Our Government Needs to Quit Placing the Needs of the Military over the Needs of the People

The United States spends an astronomical amount of money on its military. As it stands the amount of money allotted for military spending each year could fund single payer health care and free higher education for all and still have tens of billions to spare. The United States has inadequate infrastructure, an ineffective health care system, an almost non existent mental health care system,  and an increasingly unsustainable system of education. Although we live in the most peaceful time in history with more potential to cooperate and solve problems diplomatically, the military budget does not reflect that. We no longer live under the threat of constant nuclear war, there are no existential military threats aiming to end American sovereignty. Cuts need to be made and that money needs to go towards bettering the lives of the average American. Cutting military budgets is incredibly taboo in American politics, but Bernie Sanders has done so consistently and has always seen the need to spend our money in a more egalitarian manner. Bernie Sanders 2016!

Rand Paul Leads the Republican Field in Washington State

Washington Poll:

  1. Rand Paul (13.2%)
  2. Scott Walker (12.4%)
  3. Jeb Bush (11.5%)
  4. Marco Rubio (11.3%)
  5. Ben Carson (7.6%)

From Gravis Marketing:

Washington Republicans are lining up for Kentucky’s Sen. Randal H. “Rand” Paul with strong support from gun owners, according to the May 18-19 Townhall/Gravis Insights poll of 523 Republican voters.

Rand Paul has a national following that has not been reflected in our state-by-state polls, until we took at look at Washington State,” said Doug Kaplan, the managing partner of Gravis Insights a division of Gravis Marketing, the Florida-based polling company that conducted the poll. The poll of Republicans carries a 4 percent margin of error. …

“Paul comes to Washington with advantages, too,” Kaplan said. The senator’s father former Texas congressman Dr. Ronald E. Paul won the 2012 Washington caucuses with strong grassroots organization.

Sergio Gor, a spokesman for the senator, said: “Senator Rand Paul has worked very hard to grow the party over the last few years, his focus on issues like privacy and criminal justice reform gives him a unique ability to successfully engage the youth community.”

The Kentucky senator was the choice of 16 percent of Republicans, where there is a gun in the home, followed by Walker, 14 percent; Rubio, 13 percent; Bush, 10 percent and Carson with 7 percent, Kaplan said.

As much as the left likes to push the narrative of a “war on women,” reality says otherwise. If anything, the right has waged a war on sexual irresponsibility and what they perceive as the murder of unborn children. Rebranding abortion as “reproductive rights” and throwing it under the umbrella of women’s rights was a brilliant tactic of Democrats in their attempt to not only destigmatize abortion, but convince women that they were entitled to end life at their own whim. It was also a brilliant method of rendering conservatives as evil, anti-woman villains whose objective was not to protect the lives of those who could not protect themselves, but to control the lives of women. But I digress. My point is, the only war on women taking place in modern America is the war on women that don’t fit the left’s narrative. The women being vilified are those who dare to think for themselves, speak for themselves and do as they please without asking Hillary Clinton or Emma Watson to sign a permission slip.

I don’t know if there’s anything more ironic than the way feminists mock women that don’t promote their agenda or believe what they believe. They point at the dictionary and ask “how we could not be for equality??!!” even going so far as to suggest we should give up our rights to vote and work if we won’t claim feminism (ignoring that those rights were achieved by movements that have almost nothing in common with third wave feminism in developed countries). 

But to assume that modern feminism owns the belief of equality between men and women is indicative of a not only a dangerous gullibility, but a lack of critical thinking ability. When a professor hands out the syllabus for a women’s studies course, it doesn’t say “men and women are equal, the end.” Lena Dunham wouldn’t need Taylor Swift to put a cute, likable bow on her propaganda if her message were simply that men and women are equal, because the vast majority of American men and women already believe that. Feminism in the western world has evolved into an ideology much more complex than the slideshow that Beyoncé put up in her 2014 VMA performance.

Women from all walks of life have come to reject both liberalism and feminism (which have practically become synonymous with one another) for a wide variety of reasons, and I’ll be first to admit that some of those reasons are less than intelligent. However, I’ve seen equal, and if anything, greater stupidity in the reasoning for people embracing feminism/leftism

Women that don’t cooperate with leftist ideology are told that they have internalized misogyny, and are enslaving not only their fellow women, but themselves. When liberals aren’t enthusiastically berating conservative women, they’re addressing them and discussing them like victimized children, too ignorant to understand the error of their ways. They presume the only reason we believe what we believe is because our fathers/husbands prohibit us from watching Jon Stewart or reading Buzzfeed. We couldn’t have possibly done our own research and reached our conclusions independently. Even if we wanted to do something as silly as think for ourselves, where would we find the time between pregnancies and Bible studies? Every so often, though, some selfless liberal finds the time and patience to explain to us how stupid and terrible we are.

One need look no further than the way the women of Fox News are often objectified by the left and accused of being nothing more than office eye candy hand selected by the boys club, saying, doing, and thinking what they’re told, because that’s the only possible explanation for a woman resorting to conservatism, right? The fact of the matter is that the women of Fox News are intelligent and talented with a wide array of impressive accomplishments, but all of their qualifications are belittled.

When Bruce Jenner stated that he was Republican in his interview this happened. When Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina the Teenage Witch) and Stacey Dash endorsed Romney in 2012 this happened. When Kaley Cuoco said she wasn’t a feminist this happened.The left’s message is clear: your experiences, feelings and opinions are only valid when they agree with ours. Otherwise sit down, shut up, smile and nod.

For people that claim to champion women’s empowerment and equality, you’d think they’d respect women and their right to disagree with them without character defamation or patronization. But that would probably require too much logical consistency. 

I want to make it painstakingly clear that I have no issue with my beliefs as a Republican woman that does not identify as a feminist being challenged; I just can’t ignore the cognitive dissonance of people who participate in the silencing of women, and the dismissal of their thoughts on account of their gender when that’s precisely what they claim to fight against.

Neither democrats nor feminists will dictate my womanhood. The end.

chirpingsparrow asked:

Hi big guy. I've seen several times the talks about "filibusters" and me not being from the USA get a bit confussed. I like how you explain things so I'd like to ellaborate on what they are. Thank you.

Well, this latest filibuster in the Senate by Rand Paul was done to prevent the Senate from automatically renewing the Patriot Act as written.  Republicans like Paul, who’d be happy seeing the act expire altogether, wanted to at least see debate on the bill instead of just passing it as is which establishment Republicans like Mitch McConnell, John McCain and Lindsey Graham were advocating for.  Other Republicans like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are trying to get the USA Freedom Act, which was passed in the House, to pass which limits key issues in the Patriot Act specifically regarding NSA surveillance programs.

This video sums up the current debate:

Shout out to all U.S. millennial voters:

We can make a huge difference in this upcoming election. We are the majority of the population, and this is the time for us to take advantage of the fact that we can vote and make a difference.

But what’s important to remember is that it’s not enough to just vote in the presidential election. You also have to vote in the primaries, which determine which candidate gets to represent the Democratic and Republican parties. So please, do your research. Look into the candidates and see what they stand for. And god damn it go out there and vote, in both the primaries and the presidential election.

It’s not punk rock to not vote. You’re not making a difference by opting out. You’re being part of the problem, and your ignoring the fact that yes, your vote does count. It will make a difference, so you damn well better use it.


Bad News for NASA (and You)

The Senate committee on Space (led by Ted Cruz) has just passed a draft budget for NASA that drops funding for the study of Earth sciences by $300 million below current levels and half a billion below the president’s request.

This is almost a third of the funding for Earth sciences and the study of climate change disappearing overnight and being funneled instead to the space launch system and Orion capsule.

Know this: there’s no planet more important to us than Earth. Not only does our knowledge of Earth complement the understanding of planets elsewhere but in days like this we’re effectively geo-engineering the planet into unknown and deep waters. We need to understand our home.

This funding was cut under the stated pretense that NASA’s “core mission” is to explore space, not Earth. The problem is, the funding for agencies dedicated exclusively to exploring Earth (NOAA) have also had their science cut.

Fact time: 

- Climate change is real.

- Climate change will be deadly.

- It’s our fault.

- We can do something about it.

(Image credit: Data: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Some description adapted from the Scripps CO2 Program website, “Keeling Curve Lessons.” and NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Credit: NASA Earth Observatory, Robert Simmon)


See Zo School His Haters: You Won’t Believe the Slurs These Liberals Use

Oh, I believe it, having seen numerous of them myself.