Advanced BreakAway Lanyard Mk V:

I’ve been working on a newer design lanyard for a while now. Its still not quite ready in my view but it seems to be effective. The buckle has been replaced with a barrel connector for simpler, more discreet wear and the cord length has been doubled. The same garotte feature that was so useful in the other versions is still their, and the cord length is of course doubled. So if you need cordage for any reason, their is plenty for what ever you could need it for.

The same ultra thin cord with the over 120kg breaking strain is being used once again, only that figure can now be effectively doubled. The inclusion of the shim in the same way used on the other lanyards helps escape restraint, while the simple key holder offers versatility for the key itself or alternatively a key and bobby pin combo I used some months ago to make the key more useful when in rigid cuffs if offset. (This extends the key reach and offers greater control in rigid cuffs)

All in all its a low profile package that will work for ID’s to blend in or any of the other daily jobs you use your lanyard for. It improves and expands on your available options no matter what line of work you are in.

Simplicity is the key, and the position of the key/shim can be moved easily. The addition of a photon light would make this a great starter package for anyone looking for a platform to work with. If you lanyard carry documents abroad it would be the perfect solution in that situation as it looks normal.

If the continued testing and evaluation feedback proves positive and no more changes are made it should be live in the new year for ordering. Any suggestions email Law66@live.co.uk


Eeyore: the tiny little brown tabby kitten with huge ears and a big heart. 

"My name is Eeyore and I am a shelter, throw away kitty. I was turned in to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter, along with my Mom and 4 siblings. My (human) Mom works there and took us home to keep us safe. The shelter takes in 50-150 unwanted animals per day. A week into my stay in my foster home, I became very ill and almost died. Infested with hookworms, I almost died. I was only 4 oz and it was hard for me. My Mom nursed me back to health, getting up with me every hour for a week and brought me back to life 4 times… whew! Three weeks into my life in a foster home and I am 9 oz! Yay! I am still 1/3 the size of my siblings, but I am a fighter and am determined to make it!
This is my story and you can follow me as I grow. You will get a shelter point of view and meet some amazing friends along the way. WELCOME!” - Eeyore

Photos by ©The Chronicles of Eeyore 
Eeyore on Youtube


Is it ok to paint my turtles shell? Answer: NO! 

I get many asks about painting a tortoise or turtle’s shell. “Whats the big deal? Isn’t it like painting your nails?”


There are several reasons this is extremely detrimental to their well being:

  • You’re blocking UV rays from being absorbed, this impedes their ability to get the needed vitamins for healthy growth from sun/light, etc! Without UVB they aren’t able to metabolize calcium.
  • Chemicals from the paint can be absorbed into the bloodstream through the shell and can taint the water the animal soaks in, being even more directly absorbed into the blood stream.
  • The fumes alone can cause respiratory issues, one of the leading causes of death in turtles and tortoises.
  • For wild turtles and tortoises? You are not only harming them with chemicals and inability to absorb needed vitamins, you are taking away their natural ability to avoid predators. 

These are just some basics on why its simply not ok to paint a turtle or tortoise. We’ve got to remember that the shell isn’t like a “hat” , Turtles and tortoises aren’t living in a cardboard box they walk around wearing. Their shell is like their skin. 

About The Turtles In the photo 

(Source: WTVR.com & Wildlife Center of Virginia)

WAYNESBORO, Va. — Please stop painting turtles. That is the message The Wildlife Center of Virginia has for people who might find a turtle wandering through their yard. The center posted that message online this week after a Lynchburg woman found an adult Eastern Box Turtle covered in pink latex paint.

“Other than the paint, the turtle was in good condition and had no injuries,”  The Wildlife Center said. “Staff [members] began short scrubbing sessions each day to remove the latex paint; within a week, the team had most of the paint removed. The turtle should be able to be released in the spring. Turtles must be released back into their small home range for the best chance of survival.”

The Wildlife Center said it had experience dealing with painted turtles.

“In 2013, a very bright and colorfully painted turtle was admitted from the Natural Chimneys Campground,” the center said.

To hammer home its point, the center created Wilson’s “Turtle Promise.” It urged people to leave turtles alone and not to keep a wild turtle as a pet.

Click here to read more “turtle tips” from the Wildlife Center of Virginia.


This is Zeus, the Blind Rescue Owl with Stars in his Eyes

source: here

in 2012, a screech owl was discovered blind and emaciated on someone’s front porch in central California. Veterinarians nursed him back to health but deemed him “non-releasable” due to his loss of vision, preventing him from hunting and surviving on his own in the wild. It’s believed that he only has about 10% of his vision.

According to the Wildlife Learning Center where Zeus now lives, he was diagnosed with “conjunctivitis, corneal degeneration, endotheliopathy, anterior uveitis, most likely caused by a traumatic event like flying into something or being attacked by a predator.

Via: Bored Panda

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