MYANMAR, SITTWE : This photo taken on May 21, 2015 shows an ethnic Rohingya Muslim woman looking back as she rides a tuk tuk near a camp set up outside the city of Sittwe in Myanmar’s Rakhine state. Malaysia ordered search and rescue missions on May 22 for thousands of boatpeople stranded at sea, as Myanmar hosted talks with US and Southeast Asian envoys on the migrant exodus from its shores.  AFP PHOTO / YE AUNG THU                        


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Dog • Boxer & Pit Bull Terrier Mix • Adult • Female • Medium
Athens County Dog Shelter
Chauncey, OH

Nibby is 3 and a half years old and a littermate to Brutus in Kennel 24.  She is up to date on her shots, spayed and housebroken.  Her vet records were surrendered with her.  She has also been microchipped.  She is good with women but skiddish around men and kids and has not been tested with cats. Nibby knows basic commands such as sit and come.

Support the Athens County Dog Shelter by walking your dog or yourself!  It won’t cost you a cent!  Download the app “Walk For a Dog” from to your phone and select Athens County Dog Shelter and then take a walk!  It’s great for you and your pooches plus it benefits the homeless dogs at the shelter.  Use the app each time you grab the leash.  You, your dog and the shelter will all benefit.

Please visit
to see the wishlist of items that the Shelter is in need of.  Thank You!

Anything For You


Chills raced up Germany’s spine when he heard Italy’s blood-curdling shriek from downstairs. He immediately shot up out of his chair, banging his legs on his desk and scattering papers everywhere in his panic. He ignored the shooting pain and sped down the stairs, taking them two and three at a time. 

“Italy!” He cried out, “Where are you!” 

All Italy managed to get out were a few terrified cries and whimpers. 

Imagining the worst, Germany followed the sounds he heard coming from the kitchen. What he saw when he got there was not what he had expected at all.

Italy was perched high up on the kitchen table, tears streaming down his face. He was crying and pointing at the counter across the room, but Germany could see nothing around to be afraid of. There was no attacker. No venomous snake. No fire. No shortage of pasta. 

“What’s the problem, Italy?” Germany sighed, relaxing his shoulders and walking toward the table. As his adrenaline rush subsided, he noticed just how badly his legs were hurting him from slamming them against his desk. 

“I-was-making-myself-some-breaded-parmesan-and-pasta-because-I-was-hungry-and-I-wanted-lunch-but-when-I-tried-to-grab-the-bread-crumbs-there-was-a-big-black-hairy-scary-spider-and-it’s-still-there-and-it-wants-to-EATMEEEEE!” Italy shrieked in one, drawn out breath. 

“A spider? Is that what this is about?” Germany asked, only having been able to pick out a few words here and there from Italy’s frenzied run-down.

Italy nodded his head so furiously it seemed as though it might fall off. He was still crying and just beginning to hyperventilate. 

Germany sighed. “Don’t worry, Italy, I’ll get rid of the spider.”

“BE CAREFUL, GERMANY!” Italy cried. 

Germany rolled his eyes as he walked toward the counter to see what kind of spider he was dealing with. “Don’t worry, Italy, I think I can handle myself.”

Italy merely led out a strangled whimper and covered his eyes, unwilling to watch what would happen to Germany at the fuzzy mercy of the spider. 

Germany searched the counter to find where the the spider was hiding. It took him a minute, but he soon spotted it perched atop the breadcrumb jar. It wasn’t the largest spider he had ever seen, but it was definitely of a substantial size. No wonder Italy was such a wreck. 

“So, you’re the one that has my Italy in such a tizzy,” Germany muttered to the spider under his breath as he reached for a glass from the cabinet above him. The spider twitched one of its legs as if in reply, but otherwise remained firmly put atop its jar. 

Germany carefully lowered the class onto the lid of the breadcrumb jar, trapping the spider. The jar’s lid was rather narrow, so there was only just enough space to leave the glass balanced as he went to grab a piece of paper. 

“Germannnyyyyy, what are you dooooing?” Italy cried out, his eyes still firmly shut behind his hands. “Is it dead yet? Am I safe?”

“I’m not going to kill the spider, Italy,” Germany said, “I’ll just toss him out the door. You’re going to be fine, I promise.” 

Italy whimpered, but offered no argument. One way or another, he didn’t care what Germany did with the spider, so long as it was gone. 

Germany snatched the nearest piece of paper that he could find and slowly slipped it under the glass. The spider, disgruntled, scurried onto the paper and up the side of the glass. 

“Thank you for making my job easier, my friend,” Germany muttered, picking up the glass. He placed the palm of his hand firmly under the paper to make sure there were no gaps the spider could crawl through. He didn’t know what kind of spider he was dealing with, and didn’t want to risk getting an itchy bite. 

“Italy, can you open the back door for me?” Germany asked.

Italy went white as a sheet and began trembling in the knees. “B-but Germany…” he whined. 

“Please, Italy? I promise I have the spider well locked up. He has no means of escape.” 

Italy shifted his weight from foot to foot several times before leaping from the table and dashing to the door, giving Germany a wide clearance as he did so. Once the door was flung open, Italy dashed into the living room to hide. 

Germany rolled his eyes once more, then promptly walked to the open door. He raised the glass to eye level so he could have one final, good look at the spider before him. 

“Auf Wiedersehen, good sir,” he said before unceremoniously flicking his wrist to send the spider flying into the grass. 

Germany walked back into his kitchen to rinse the glass and dispose of the paper before heading into the living room to find Italy. 

The smaller nation was curled up tightly on the couch, hiding under a thick blanket and trembling. 

“Italy, the spider is gone now,” Germany said, sitting beside the man on the couch. 

Italy flung the blanket off of his head and threw himself into Germany’s unsuspecting arms. “Oh, thank you so much, Germany! You saved me! I could have died!”

Germany chuckled and held his lover closer. “I’ll always be here to protect you, Italy. Always.”

So I don’t know why, but I like the idea of Italy being irrationally terrified of small things like spiders or spilled milk, and relying on Germany to come to his rescue. Of course, Germany will think Italy is a little melodramatic, but he’ll always do his best to make sure Italy is comfortable and happy. So… Yeah! Let me know if you liked this, and if there are things I should consider writing in the future. 



Tumblr friends, I need your help.

Kaden is having some medical problems, and the expenses are becoming very expensive very quickly

To try to help cover them, I’m having a sale on my art. All proceeds go towards my horses care and anything earned above what they need will be donated to horses in need.

Here is the post from my business page, located here: Puzzle Piece Equine Art

Due to quite a few unexpected expenses coming up with my rescue horse, Kaden, I’m offering a promotion sale for the next 10 days! This ends on May 31st, 2015 at 11:59pm PDT.

Get 25% off any one order.
50% off 2 or more orders.
Buy 2 tribute pieces, get 1 free.

Remember, these are completely custom to your horse, and I will be working with you to ensure I get every marking and colour right. :) I can do almost any pose

Prices before discounts are as follows:
Head portrait: $5
Body Portrait: $10
Tribute Portrait (This includes 2 head portraits, and 1 body portrait): $20
Logo Design: $20 for a simple logo. This is subject to change depending on what you are wanting. Please PM me to discuss.

The portraits are able to be sent to you through email, or printed off on nice paper and mailed to you. Shipping costs extra and will be calculated depending on where you live.

Some examples of my work are included. :)

Please reblog, share, signal boost… Order if you can… Much love <3


I SAVED A TURTLE TODAY Little turtle was about to cross the highway. I leapt from the car and took off across the parkinglot and scooped him up before he made it into traffic. Feisty little bugger. Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion. Because we did in fact let him go away from the parking lot and street.


i adopted her today from the SPCA. she was an owner surrendeder over what was most likely a puppy mill. she never had ANY human interaction before this as far as i can tell.  she doesn’t know how to be a dog AT ALL. she doesn’t know how to walk on a leash. she doesn’t know how to play. she had to be almost completely shaved due to how matted she was and all her fleas. she’s basically been sleeping off the neglect for the past 12 hrs.  but if i’m missing, i’m probably with her. i’ve got SO MUCH work to do to make up for the evil inflicted upon this poor dog. )