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Tonight, if you happen to plan on taking hallucinogens despite the fairly inclement weather; there’s this really dreamy but probably awesome show at the upstairs kung fu necktie for $8. AVERY ROSEWATER/WHITE LACES/THE INTEREST GROUP/RADICAL DADS. Radical dads seems to have the most cohesive and hooky of the songs but those hooks are obscured by a fucking wall of fuzz. Seriously, don’t go to this unless you’re trying to like bliss out to lo-fi layer music. This isn’t where the party is but it might be beautiful.
Here’s the Facebook event page:

Downstairs at the necktie is gonna be this way louder but still fuzzy show for $10 although I’m pretty sure you could get away with only paying to get into one of the shows there and sidling between them. But NATURAL CHILD FAMILY BAND/RESIDUELS/EAT SKULL/LIQUOR STORE/THE TOUGH SHITS are playing. I think this show is a good representation of where less-hard punk music is going in Philly and it’s interesting. The tough shits are definitely the best band playing and the show starts at 8pm so I’d show up on time if I showed up at all.
Here’s the Facebook event page:

Moving right along, there’s this show at connies ric rac (I love this spot) that will totally be a party; every band playing is basically a rock and roll band in the truest and least experimental sense. Connie’s is a perfect place for shows like this, it will get sweaty and packed and you’ll maybe feel like you stepped out of time for a hot minute. All the bands are local except shark week who are from dc. SHARK WEEK/ EMMETT DREUDING AND HIS BAND/COMMUNITY SERVICE/VITAMIN CHEESE. Oh yeah, and it’s $5.
Here’s the Facebook event page:

There’s really a lot of cool things happening tonight: Sundrop Festival is at the fire all weekend, there’s a cutthroat competition for a spot on the Philly folk fest line up happening at milkboy, andrew winter and the reckless dodgers are playing at the M-Room, and of course all of you guys know about this surprisingly affordable 2 live crew show at the troc. If you want to know more about any of these events, message me. I really think the three I wrote about are the jawns though.

Lastly, if you know Wang, one of my best friends, him and his lady love Anna, are about to leave Philly for the eternal sunshine and infinite weed out there on the mythical west coast. If you know him and wanna say goodbye but somehow don’t know where his goodbye party is and that it’s tonight, call me. I’m really gonna miss you, old friend.

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