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Do you think that Dirk and Dave would actually be drift compatible?

if it turned out that Dave and Roxy were the drift compatible couple their jaeger name would be DOUBLE ENTENDRE 

dirk and rose, deeply angry that those two dinguses snagged the best and most ironic of all possible sexually suggestive jaeger names, would name their jaeger FRIENDSHIP MAGIC, spitefully paint it rainbow, and then get into an intricate silent contest with each other to find the most saccharine possible sticker in the world, and stick each contender to important things inside the cockpit. 

jade and john’s jaeger would be named GHOST WOLF, completely sincerely. 

jane and jake’s would be named PRIVATE DICK, and they would call it Richard, to the near-homicidal irritation of the other six kids. 

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Would it be a bad idea to ti-pe someone's house?

You’re not allowed to T.P. someone’s house until you know how to spell two letters. 

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Tumblr needs to have a fucking reality check. A SJW started cussing me out in my ask blog (calling me a pedo and romanticizing pedophilia and shit) because I call my friend "Loli". My friend in one I know IRL, we've been neighbors since forever. Her name is Doloris. "Loli" is a petname for Doloris but this SJW wants to just ignore that fact in favor of accusing me of "being problematic".

fucking hell. 

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I feel really lonely and I don't know what to do :( I have one friend and she has her own group of friends and I see her maybe once every two weeks. I do online school because I have severe social anxiety and I just don't think this is how I should be living I wish I could be a normal teenager

tbh i don’t know how to give advice to people with social anxiety! i’m one for ya know tough love and sucking it up/shutting up but then i was like wait damn their brains are wired differently and it’s an entire diff way to deal with which i have no information or experience on! i think the best thing would be to talking to a medical professional if you haven’t already to work on overcoming your anxiety so you don’t hide yourself away for ever ya know? it’s not how you should be living, but hey there are things we can’t help. and then they are things that we surely something to overcome/cope/minimize though. 

maybe talk to your friend and explain to her how ya feel but that you really wanna do something with her friends! here are some links ya should check out, btw. idk how it feels to have social anxiety so my empathy is majorly limited, but i do know that we are all stronger than we think. and you’ve got lots of life ahead of you, a lot of time to work on this. push as much as you can, and give yourself credit where it’s due. baby steps! lil things! tiny progress! smiling at ppl in public! or thanking your waiter! or posting more on instagram! or talking to dogs!! whatever!!!!! there are lots of types of teenagers, so it’s silly to aim for “normal”

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¿Te molesta cuando la gente rebloguea y le quita el "más Simpsons aquí"? Y si es así ¿qué tanto? Y por último, ¿usted es el jefe de los minisuper?

no me molesta para nada

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I just watched some Darkiplier videos. Now I feel like something is behind me, which is getting kind of annoying because at first it was scary now it's just "it feels like someone wants to SELL ME SOMETHING" *turns around and nothings there*

stay awoke

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Autumn I feel as if you have excellent taste in lipsticks... What are some of your favorites? :)

That is so nice of you, thank you very much! My favorites change depending on what colors and formulas I’m wearing most during a particular season, but right now I really love: 

  • Too Faced Melted Liquified Lipstick in Melted Chihuahua and Melted Peony 
  • NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Volga 
  • Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in F-Bomb 
  • MAC Lipstick in Sweetie, Capricious, Lovelorn, and Fanfare 

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Hi! I recently had a difficult confrontation with someone in the LGBT community who says that A-people shouldn't participate in the LGBT movement because the movement "is meant to celebrate non-heterosexual sex" and that A-people are "weakening" it. I say that my saying "not applicable" to sexual desire is just as revolutionary as non-heterosexual activity. Is there a good resolution to this divide that's mutually supportive for all us non-het-sex people?

Ever notice how LGBT people were “othered” and now at times that is mirrored back at us. It’s similar to how kids are bullied and become nerds only to bully people who aren’t nerdy enough. Anyways— 

LGBT people who are truly inclusive and open minded don’t have issues with asexuals. They welcome asexuals.  Aces and other a-spec people can also help the movement, but I’m getting off track again. 

So, yes I fully think that a good resolution can and will happen and the answer is simply more awareness. 

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h! love the blog, it helps me in my writing a lot! I don't really know how to word this, but what can you do when you're afraid you're writing a story and it's just not good? would it be a good idea to take a break from it and maybe "get some fresh air" give or take? or would losing the vibe of the story and getting out of that zone you're in for the story do more harm than for? I apologize if this is bumpy, but I would appreciate any help you can give me! thank you and kelp up the good work :)

I don’t know of a single writer who is 100% happy with their work the entire time that they’re working on it. Writing anything is always better than writing nothing at all, and I think momentum is an important factor in finishing your writing. So to me it’s better to just keep going, full steam ahead. You can always go back later and rewrite or edit to transform it into what you want it to be.