"(Y/N)? (Y/N)!….You gotta wake up. Please. You’re not gonna leave me."

I just wanted to share my beloved kitten with you! Her name is Calypso, and she was rescued from a home with over a dozen cats (not counting the litter of 6+ kittens).

The first picture was taken right when we got her home, she was very afraid and even when her brother and sister (Phoenix and Delilah) left the box, she stayed in a corner, and just looked very unhappy. It took me about an hour to coax her into coming out, with me softly cooing and petting her until she calmed down, and I actually had to pick her up to show her there was no danger outside the box.

Now, she’s happy and content (and a spoiled brat), and I love her. She’s saved me as much as I have saved her, because ever since she’s arrived my depressions been out the window. Calypso is my angel, and I would do anything for her. 

Rincewind had gotten progressively worse the past few days, despite my best efforts. Yesterday morning he had slight pineconing so I started him on metro meds, but he was done fighting. I came home tonight to find he had passed. He lasted a whole year with me, and most of it was spent happy and vibrant. Not all betta get so lucky, especially not ones with such severe internal issues. But that’s what rescuing is about; getting an animal the care it needs especially when most people won’t. I will certainly miss him, however I’m glad I got to give him a good year on this earth. RIP my little wizard.


The first patient of the day…

A tawny owl was brought in this morning after being found on the side of the road.

He had a broken beak, an ulcer in one of his eye and blood coming from his left ear. On top of it, almost all his tail feathers were gone, except one! We have no idea what happened to him, although it’s most likely to have been an RTA (road traffic accident).

This unlucky chap is looking very weak, but we are doing everything we can to save him.

Please Text WILD3 to 70300 to give a one-off donation of £3.00 towards his care.

The owl says Twit-Twoo! (we think it means ‘thank you’!)

As for some specific standouts in Season 5, Episode 1, E! Online reveals, “Carol is so awesome in this episode.”

If we had to guess, we’d say Daryl Dixon’s (Norman Reedus) boo somehow saves the day and helps orchestrate the group’s escape from the train car.


4 weeks ago I bought a betta fish that had been put into a tiny tank with ALOT of tetras. He was being eaten alive and so I bought him - against the advice of the salesperson (who hadn’t put him in there apparently). I put him in a planted and heated Fluval Spec V that I had set up specifically for a lone betta. I fed him on betta bio gold.

He has flourished! Here he is when I bought him, after one week and now after one month. His name is Fin Diesel :-)

This beautiful 5 ft #Cobra was rescued by the #WildlifeSOS rescue team from inside a house at Sangam Vihar, New Delhi. After thorough examination the snake was found to be healthy and has been released in its natural habitat.
In future, if you come across any such situation, please call Wildlife SOS#Helpline (Delhi) to save a life and make a difference- +91-9871963535.

Yo, ATL area friends and foes. As a y’all may know I work as a kennel manager for ACH and well I take care of long term boards, but recently an excellent client of ours has had major health issues. Two of his other dogs have been adopted already, but this is Libby, she is a senior pet and is food aggressive, but she gets along well with dogs and cats outside the food issue. She has no outstanding medical issues, and if she’s not either fostered or adopted out she’ll be sent to the Animal Shelter of Gwinnett, where she will most likely be put down. My company has kept her for almost a month now and we can’t continue to eat the expense, so please help us out and get her a home!! She’s a sweetie.

Message me if you have any questions!

Day 1 - Welcome!

Welcome to Barney’s playground - aka The Woods :) It’s always very quiet up here on the hills during the week, so his playmates on today’s consisted of me… & some very rascally squirrels (who were entirely too good at hide & seek!).

Thought we’d join in with guidedogintraining's photo challenge this month :) I do a weekly project with Barney over on Flickr, so am already taking new photos regularly! Won't be able to take a new photo for this challenge every day but I'm sure I'll be able to find pictures which fit the daily themes!


October is National Pit Bull Month. I have been seeing some wonderful campaigns going around to promote positive Pit bull awareness. Sophie Gamand Photography has taken this awareness to a whole new level with her images that I have fallen in love with. She is fighting the stereotype that this breed is harsh, scary, unpredictable, etc. by photographing rescue pit bulls in a much softer way by placing flower crowns on their head. She aims to show their sensitive, soft, sweet side that the world unfortunately fails to see due to media coverage. All of her subjects are dogs available for adoption in efforts to promote the breed within shelters because they are the most euthanized breed in shelters due to discrimination. You should check out her beautiful series and join in the cause! Here are my efforts and addition to the #pitbullflowerpower campaign. 

We rescued Jimmy from an animal control shelter. When we went in, we had a really good idea of what we wanted, a shaggy, teddy bear like dog that was medium sized…. def. the exact opposite of Jimmy. We never imagined we would be taking home a little pit bull mix let alone looking at one while at the shelter. Anyone who has ever met Jimmy knows that he is the happiest, sweetest, most gentle dog. He loves dogs, people, and the worst thing he could ever do is soak you with kisses. After owning Jimmy, my own view of the breed has changed drastically and I fell in love. He changed our lives and hearts as much as we did for him, and I am so glad that we brought him home that day.