Repurposed cardboard, y’all.

See also: The prom dress a high school student made from cardboard and paper bags and her previous year’s prom dress made from soda pop tabs

Additional proof that you can make clothes from, well, just about anything? Check out these items made from Golden books, book pages, computer wiresshirt collarst-shirtsdry cleaner bags, a parachute, bicycle tire inner tubesStarburst candy wrappers, plastic shower curtains, and a FEMA tarp. Whew!

(Cardboard dress photo via Strode College. I doubt that a wearer could sit down in this dress, but still, cool repurposing!)


I found the best hobby for the wine alcoholic. Cutting wine bottles into glasses or candle holders or a whole host of other things. I have been drinking and collecting wine bottles for years but I never new what to do with the empty bottles besides display them in a bookcase for everyone to see all the wine I drink. So instead I have taught myself how to cut and etch the bottles into drinking glasses and candles. Who knew repurposing the wine bottles could be as much fun as drinking the wine in the first place! 

Anyway I need a little help with my project. So if my friends who are near me wish to help in my new hobby, I am taking empty wine bottle donations and I can also make you something as a thank you once I get a little better at the cutting/etching/candle making.