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I recently rescued this cutie called pancake💕 she was living in a tub that she couldn’t even stretch out in, NO WATER for god know how long and had the wrong substrate. (As seen in the top picture)

This makes me so sad and angry! my rescued tarantula was in the top tub and she couldn’t even move around in it! the bottom tank will now be her forever home💕 (as seen in the left picture)
I hate that people can mistreat tarantulas because they are ‘not real animals/pets’ yes they are! they have feelings and the can feel scared! it breaks my heart to think how she must have been feeling😖😖 I will never put her through that again💕💕

pancake has been enjoying her new home, stretching out her legs and redecorating. The top pot is her old home that she couldn’t even stretch out in, but now she has lots of space to be a happy tarantula💕💕 (as seen in the right picture)

Seeing her in them conditions broke my heart, she’s eating extremely well and drinking. She’s so docile and friendly. So happy I saved her from them horrible people!!

Oh my gosh… Bless you, you wonderful person. I’m so SO glad you saved her, she looks absolutely precious. I’m glad to hear she’s eating and drinking well, and I’m glad to know she’s in good hands. Good luck to her and thank you for sharing! <3


Who want to help a sick puppy?
Hello there! We are part of a foster system and we recently got In a litter of pups and the runt of the litter is really sick. Her name is armin and she’s a little over 4 weeks old. She won’t eat by herself and. We need to feed her ever two hours by force. Our group would greatly appreciate any donations you’re willing to give! Any extra will go to the rescue of more dogs.

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I rescued this little baby squirrel two days ago. A big crow was pecking at him and pulling at his tail, I scared it away and waited to see if the squirrels mother would come find him. It didn’t. I brought him back to my house and am nursing him back to health. He is the sweetest little guy! 😍 if anyone has any tips or suggestions they are greatly appreciated!


Jack is a 1 y/o Golden Retriever mix and he is ADOPTABLE and IN NEED OF A FOSTER!!!

Hi everyone, my name is Jack. I am a calm and sweet golden retriever mix. I am a very quiet boy, and at first I am a little shy. I really love to be around people and get lots of attention. I am good with other dogs, but I mostly just hang out with people and do my own thing. I don’t really like going in my crate but once I am in there I’m perfect! I am so happy the volunteer team rescued me while they were visiting the shelters… I can’t wait to make my way north to find my perfect family!

Nepal earthquake: Ex-Pulteney Grammar student saves 55 orphans

Nepalese teenager Ishwor Ghimire studied at Pulteney on a full scholarship in 2013/14 and now mentors children at the orphanage while he prepares for university.

Former Pulteney Grammar student Ishwor Ghimire evacuated 55 kids from an orphanage during the Nepal earthquake.

“This remarkable young man evacuated the 55 children to the veggie patch as both the orphanage building and the (neighbouring) new school building suffered significant damage and appeared in imminent danger of collapse,” Pulteney’s director of community relations, Mark Bourchier, wrote to the school community.

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2012 - While a group of English fox hunters watch their dogs tearing apart a fox they cornered, an activist from the hunt monitors charges in to rescue the terrified animal. The fox has now been rehabilitated into an area where she will be safe from the hunt. [video]/[hunt monitors donation page]


Emerson Had His Neck Broken But This Resilient Cat Is Getting a Second Chance at a Good Life

Some cats achieve Internet fame by being grumpy or playing the keyboard. Emerson can’t play the keyboard. In fact, Emerson is paralyzed and can’t even walk without the help of a specially-made wheelchair. And Emerson isn’t grumpy — although he has every reason to be. When he came into the Houlton Humane Society in early August 2014, the woman who brought him in claimed she “snapped” his neck because he was annoying. When he was checked out by our vet, it was determined he had a broken neck, spinal cord damage, broken ribs, and what looked to be chemical burns on his feet,” the shelter’s director, Heather Miller, told the Bangor Daily News. Ten-year-old Emerson’s injuries left him paralyzed below the waist, unable to walk, move his back legs or go to the bathroom. But his sweet and loving personality was left intact, and the Millers, who run the shelter, couldn’t help but bring him home themselves. By September, Miller and her husband Jonathan, were working with Emerson on getting him to use a wheelchair that Jonathan had created using PVC pipes and bicycle training wheels.

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Photos by ©Emerson and the Gang at the Miller’s Safe Haven