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Hussie explained on his formspring (before the Summoner was revealed I believe) that trolls gain wings as their godtier because in their culture it's universally accepted that godlike beings would have wings. They grow wings as part of their vision of achieving literal godhood. Humanity does not have a universally accepted idea of what a god looks like and so human players do not change appearance to fit their idea of a god.

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hoşlandığım çocuk bi üst sınıfta aslında bütün gün okulda en az bir kere görüyo ama fark etmiyo geçen koluna çarptım dönüp bakmadı bile çocuğa kendimi nasıl fark ettirebilirim ya da onla tanışabilirim

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I have this character that is very androgynous, but indubitably cis. That androgyny is intrinsic to various aspects of her personality and background, but while it's an important part of her identity, it's often addressed in an aesthetic context. Could this be construed as appropriation by genderqueer folk? And could the fact that she is also the only bi character misrepresent bisexuality—insinuate that as she is "in between" sexually, she must act accordingly in regard to her gender?

Gender roles do not determine gender. To say that people must conform to gender roles associated with their sex or gender and to say that being gender non-conforming is appropriation:

  1. Is sexist
  2. Reinforces the idea that men are inherently masculine and women are inherently feminine and that those who do not conform to gender roles are either trans or being offensive/appropriative
  3. Forces heteronormativity and the masculine/feminine dichotomy of gender roles on binary people, both cis and trans
  4. Assigns ownership of gender roles to certain genders

So no, it’s not appropriation.

And no, it doesn’t misrepresent bisexuality.

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There are like, 4 games coming out for the failing Wii U this year, vs the massive amount of triple A titles for PS4/Xbox One? Sweetie pls check yoself :)

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I'm thinking about all the different states to live in, would you suggest Oregon?


1. no tax

2. everyone is so nice it hurts

3. hiking 

4. mountains, rivers, lakes, rain

5. Portland

i don’t think you need any more reasons

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Bi çocuk var sefiyoz iste. Ama sonra aklim başkasina kayiyo. Ayran gönüllüyüm. Napabilirim ????

hepsine kay

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Honestly, I'm really not a fan of the new way you draw eyes

ok i think i now know what most people are thinking. it was kinda stupid of me of not telling you this when i first did the thing. im sorry :(

just to be clear the style you saw in that post is not the style im using to draw my celestia-stuff updates, it was just a style i had practised at school and thought would look cool so i drew a few ponies in the style.

also right now im having some exams so i dont really feel like drawing. sorry about that too :/

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Why do you ship Tina with jj so much?? JJ doesn't seem to know what he's got and doesn't care for Tina enough

Because he doesn’t always act like that. You’re thinking of Jimmy Junior in “Two for Tina,” “Tina and the Real Ghost” and the beginning of “Presto Tina-o.” But what about in “Sheesh! Cab, Bob?” when he was longing to go to her party, when he was the only guest to dress up special for it, when he asked her to dance with him, and when he kissed her? Or in “The Belchies” when he showed a genuine interest in her after she dropped her damsel act, and when he indirectly called her hot? Or in “My Fuzzy Valentine” when he personally delivered his card to her after she didn’t so up at school, and also brought her all the work she missed without being asked, and he signed the card with a heart? Or in “Gene It On” when he asked her out, was willing to go wherever she wanted, was willing to sell his bike to pay for it, and admitted that he wanted to kiss her too? Or in “Can’t Buy Me Math” when he asked her out again, when he held her arm while they sat together at the bowling alley, when he was the only one so hurt by the ruse that he stormed out? 

It’s true, sometimes Jimmy Junior doesn’t appreciate Tina enough, but that’s only sometimes. With everything they’ve shown, I don’t know how anyone could argue that he doesn’t care for her at all. It’s just that he’s 13. He’s confused and he doesn’t know how to deal with feelings. But people seem to expect him to act with a maturity that’s beyond him right now, and that’s not fair. I ship Tina and Jimmy Junior because I see the potential. I believe that someday Jimmy Junior is going to grow up and he’s going to see how amazing Tina is. Someday he’s going to wake up and realize that somehow he got lucky enough to have Tina Belcher like him, and he’s going to become someone that is worthy of her. Someday Tina’s going to finally have the boy she’s always wanted and Jimmy Junior’s going to finally have someone who cares for him the way the rest of his family hasn’t, and they’re going to love each other so much. And it’s going to be beautiful. 

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One time I bled through my fucking tampon and pad and I was wearing a skirt so it got all over the chair at school and my friends had to guard the chair from possible viewers while I got wipes

tru friends guard their menstruating pals 

Even trough it’s a Magical Boy series I still find more comfort and encouragement in Steven Universe then I have done in a Magical Girl anime for quite a few years. With Madoka It makes sense since its supposed to tell a different story but I have lost faith in precure as it has become more clear that it’s a cash grab for Toei and they aren’t interesting in telling a story unlike Steven Universe

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You've probably been asked a bajillion times but.... for your book is there any triggery content in it? Is there any mention of snails or slugs?? pls i need 2 kno bc i want to read ur book but i am fright

i’m so sorry, there are actually a lot of mentions of snails in the book :(

other than that, there’s explicit mentions of racism and transphobia, and there are a couple of deaths but it’s not super excessive and unnecessary, that would be ridiculous, i only include content that furthers the creation of the story, the characters and the town of Knottwood

unfortunately that does involve descriptions of snails :(

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How can God be in the centre of a relationship?

that’s a pretty good question. 
If our goal in life to glorify Christ, to love Him with all our heart, mind, soul, strength and to love our neighbour as ourself, then how can we make Him the center or our relationships.

Let’s start here: Christ is everything. If your faith is in Christ, and You believe He is Lord of all and that the universe revolves around the glorified Lamb who is all sufficient, all powerful, the personification of love and mercy, then you would agree that He is everything. That if you or I died right this second, it wouldn’t matter because we would be found in Christ and we would be with Him. And if we gained everything possible in this world, all the education, all the money, all the fame, all the ‘love’ and affirmation by other humans, that Christ would still be better than all of that.

When you begin with Christ’s everythingness, you can begin to see how to revolve your life and your relationships around Him. That when He is not just first, but everything, then you can function, then you can have fuller joy.
“Christ is most glorified when we are most satisfied in Him.” - John Piper

A Christ Centered relationship involves devos - individually, then sharing what you learn with each other. It involves prayer alone and together for all things, it involves affirmation, encouragement, affection in a brotherly-sisterly-bestfriend kind of way. It involves two lives, two souls who know who Christ is what Christ has done, then live in such a way that glorifies Him - in what you say, how you act.