Layers of Roofing How many are allowed on my roof?

Layers of Roofing How many are allowed on my roof?

Layers of Roofing

John asked, My neighbor says I can put another roof over my existing roof that has 2 layer on it now. Is that true?

It is advised you seek the local building department for exact amount of layers that are acceptable. Every city and county vary with their own codes. Most steep sloped roof products like tile, slate, metal and shakes only allow one layer. Asphalt shingles typically…

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When to Re-Roof a House and How to Check for Damage

Maintaining proper roof care and maintenance is an important part of owning a home. However, it can be difficult to know when re-roofing is needed until it is too late. Kyrle Fryling, owner of A1-Roofers, provides construction services to customers in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Servicing all types of commercial buildings and homes with personalized service, Kyrle Fryling leverages more than 20 years of experience to provide high-quality roofing materials and work to clients.

One of the best times to inspect one’s roof is during spring; any damage caused by the winter months will be easier to spot, and summer will be ahead should any large amount of repair work be needed. A good first step for assessing the roof is to begin with a visual inspection from the outside to check for obvious damage, such as cracked tiles or missing shingles. This outside inspection can help to determine if there is any sagging in the roofline, which could mean structural sagging and should be fixed immediately. 

Even if the outside inspection appears to be fine, it is still important to do a full inspection by checking the attic or crawl space. Since not all damage can be seen from the outside, it is important to check the inside for any water stains within the insulation or rafters. Water stains could mean that the roof is leaking, which can cause many problems in the future if ignored. Should any repairs need to be done, it is best to hire a professional to ensure that the roof is fixed properly and safely. If not repairs are needed, homeowners should still maintain regular roof inspections to catch any potential problems early on and prevent major damage.

Why I'm Bitchy Today

Because I love you all, but I really need to rant about this. *hugs*

1. I got woken up at like 8 AM being told to and I quote. “Get your ass out of bed.” Then got yelled at because I didn’t just automatically know my dad expected me to come outside and pick up shingles from my brothers reroofing the house.

2. Said brothers asking me while I was picking up shingles where I planned on moving too. When I say New York they then proceed to try to convince me not to telling me how horrible and unsafe it is and expensive to live there. Like thanks asshole you think I didn’t know this shit? I’m not an idiot. I have lived in the ghetto the last two years.

3. My back is now killing me and no matter what I do or how i lay down it hurts. Waiting for Ibuprofen to kick in.

4. I’m fucking tired from lack of sleep and I have to watch 3 little boys on top of all this all night.

5. Having to put up with my dad being pissy and I literally flinched cause when doing dishes he acted like he was going to throw something across the kitchen cause he was mad.