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15. walking in on boys changing @spook-scooper-official

It wasn’t uncommon for the boys to be forgetful. More often than not you had to remind Calum to charge his phone, ask Ashton if he had his wallet, tell Luke to text his mum back, and yell at Michael to “put on some god damn pants” before he went outside in just his boxers. Again.

To be fair, they were awfully busy. Writing, recording, touring, and slowly taking over the world with their music was obviously going to have some negative consequences. Lack of sleep, for example. Or constant jet lag. Or forgetting that the genre of their band was not in fact smooth jazz .(Why Calum had decided it was was something you’d never fully understand).

The boys had every right to be forgetful every now and then. You just wished they hadn’t forgotten to lock the door.

You are too preoccupied with your phone to notice at first, as you open the door to the dressing room and start to speak. “Okay, so you have an interview in two hours, which you need to drive to now so that you have time to-“ 

“Uh, (Y/N)?” Ashton’s voice breaks through your train of thought.

“Hmm?” You glance distractedly up from the screen. 

As soon as you look up your mouth goes slack, the words tapering off as your mind goes numb. Standing there, in the not-so-private dressing room, were all four boys. 

Completely naked. 

For a split second, everything is silent. Time seems to freeze as you each look at one another, the shock and realisation of what has just happened slowly sinking in.

Then you scream.

“Fuck! I’m so sorry! Why didn’t you lock the door? Oh my FUCK!” 

You throw your hands over your eyes and spin around, trying to get the mental image of your four naked friends out of your mind. Without success.

“We weren’t planning on anyone coming in!” Luke says defensively. You hear the other boys murmuring in agreement.

“Just put some fucking clothes on okay?!”

More murmuring and shuffling can be heard from behind you.

“Hurry up!”

“Geez, (Y/N), first you walk in on us changing so you can catch a glimpse of the Cliffaconda and now you’re telling me to put clothes on?” Michael teases. “Make up your mind.”

“Firstly, the fact that you have a name for it makes me think you seriously need to get a girlfriend, ASAP,” you ignore the unattractive snort you assume was from Calum, ”and secondly, I did not, and still do not, want to see any of you naked.”

“You’re no fun.” Michael mutters, and you can practically hear him pout. “You can turn around now.”

Wearily, you peel your hands away from your eyes and swivel on your heel to face the, thankfully now fully-dressed, group of boys.  

You clear your throat, trying to erase the last 30 seconds from your memory and carry on as if nothing had happened. “Right, as I was saying. Interview. Leave. Now.” 

Motioning to the door you step back, letting them stride out of the room towards the waiting tour bus. Michael saunters out last, winking cheekily as you begin to walk down the corridor after them.

“Judging by the scream, I assume you weren’t expecting to walk in and see all that?”

You shake your head. “As a matter of fact, Michael, no, I was not.”

“But, you liked what you saw?”

The darkness surrounds you as you stepped outside, and you’re glad of the fact that Michael can’t see your flushing cheeks as you near the bus.

“About as much as I like getting dragged by my hair through a cactus farm.”

“I didn’t know you had a cactus kink.” In the dim light you can see as a grin spreads across Michael’s face.

You slap him on the arm. “Let me put it this way. If I ever have to see your ‘cliffaconda’ again, I won’t be the one screaming.”

“Well, in that case,” Michael smirked, climbing the stairs and looking over his shoulder as he spoke,“I’ll have to forget to lock the door more often.”

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Dreams unwind, love’s a state of mind - Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac

Request 1/11 for June 2015 - Requested by taakenbythesky

Blues and greens on a dull Auckland day, I really love how strong these pigments are, I wish there was a purple and pink included in this palette though. I’m not very good at mixing those colours myself.


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