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Why do you hate lamps so much

because if you flip the word around, 

it becomes spmal

and if you take away the last 4 letters 

and add like 7 more

it becomes the word


So I destroy it

It’s all about repressed bisexuality, my friend. 

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Is Sokka Su's father? Did he raise Lin too? I mean, Lin does say "flameo" at least once.

Lin said “flameo” once and Sokka said “flameo” once so that must mean Sokka is her father. Obama once said “apple” and we once said “apple” so Obama must be our father. This explains everything.

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Your references are flawed. Cosplayers are fucked relying on the last one (Inquisition Isabela).

I’m just working with the texture sheet I have to hand, don’t bite the hand that feeds (for free…as a hobby at that, nonny). If it’s wrong then be nice about it and I’ll look into it, Andraste didn’t die for you to come swearing around in my inbox. 

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pokémon or digimon

pokémon if you’re speaking in terms of video games… the franchise is sooo much more successful than digimon in every aspect… digimon games are just naturally a flop

digimon probably for the movies and shows and whatever they’re less predictable and cheesy and have better animation imo

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I wonder if they will do any rehearsals for those 4 songs. Louis is in Barcelona. Niall is in Portugal. Liam God knows where. Harry in Cheshire.

Well I hope they do. But it’s also possible they did while they were all in LA.

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The "can't illustrate your own children's books" thing is still... baffling to me. Most (illustrated) children's books I still have lying around have a sentence or two per page - sometimes none, with just pictures telling the story! Are you really telling me someone's going to say "don't bother with the pictures" (THE ENTIRE BULK OF THE STORY) "just send the words" (maybe 50 or less total?)

Yes, I am going to tell you “just send the words”. Even if you do send in illustrations they 1) should be rough drafts, and 2) will be evaluated separately from the text of the book.

If your manuscript for a picture book isn’t compelling with just the text alone, then it needs work.

However, there are some exceptions. Though these are rare. Do not count on being the exception. If your manuscript does require illustrations to tell the story, mention it in your cover lover and make sure your story is absolutely superb.

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Did you know there's a thing where you put honey on your dick and then let bees do whatever on your dick until you get off from it? I forgot what it's called but Idk maybe Cas knows.

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I absolutely love the strider stuff you reblog and the guardiancest ugh how i wish more people would realize how perfect those two assholes are for eachoters. Your art is really amazing and brightens my day

Aww thank you so much!! Now it’s you who brightened my day *u*! And yes, i agree with you, it would be awesome if more people shipped those dorks together. Please everyone, consider this beautiful ship(wreck):

(guardians for you, anon)

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Was würdest du tun, wenn du ein fremdes Mädchen in der Stadt/Bahn etc weinen sehen würdest?

Das ist mir tatsächlich schonmal passiert. Ich bin zu der Person hingegangen habe sie gefragt ob alles okay ist und ob man ihr helfen könnte, doch sie wollte logischerweise nicht reden und hat mich dann einfach nur gefragt ob sie zu dem und dem Ort auch mit der und der Bahn fahren kann. Ich sagte ihr, sie könne mit mir mit fahren, ich müsse da auch längs und dann haben wir uns die Bahnfahrt unterhalten.