These past days, I’m happy because God gave me so much! :) 

I got HIGH grades, I got my license. And I’ve got friends who support me in what I

do, they are the best. :))

Special mention kay Bea Esguerra, ang lucky charm ko na classmate ko since first year college. Pero, nung first year, hindi ko man sya napapansin dahil tahimik lang sya, and nasusungitan ako sakanya, :) pero ngayong Second Year college, nagbago lahat, haha, nagumpisa yan sa ON THE FLOOR performance namin para sa HPDPR, then tuloy-tuloy na kaming magkakasama. and then now, ngayong araw na to, masaya talaga ako, dahil ngayong araw na to, nakuha ko na ang Driver’s license ko, ang HIGH grades ko, at nagenjoy ako sa araw na to kasama si Bea at Bernal, :) 

Thank you! :) 

Never back down, never give up!

Today has been one of those days where I have proved to myself that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I went to school this morning, left early for a doctor appointment, came back worked on my the school E-blast, yearbook, acting, came home did homework, and finished writing my article for the school newspaper. 

Whoever says you can’t do it all is a LIAR! Do what you know you can handle. A little stress is not going to kill you. Try not to overbear yourself, balance out your time right. Trust it will all pay of in the end.

That is my motto to myself, NEVER BACK DOWN, NEVER GIVE UP!