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if god doesn't exists how do you explain the reincarnation cases in india/china and many other countries all over the world just look ian stevenson up

can u like stop trying to force ur beliefs on me i’ve gotten over 30 messages that were like “wtf ashley how do u not believe in god?!?!??!?!!?!!?!/1!” and a ton of other messages from people trying to get me to learn about gods like i just dont?? leave it??

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uuum question, teacher! //waves hand in air how do you colour hair???

the way i color hair changes a lot bc i don’t like coloring hair im trying to find a way to love it

i honestly don’t have an explanation for why i use a certain color but yeah i just like making things look like a rainbow for some reason LAUGHS

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is there any chance you could post a close-up of one of your drawings so i can see how you make your brushstrokes? i'm trying to get better at smooth brushstrokes and your art is so smooth it looks like fruit smoothies. thanks!

Hahaha sure thing.

The first one took much longer. It’s basically the second one only with a lot more blending and squiggles.

I customize my own brush, but it’s nothing fancy. Just a soft round brush with the transfer turned on.

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what were you doing with your life when you were fifteen?

sleeping all the time eating 200 calories a day and wishing I was dead but ehy look how beautiful strong and amazing I am now. things does get better

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Hi I was wondering if you had any advice on writing strong female characters?

The word “strong” is misleading. There’s nothing more strong about a woman in a powersuit kicking the bad guy’s ass than there is about a character whose hobbies include cake baking and reading romance novels. This is the first thing that a TON of writers need to realize. 

"Strength" in a female character should mean that she has her own hopes, desires, motivations, fears, and weaknesses. It means that she needs to have complexity, whether she’s an ass-kicking spy or a cake-baking bride-to-be. It means that your female characters shouldn’t exist in your stories SOLELY to serve as love interests or to be enticing.

Black Widow in the Marvel movie franchise is “strong” not because she can kick ass but because she has a complex history and a clear motivation for superhero-ing. She did bad things in the past and she wants to do some good to undo that damage.

Molly Weasley in Harry Potter is also strong. She’s a wife and a mother, and this is the life that she chose and that she’s happy with. But she has other characteristics beyond that, and she’s complex. She makes mistakes. 

Fleur Delacour absolutely could have been nothing more than a pretty face, but by the end of the series we see that she’s a complex character as well - one that the readers as well as the Weasleys may have underestimated. She just so happens to be someone’s love interest, too. 

In short: to develop “strong” female characters, develop rich and realistic female characters who think, feel, and act like real people.

Groundbreaking, I know.

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Well im going to hate you because of the way you write, you give me a fkn head ache with all your dots and 2002 smileys XD XD 8D Please stop oh my fucking god

i was being sarcastic dude do you honestly think i type like that bye

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4x17 is probably Robin Hood's centric. There's a Disney book literally with the title Robin Hood-Hero with Heart of Gold.

Heyo! It could definitely be a backstory for Robin as I think they said we’d be getting one this upcoming 4b — or it could literally be Rumple’s heart. We’ll see. :)


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When is possibilist gonna post the deleted scenes??? I feel like they are usually up by now...

Tiana is in Auschwitz today and whether or not she is writing deleted scenes this week is up to her and how she feels/her schedule. She made a post yesterday to let everyone know, but I’m posting this again just as another reminder. 

If you read fool’s gold could you please reblog this if you don’t mind just so Tiana doesn’t have to deal with a lot of people bugging her to write/post the scenes.

Thanks squad

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What, you didn't find Lassie attractive before? I can't even imagine.

lassiter was one of my fav psych characters nothing wrong with him but that actor transformation caught me off guard men are magic

@god nice

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Hi! (Love the blog by the way) I have trouble with getting my reader to ship my pairings. I don't want sexual tension really, I just want that slap-yourself-in-the-face-because-they're-so-cute kind of shipping that other writers seem to accomplish so easily or without even meaning to. I can't find advice anywhere else so I thought I'd just directly ask somebody. If you can't help, that's fine, thanks for reading this at least. If you do, thanks so much in advance and you're a great help.

Here is why you can’t control who your readers ship:

  • The effect you’re talking about often comes from fanfic. It’s easy to achieve because the fan base is already there. People specifically look for stories about a certain pairing.
  • Your readers are individuals who will perceive your work in different ways. You can use things like sexual tension and chemistry to make the readers lean one way, but it’s not a guarantee. Readers will do anything they want. They can end up shipping two characters who never even meet in the canon.

For tips on writing romance, go through the romance tag on the tags page and look here for chemistry.

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Do you think that cvirgins declaring their sexuality is valid? Like, someone who's never had sex saying they are asexual or pansexual? It doesn't make sense to me at all, like someone who's never tried apples before saying "I think I'll only like green apples" or "All apples are disgusting." Just wondered what you think.

Sexuality is about attraction, not action. So, it is very much possible for a virgin to know their orientation.

Assuming that one has to try something in order to know if they like it is assuming that there is a norm when it comes to something like sex and sexual attraction. There isn’t. Not everyone is heterosexual and no one assumes that a heterosexual person needs to have sex before they’re allowed to call themselves straight. Under that logic, everyone would be asexual until they have sex. 

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Why is using wool bad? Like I thought I knew a reason before but my nan told me today that sheep need to be shaved or they will be to warm and I thought that made sense? Am I wrong in thinking that?

Vegans avoiding wool products isn’t understood by many people. Since sheep need to be shorn to remove their excess wool, people don’t really see anything wrong with the wool industry.

One simple reason vegans avoid wool is because it involves the exploitation of sheep. What most people don’t realize however, is that the wool industry also involves a lot of cruelty.

People have selectively bred our modern sheep with the thick heavy coats. About 30% of all wool used worldwide comes from Australia. The most commonly raised sheep there is the Merino. Merinos have been specifically bred to have wrinkly skin to produce more wool. Their coats are so thick that some die of heat exhaustion during hot months. Unlike wild sheep, Merinos cannot shed their fleece.

Since domesticated sheep can not shed their fleece themselves, their wool will grow longer and longer while flies lay eggs in the moist folds of their skin. The hatched maggots can eat the sheep alive.

To prevent this from happening, ranchers will perform an operation called mulesing. Without anesthesia large strips of flesh are cut of the backs of lambs and around their tails.

Other procedures performed without anesthesia include punching a hole in the ears of lambs several weeks after birth, docking their tails and castrating the males. The castrations are done when the male lambs are between 2 and 8 weeks old, with the use of a rubber ring to cut off their blood supply.

When the wool production of sheep declines, they are sold for slaughter. Millions of lambs and sheep are exported for slaughter each year. In Australia they have to travel long distances before reaching very crowded feedlots, where they are held before being loaded onto ships. Many sheep die in the holding pens.

If you would like more information, you can visit the following links: