I need to get £90 to pay
for resitting my AS level exams by February, I
don’t have a job and my parents can’t
afford it so I have to pay for it myself!

So I’m opening emergency watercolour commisions to help pay for my exams.
I will mail you the commission in the post if you would like it as these are done
traditionally on watercolour paper!

10x13cm watercolour postcards
Shipping in Europe = £1
Shipping everywhere else = £1.50

1 character, simple background = £5
+£2 per extra character
+£2 for a more detailed background

♥ OCs and existing characters are welcome as long as reference is provided! ♥
♥ Straight, Shounen-Ai and Shoujo-Ai is fine! ♥
X I don’t draw hentai, ecchi or general R18+ X

If you would like a commission please note me OR email me at hondaxyao@gmail.com
With the subject “Watercolour commission”
And also provide this information:
Paypal email:
Commission order: (e.g. Kaneki Ken, simple background)
Reference for the character you are commisioning me

Thank you for all your support!
Even of you can’t commission me, please share this with others to get the word out!
Thank you ;-; ♥


Arthur: *sigh* “You lot and your incorrigible curiosities. You needn’t cajole Alfred into publicizing my private works. Here. This is the design for the armor I had commissioned as…a birthday present for him.”

Arthur: “It is specially designed to better protect Alfred against magicka, especially fire (I carved in the enchantments myself). It’s built from reinforced Dragon Bone and steel, with runes in the chain mail and leather to increase speed and stealth. I also added a more snapping belts to allow Alfred to shed or adorn the armor quickly in the event he had to change. It’s a rather practical and clever design, if I do say so myself, and still would turn heads in any court. Alfred deserves a complete and fully functional armor…

Anything I can do to better keep him safe…”

  • Me:I like to think I'm a mature individual with mature aspirations in life and am above laughing at crude humo--
  • Gintama:You're not.
  • Me:No Gintama I'm trying to be serious he--
  • Gintama:Here have a another dick joke
  • Me:ok

Last week I told you all that a school district in my city (San Diego Unified School District) acquired an MRAP (Mine-Resitant Ambush Protected) vehicle and was trying to present it to the community as a “rescue” vehicle for SDUSD schools.

Today I’m happy to say that SDUSD is returning the vehicle to the Department of Defense. NO ONE can ever tell me that activism & community organizing doesn’t work. We came together, made calls and put pressure on the Superintendent to have this vehicle removed from our school district and we won!

This vehicle, and others like it, do not belong in our communities and school districts. These are vehicles of fear and oppression. I was utterly shocked to see this in a school district were I live, but again, if we acquired one, I’m certain other school districts have too. LAUSD currently has 3 grenade launchers, an MRAP & 61 assault rifles. We should all be looking into the school districts in our respective cities to see what they may have acquired from the Military Surplus Program & then pressure them to return it.

We cannot allow our communities & schools districts to be militarized.

SDUSD to return armored vehicle to the feds: http://bit.ly/1sEhbSM