Me and thesupremecmdr released the reskins used for last weekend’s ESEA LAN today, came with these team posters that are available in either 4K or 1920x1080 resolution. Grab them here on the FAQ, and a download to the models used as well as the skins can be found here!

(For client-side installation, you might have to extract the .VPKs and manually port the .VTFs to your custom folder in your TF2 files. If it becomes too much of a hassle I’ll offer a separate client-side mod download.)


Badlands Pyro Reskin

  • installation: put badlands_pyro.vpk into your custom folder in Steam\SteamApps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom
  • contains reskins for world and view models of pyro

Note that the size of the textures (and in the future reskins) have bigger resolutions compared to the default textures.

I’ve started this since last year but because of business I just finished it lately. I was thinking of waiting to make reskins for the rest of the team before releasing but I wanted to get some constructive crit that I can apply to the next reskins.

I’ve also been thinking of making a video using the reskins. A suggestion by my friend was to make reskins for the rest of the game (e.g. props, maps, weapons, hats, etc) in Borderlands style, though kinda crazy because of the amount of work but I’m also considering on doing it.

Software used in making the texture - Paint Tool SAI


update v1:

  1. Changed Borderlands logo to class emblem
  2. cleaned up the surrounding line art of the shoulders/armpit

Does this count as an art blog entry?  Cause I think it does.

Been getting into modding Guacamelee: Gold Edition lately, because it’s so easy to modify the main character sprites, yet they look so awesome in action.  To start off, here’s our favorite echidna who skipped leg day.

Check it out on Steam Workshop and try it for yourself!  And let me know if anything glitches out on you while playing or if anything looks strange.

Also, if you have any ideas for other characters you’d like to play as in the game, let me know.  I’m interested in taking requests, because it’s just that much fun to mess around with this game. :)

"The night is cold, Pyro. You’re going to have to face that reality because it’s not as warm as you’d like it to be - and that goes for that mutant you let follow us here!"

"Hurr huddah huh!"

"Don’t take that tone with me, private! If I see Mr. Marshmallow Fluff going through our rations again, so help me God…"

Wallpaper Hurr


Badlands Spy Reskin

installation instruction is in the .rar file

contains reskins for world and view model of Spy

this reskin also affects the eyes/iris texture which will also replace the other classes or models that uses the shared texture

Spy’s Badlands reskin will most likely be the cleanest from the rest of the team but still with some raggedy and wear and tear kept


this got delayed because I had to finish the rest of the semester before I was able to continue this

and Heavy will be next since I’m saving the mercs with hair for last


update: added in game screenshots


I made a Hella Jeff texture pack for Dark Souls today, The Hella Child,

Reskinned the grass crest shield to be the nancho crest shield, shittily recolored stone armor to be blue with Caucasian hands, reskinned the drake sword to be the drake SORD, and the mask of the child.

Might make a PVP video with this is I can find the texture names of the different parts in the dark wraith form, also I might try reskinning the giantdad suit for Sweet Bro if I can get the texture names for them too, the mask of the father atleast has the beard down. 

EDIT 1: Uploaded to the Dark Souls Nexus

EDIT 2: Wups, my dumbass forgot to add the SORD in the files, fixed now