buckybarnzoi said:

Oh blessed kinky fic deity Fieldbears, have you come across any more kinky fics recently??


Night Off - Inkorstardust - Steve and well-recovered!Bucky role play. Steve wants to be a rentboy.

Guns Not Butter - reserve - The fic everyone’s talking about! 1940’s Bucky becomes an *actual* rentboy. (So, TW for that.) He loves providing for his real bae back home, but Steve’s starting to catch on that something’s fishy.

Original Programming - ameonna - It’s possible some of you don’t feel that shrinkyclinks is a kink, or that sexual Winter Soldier is a kink, but that’s okay, because it’s totally natural to be wrong sometimes.

Eight-Pager - triedunture - 1940’s Steve gets a job drawing ~naked ladies~. Bucky helps model by trying on some silk stuff, and, well. (Cross-dressing/gender fluidity, silk stockings, lipstick, go read the fucking thing.)

If I have to tell you what the ratings are for these stories, you haven’t been paying attention.

51pegasi-b replied to your post:Back from my mini trip out of town.  I visited…

I WOULD LIKE AVENGERS SNUGGLING WITH CATS, PLS (uh,whenever you’re next doing prompts)

YESSSSSS! MY FAVORITE! Guess what I drew in the car today?


Avengers and cats.



I was sketching on the “autumnal shit” theme for reserve.  Steve and Bucky visit a pumpkin patch and Bucky gets sidetracked by the kittens.

I will absolutely draw you more though.  All the Avengers ought to be snuggling with cats.


i was having such a bad day i could barely function and then reserve said i should come hang out instead of not functioning and when i got there she had this bracelet for me

it says ‘saint stevie’ which is a reference from a fic i wrote and on the reverse has a cap/bucky star and yes i am still crying about it and the day became a magical one and friends are everything