do any of you know the movie the rescuers? It’s that disney movie about the mice that save an orphan girl I used to watch it before bed at night as a child and I forgot all about it until I saw it on netflix yesterday. I could barely remember the plot at all but the music and the animation made me feel very sad! Like there was part of me that I had forgotten about! I didn’t cry but I probably should have!

Cover art for Furiosa #1, by Tommy Lee Edwards

Mad Max Fury Road Furiosa #1 (one-shot)
On Sale: 6/17
Writer: George Miller
Artist: Tristan Jones

From Vertigo:

High in the Citadel there exists a bio-dome of clean air and pure water, protected from the toxicity and anarchy of the Wasteland. Here the warlord Immortan Joe keeps his most prized possessions – his wives – imprisoned for his pleasure and his insistence that they bear him healthy male heirs.

Then, amid this cruel depravity, an unlikely rescuer emerges…the Immortan’s most lethal warrior: the Imperator Furiosa.

From the mind of George Miller, the creator of the Mad Max trilogy, the prelude miniseries to the upcoming film Mad Max: Fury Road continues!

YES!! Big shout out to mckelvie for the heads up! optimysticals, I sure hope this is on your radar… ;-)

Pit Bull Family Pulled From Death Row Showers Rescuers With Love

This sweet family of pit bulls, including mom, dad and eight puppies, are all getting a second chance, thanks to the last-minute efforts of one dedicated rescue.

All 10 dogs were scheduled to be euthanized at a crowded New York City shelter when Second Chance Rescue offered to take in the entire family, the rescue group explained on Facebook.

We were sick at the thought of this entire family being wiped out and these babies not even getting the chance to live and be loved,“ the rescue posted on Friday. "Momma is one of the sweetest most submissive dogs and shelter workers literally pleaded for her life. Dad is just a youngster himself, under a year old, so worried for the fate of his mate and beautiful tiny babies.”

Sadly, many pit bulls in the United States never make it out of shelters. Some estimates suggest that about 1 million pitties are euthanized each year, or about 2,800 a day. Misconceptions about the breed lead to lots of dogs just like these who are never even given a chance.

The rescue group is now caring for the puppies and looking for foster homes for their parents. Eventually though, they’ll all go to forever homes — hopefully with humans who will be willing to arrange some family reunions.

Unpopularish opinions on Disney movies that I have for some reason:

 - Late 90′s/early 2000′s Disney> Renaissance Disney

- Sleeping Beauty was my favourite THE BESTEST Disney princess movie. 

- Cinderella III was better then the original Cinderella


-Renaissance Disney animation looks really mushy to me and is fucking boring aesthetically. It its one of my least favorite eras for them in terms of animation tbh. (80′s Disney is still the worst tho)

- Idk how unpopular this opinion is, but The Rescuers: Down Under is poorly written and half-assed, and should just remain a “forgotten gem”.

-The Lion King II was not good…

-…The Lion King 1 ½ was better

- I usually push complex antagonists in movies, but Disney is at it’s best when the bad guys are just evil fuckbags whose motive is to be terrible human beings and that’s it.

- Disney villains are really fucking hot  JK thats not an unpopular opinion, that’s a fact

-Peter Pan is disgustingly racist, and its funny (and fucked up) how Disney isnt even pretending that they care. (at least they usually pretend, yeesh)

- (not a movie) I have never played Kingdom Hearts, but the premise is fucking incredible and nobody should hate on it cause it’s basically a beautiful fanfiction come to life.

And my most unpopular Disney Opinion of all

-Frozen was fine


Glen Keane Animation

“Clips used (all Disney unless otherwise noted):
0:00 - The Rescuers (1977)
0:09 - Mickey’s Christmas Carol (1983)
0:18 - The Great Mouse Detective (1986)
0:29 - The Fox and the Hound (1981)
0:36 - The Little Mermaid (1989)
0:46 - Beauty and the Beast (1991)
0:58 - Pocahontas (1995)
1:05 - The Rescuers (1977)
1:21 - Oliver & Company (1988)
1:31 - The Chipmunk Adventure (Bagdasarian, 1987)
1:37 - Tarzan (1999)
1:55 - The Rescuers Down Under (1990)
1:59 - The Great Mouse Detective (1986)
2:07 - The Rescuers Down Under (1990)
2:16 - The Little Mermaid (1989)
2:27 - The Fox and the Hound (1981)
2:37 - The Chipmunk Adventure (Bagdasarian, 1987)
2:44 - The Rescuers Down Under (1990)
2:59 - Duet (Google ATAP, 2014)
3:15 - Beauty and the Beast (1991)
3:22 - Oliver & Company (1988)
3:29 - The Great Mouse Detective (1986)
3:33 - Treasure Planet (2002)
4:01 - Aladdin (1992)
4:06 - Mickey’s Christmas Carol (1983)
4:18 - The Great Mouse Detective (1986)
4:33 - Oliver & Company (1988)
4:49 - The Little Mermaid (1989)
5:10 - The Great Mouse Detective (1986)
5:14 - The Fox and the Hound (1981)
5:23 - The Great Mouse Detective (1986)
5:32 - Beauty and the Beast (1991)
5:48 - The Little Mermaid (1989)”

Source: ibcf  

A great article on Glen Keane:

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Wish list for the new mystery dungeon game

  • Return of the personality test
  • A large selection of Pokemon to choose from at the start (aka, every starter and a few other iconic Pokemon (like Pikachu, Riolu, Zorua, etc…)
  • (Almost) All Pokemon obtainable at some point in the game. (With the exception of certain legendaries and alternate forms, of course)
  • Heart wrenching story
  • Basically I just want it to give me the same experience that Rescuers and Explorers did but with all the new Pokemon
  • I do have other things I could add but I’m trying to be realistic.

(via Wounded turtle can return to the ocean thanks to a 3D-printed beak)

…According to 3D Printing Industry, Turkish animal rescuers found it almost lifeless at sea, after a boat propeller shaved off a huge part of its snout. It escaped the clutches of death thanks to those kind folks, but a turtle that has to be hand-fed can never survive back in the wild. That’s why the organization contacted 3D printing service provider BTech Innovation, which took the turtle’s CT scans to create a beak that would fit it perfectly.

The company recreated the reptile’s upper and lower jaws through software, and it printed out the resulting design using medical-grade titanium…

NASA’s Radar Found 4 Men Trapped in Rubble in Nepal By Their Heartbeats

A couple years ago, NASA and DHS unveiled a portable radar unit based on technology used to detect alien life on distant exoplanets. In the first real-world demonstration of its use, the device helped save 4 men trapped under earthquake rubble in Nepal.

After the earthquake hit, rescuers in the village of Chautara got two prototype units of the device called FINDER, or Finding Individuals for Disaster and Emergency Response. The core of the device is a system that bounces microwaves around to “see.” Crucially, it can discern faint heartbeats and breaths in people buried under several feet of rubble.

In this case, FINDER was apparently able to detect the heartbeats of two men each in two different collapsed buildings. The men had been trapped for days, under as much as 10 feet of rubble.



Here’s a quadrotor swarm upgrade that will help fit more into your backback–folded arms that snap into flight position when the vehicle is powered up.

Engineers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne and NCCR Robotics say the machine’s articulated arms unfold in a third of a second after the rotors engage. The idea is for search and rescue teams to bring a bunch of these little units to a disaster zone in a backpack. Once rescuers are on the ground, they could quickly pull the folded drones out of the bag, toss them into the air and start watching aerial photo or video feeds beaming back down.

The engineering is actually more complicated than it might seem at first blush. See a video and read more below.

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“I just think Anderson was the better goalie tonight.”
- Mike Milbury on NBCSN

In other news, Corey Crawford stopped to save a box full of puppies after Tuesday’s OT win. Said Milbury, “I just don’t think he’s a GOOD savior to tiny animals. Those puppies needed a more dependable rescuer and they’re not going to get that with him.”

NEPAL, BHAKTAPUR : Nepalese residents walks past damaged houses following an earthquake in Bhaktapur on the outskirts of Kathmandu on May 13, 2015. Rescuers were battling to reach survivors of a deadly new earthquake in Nepal that triggered landslides and brought down buildings, as the search continued for a US military helicopter that went missing while delivering aid. Thousands of traumatised survivors spent the night outdoors, afraid to return to their houses after the 7.3-magnitude quake hitMay 12, 2015, less than three weeks after the country was devastated April 25, 2015 by its deadliest quake in more than 80 years. AFP PHOTO / PRAKASH MATHEMA