Firefighter Rescues A Kitten From A Burning House, Catches It All On A GoPro Camera (VIDEO)

This video will definitely restore your faith in humanity.

The dramatic rescue was shot with a GoPro camera strapped to firefighter Cory Kalanick as he was responding to a call in Fresno, Calif. In the video, Kalanick spots an unconscious kitten lying amid a burned, smoke filled room and immediately takes it to safety and resuscitates him. 

See the full incredible rescue here. 

(GIF Source; GoPro via Youtube)

Sunday Senior Selection: Linus

That’s me! My name is Linus, and I am here to tell you in many ways what a great idea it is to adopt a senior cat.

Now, in my particular case, first and most obvious reason is my smashing good looks. You’d think I had work done, right? No way. It’s just that what those people used to say about their hair color (which I do not use–my lush coat is all natural), “you’re not getting older, you’re getting better,” is absolutely true.

I admit it: in my youth, which sometimes feels like a few hours ago, and sometimes feels like it was last century (wait a minute, it was last century), I was often a wee bit untamed. I mean, of course, I was always a house cat–in fact, my person insured that by removing my claws–but sometimes, I was quite the renegade. I was quite persnickety, demanding certain attention, rejecting other attention, and sometimes being quite cranky. I’ve more than outgrown that now–but I’ve heard some talk that if you approach me at the wrong time, I can be unpredictable. Huh? Oh, yeah, right. I want to be alone…when I want to. No big deal, you’ll see all the signals. If I’m sleeping, napping, snoozing – just a few of my favorite activities – you can consider a “do not disturb” sign on my door. But if I’m at your feet, in your lap, purring away and nuzzling, you’d better believe it’s for attention, affection, caressing, cuddling and love any way you want to serve it up.
I’ve been reading up – you know, I could have a touch of dementia. Not a lot, but like when you forget how nice you are and have a cranky outburst. Anyway, I think that’s why I don’t want children around. I like them, but they don’t understand me. I’m not mean to them, but they probably don’t know how to recognize when I don’t want my tail pulled, my toys thrown at me, a chase around the family room, and so on. And on. If you have another nice cat, that’s ok, but boy would I love not sharing you (though your two-legged companion is ok).

Get this – I’m said to be 18 years old. My foster mom says I will outlive us all. That’s my goal. But to do it, I have to be in just the right home, where I will be treated like the prince I am. I’m not high-maintenance, either – I use the litter box all the time, and eat the senior variety of any brand food you give me. I’ll let you know if there’s something I don’t like, but not by turning my dish upside down and storming off. I promise.
You know what? I’ve been looking at the title of this column. I think it’s what they call a double-entendre. You see, I know I am what the unenlightened may think of as a senior cat, but for two-legged seniors, I am ideal. Look, let’s talk turkey. If you’re a member of the AARP (association of adults with retired pets), then you probably don’t want some young whipper-snapper who is going to need all kinds of extra attention in the 18 years, or even 15. You need a cat (everyone needs a cat), who will be kind, personable, unique, friendly, and who will not outlive you. I have no special needs right now, but if I did, you would love me so much you would take care of them.
I’m 18. Just like Jack Benny was always 39, I can always be your 18. For some, that’s a lucky number. Perhaps I can bring you luck. If you adopt me, that’s my luck right there.
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Here is our latest update on Our lovely Larry!
(To read his story click on his youcaring page below)

Larry had his checkup on the 14th and he has gained 1lb, 6 ounces! (He started at 6lbs, 9oz.) His anemia has improved a little, but the vet wants to re-check this in a week. He still has some hot spots but they are improving!

He’s like a new man!! He waits by the door purring up a storm to see you, and loves to run and play with his mouse.
He has a great appetite and always wants to be by your side, super cuddly and his purrs so loud!!

His foster mum leaves NY in June so he needs a FURever home soon!

Please donate if you can to contribute to his ongoing vet visits…. http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/lovely-larry-needs-your-help-/331816#

You can also support Larry by purchasing something from the fabulous Hendrick & Co….. http://hendrickboards.com/save-larry?tracking=5345ca10ded72&utm_source=hb&utm_medium=hb-larry&utm_campaign=larry

Larry would like to say a massive THANK YOU for all the donations, well wishes and sharing of his story!
Thank you from us at K9Kastle too!

10-year-old girl saves man by giving CPR she had just learned how to do

A story about a 10-year-old girl in Seoul has gone viral after she saved a man’s life by giving him cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), which she had learned only three hours earlier.

On Monday, Gangseo Fire Station in southwestern Seoul awarded Lee Soo-bin for her bravery last Thursday when she saved the unconscious man in his 50s after he suffered a heart attack at an apartment complex in the district.

The man was taken to a nearby hospital by the emergency crew, but was able to return home the day after.

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“After months of being antisocial, Lucy is being rehabilitated!”

Some of the pups learning how to fish today at SeaWorld! They are seriously the best. Can’t wait until the next batch gets released. Seriously the most rewarding job ever.

There’s only a few live fish in there to encourage hunting behaviors because having enough live fish to sustain the entire park while making sure each animal meets its specific diet requirements (each animal is an individual and requires different kcals and nutrients depending on its age, sex, health, etc) would be ridiculously difficult only using live fish. Plus, if only live fish were used, dominant animals would prevent smaller, submissive ones from eating their full diets.

Man who saved Miami officer: “How could I not?”

William Ramirez was driving to his boat-maintenance job Tuesday morning when he spotted a chilling sight on Northwest 79th Street: A Miami police officer was on the ground, trying to take cover as a man fired at him with a high-powered assault rifle.

Thinking fast, Ramirez swerved his Dodge Caravan between the officer and the shooter, shielding the rookie officer. Then he opened the side door, pulled officer Rosny Obas to safety and sped off.

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I have been staring at this gif for days now. It’s so fucking powerful!! Look at it. Just look. The desperation in Regina’s eye. How Emma’s “savior mode” is activated in a split second. The way they’re holding hands… My heart is literally aching. There is so much in this one gif- so goddamn much. Whether you ship Swan Queen or not, I think we can all agree that this rescue was a monumental moment.

(To whoever made this: thank you!!)