's my favourite character and has a relatively easy outfit. The only problem is, I want to add her water-wings to my cosplay, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to make them. i want them to be full and 3 dimensional rather than flat, since water isn't flat. can you please help?

Here’s a post we made a couple months back on how to get pretty basic Lapis wings. Although they wont end up being full like you want, its a good place to start.

If you want a plastic-y water look, instead of covering the wigs with any fabric, you could try using clear plastic tarps and filling it with organza to achieve fullness and a water effect. Similar to the popular Summer DIY project “Water Blobs”, you’ll need a clear tarp. You’d cut the shape you want, seal the edges, and instead of adding water, you’d stuff fabric inside. You can still make a metal frame (which would probably be good to have anyway since you’ll need to attach it somehow).

If you don’t mind not having that plastic look, you can do as suggested in the link and just stuff fabric in fabric or layer organza over the wings.

If anyone else has suggestions for this, let us know! Hope this helps. :D

If you’re having a hard time understanding where “science fiction” and “fantasy” are bleeding into “literary” genres and vice versa these days, it’s always good to have a little reference guide. Some of the following terms might be really familiar (Dystopian is everywhere, right? Even if you want to avoid it. Which, come to think of it, sounds kind of dystopian…) But, who is to say there might be something you didn’t even know about yet?

Female Superheroes Under the Costume by JohnRaptor

If superheroes really existed, I don’t think the female ones would look anything like they’re usually depicted in comics. I mean we’re talking about women who’ve dedicated their lives to violent conflict with extremely dangerous people (and aliens, and robots and monsters).

Very helpful comparison between what image of female superheroes media tries to sell us versus what real crimefighter physique would look like.

We’d like to point out, though, that the “chest like a stripper/athlete” bit is problematic and poorly informed. Presumably the artist was referring to the fact that most superheroines are drawn with really big breasts, but framing that as a stripper/athlete dychotomy implies that strippers and athletes don’t come in all shapes and sizes. It also implies that there’s something inherently bad about big boobs and sex work.

Let us propose changing it to from “chest like a stripper” to “magical breasts that stay put without any support” and “chest like an athlete” to “breasts with supportive and comfortable underwear”.

Also a minor note compared to that, but long hair, if tied up or otherwise managed properly, don’t have to get in the way.


similar comparison for barbarian characters | more references | more resources

Updated my Art Cycle image thingy to make it a little easier to read. Still lots of info packed in there with my sub par infographic making skills but ah well. 

Whenever you feel bad about your art ability, please remember this! Art improvement for many is a cycle, art blocks do not mean you are doing worse. You are just getting better at seeing your mistakes, which is CRUCIAL to getting better at making art!! 

(If you want to translate this to your native language here’s a blank! http://sta.sh/01r8b4swvhy4)

Portuguese by sulamoon

Resource: Writing Hierarchies 

So you want to write a war story, or perhaps a royal time piece; no matter the year or setting of your novel or short story, hierarchies play a place in all military, police, and royal settings, and it’s important to know how they work in order to tell these stories authentically. Here are some resources on their ranks, badges, and requirements that I hope will help: 

Military Hierarchies:

Police Hierarchies: 

Royalty Hierarchies:

Once you pick your type of hierarchy, it’s important to twelve deeper into that time period and society. Find specific examples and go from there. 

Skin Tones

Here are some handy photo references I found for writers and artists looking to describe or term different skin tones! I thought simply putting the pictures here rather than linking to the original page would get it more looks, but all credit goes to the original creator, joshroby, and you can find the original page [here] with bigger and betters views of the photos. Happy writing!