Rescue from the Hart received an urgent call about a stray dog from Legend Animal Rescue. After several days of trying to save the dog, they finally secured her
in a yard, but needed help completing the rescue. They thought they were
rescuing one dog, but were in for a huge surprise!

hello tumblr. this is fish!
he is crate trained, house trained, and neutered! 

this is an awesome puppy. he was rescued at an early age, so he’s well-socialized and generally off to a great start. he plays very well with other dogs and is very gentle with people — affectionate and not at all pushy. he’d make a perfect companion for another dog. fish is about three/four months old and 13 pounds, so my guess is that he’ll grow into a just-barely-medium sized hound. he’s located in athens, georgia, and available for adoption through the humane society. you can find him listed as his shelter name, “phisher.”

and you can note me if you have any questions! 


'Big teddy bear' losing hope after 1 year at shelter

Beautiful Moose has waited for more than one year at the shelter - and after his rescue fell through, he’s hoping that someone will read his story and save his life. Moose is a three-year-old boy whose body bears the scars of his prior life, but this big sweetheart just wants to love and be loved. A volunteer stated: “This big boy is sweet as can be. I love, love, love him. He’s a good boy who loves everyone and loves to get belly rubs.”

After he was treated for heartworm, Moose was supposed to go to a home, but no one ever came for him. The volunteer added: “He’s ready to leave. He’s getting so sad. I promised him that he would get his chance… And I feel like I’m letting this big, sweet boy down.”

Moose has spent more than one year at the shelter and he has started to lose weight - let’s not let him lose all hope, too. According to the veterinarian that saw Moose, his cherry eye is only cosmetic and he’s healthy and ready to find love.

Can you please open your heart and home to Moose? He has waited so long to know love.

If you’re interested in adopting this sweet boy, he’s waiting to meet you at Lee County Animal Shelter in Bishopville, South Carolina. If you are interested in him, please call (803) 428-2077 or (803) 428-7536.

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