Why Bernie Sanders Will Become the Democratic Nominee and Defeat Any Republican in 2016
If Democrats simply vote based on their value system, Bernie Sanders can easily win the presidency. If they nominate Hillary Clinton out of despair, thinking this is still 1999, then email scandals and an Iraq War vote could mitigate any advantages a Democratic challenger has over Jeb Bush or another Republican.

Bernie Sanders is going to go all the way, he just needs our support. We can’t let big money interests ruin our country any longer. Bernie Sanders 2016!

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz intends to make his opposition to the Supreme Court’s decision last week to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide “front and center” in his presidential campaign.

In an interview with NPR’s Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep on Sunday in New York City, the GOP presidential hopeful doubled down on his belief that the court had overstepped its bounds in both the marriage decision and in upholding Obamacare. And as a result, Cruz said the justices should be subject to elections and lose their lifetime appointments.

“This week in response to both of these decisions, I have called for another constitutional amendment — this one that would make members of the Supreme Court subject to periodic judicial retention elections,” said Cruz.

Cruz: Opposition To Same-Sex Marriage Will Be ‘Front And Center’ In 2016 Campaign

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PLEASE KEEP ANON. I could use your expertise on something. I hear from right wingers that it was republicans who made things like women’s suffrage and abolition of slavery happen. I read that Lincoln was a republican but to the best of my knowledge I think that at that time republicans were representing leftist views (maybe that weren’t leftists but had some leftist views). So now right wingers point this stuff out. What are your thoughts on this?

Yeah, the parties switched and that’s why early progressive accomplishments are attributed to Republicans; because that was, at the time, the more “liberal” party.  Here’s an article about it.

fusrodahtaataa asked:

So gay marriage is legal because the Supreme Court just stated it as law of the land, right? What happened to representative republic? And why are people freaking out more over this deliberate governmental fuck up than anyone ever did over Obama's executive orders? Wish those woulda got the same rebuttal.

You’re preaching to the choir.  Liberals and uneducated voters are more interested in popular outcomes rather than Constitutional Representative government.  They’re impatient with the process and would rather have a monarch (or in this case an oligarchy) make the decisions that the loudest voices are clamoring for.  We might as well place Taylor Swift, Oprah, Ellen, Obama, Beyoncé and Neil Patrick Harris in complete control of our government since they seem to be our all-knowing betters that know what’s best for our society.

unpopular opinion

I’m really tired of all the hate republicans get on this site. it’s one thing to have difference in opinion, that I completely understand, but quite frankly I am scared to admit I’m a conservative because I’m afraid of being attacked. I see posts all over the place ridiculing republicans and calling them stupid, when that’s just unnecessary. an educated person knows that not all republicans are evil people. there are bigots on each wing, left and right, but the attitude on this website makes it seem like republicans are the only ones. tumblr makes it seems like conservatives are stupid, selfish, and uneducated, when there are stupid, selfish, and uneducated people in both parties. it’s time we learn to listen to both opinions rather than ignore them and immediately label them stupid. I’m just really tired of republicans being made out to be the bad guys 

Dear GOP!

I have been a life long supporter, and a grassroots organizer. I have done everything in my power to spread the conservative message even when the most bigoted candidates rail against people like me. I’ve stood by them. In 2008, I was able to vote. I voted for McCain. I loved him. Thought he was an awesome guy. I heard his stance on Gay Marriage, I frowned, but I stood by him because I felt that he would have been far better than what we have today. I stood by Palin who in my own opinion is another Bachmann. Again I stood by her, and she got my vote. 

In 2010 I worked my ass off for Rick Perry. I used social media to help elect as many GOP candidate all across this great nation as I could. In 2012 I did everything I could to help Mitt, and Paul, but time after time we have lost. We keep losing. Why is that? Well for starters you shut out the Libertarians, and the independents. We could have won Ohio, but the Ron Paul supporters refused to vote for Mitt because y'all decided to shut him out at the convention. I was ashamed, but again I stood by you guys, and voted GOP! 

This campaign season so far I’ve seen a ton of great candidates. The majority of them would get my vote if they were to become the nominee. 

After recent SCOTUS decisions to Legalize Gay Marriage in all 50 states I’ve saw candidates like Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, and many other social conservatives say that Gay Marriage will be a main focus of their campaign. This bothers me because I think I speak for the majority of voters when I say thats a debate that’s over with. It’s like fighting to end Obamacare. Since 2010 I’ve heard Obamacare this Obamacare that yet the GOP CONTROLLED CONGRESS HAS DONE NOTHING! NEITHER HAS THE SENATE! The Gay Marriage debate is over with. The Obamacare debate is over with. Let’s move on to oh you know TAXES, THE SIZE OF GOVERNMENT, OR MAYBE HOW THE HELL YOU’RE GOING TO GET THIS COUNTRY WORKING AGAIN. Not gay marriage. 

I STRONGLY believe that if the focus is Gay marriage, and Obamacare then we will lose this election. We will lost to Hillary or Bernie. There is no hope for Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carsons, Carly, Chris Christie, etc. our nominee will either be Rand Paul or Jeb Bush. More than likely Jeb, and I hope that if he is he will focus on Taxes, and the economy. NOT SOCIAL ISSUES. We LOSE ON SOCIAL ISSUES. 

SCOTUS is the law of the land. You only call them activist judges when they rule for something that you disagree with. You can’t have it both ways. 



Republican Voters

phealgud asked:

Does it make you agitated seeing all these people praising Obama despite the fact he's not even in the Supreme Court and has been against gay rights for a good portion of his career?

I’m far past the feelings of agitation when it comes to liberals and the completely clueless’s infatuation with politicians surrounding these big decisions. They are only interested in the outcomes, not the why or the how.

I saw that Tumblr featured some artwork of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg yesterday.  I’m not even sure she was awake during any of these recent decisions…I’m not even sure she’s even alive anymore.

I’m starting to wonder if the other liberal Justices are just controlling her like a human puppet on Weekend at Bernies.  That actually would make a great TV show.

Let Gays Get Married & Christians Stay Christian

As someone that was raised on Disney and happily ever afters, it should be no surprise that I’m a big fat sucker for love, and I’m pretty old fashioned when it comes to love. If you want some kind of “no label” relationship, more power to you, but I have always believed that marriage was the ultimate declaration of commitment. I could probably watch 27 Dresses at least once a month for the rest of my life. If I didn’t have such little patience for highly irrational sociopaths, I’d probably become a wedding planner. I’m that girl.

I’m not sure how much I, as a 21 year old, really know about love. But one of the most inspiring relationships I’ve known of was between two men. And whether or not everyone can understand the bond shared between two consenting adults, it’s not a stranger’s (or the government’s place) to tell two people how they can or can’t express their love. It’s no one else’s place to say that you can’t share this day that we’ve been taught to anticipate since childhood, this significant milestone, this new beginning, because they don’t like the gender dynamics of your relationship. Do I agree with a handful of unelected officials with lifelong terms dictating these laws to the entire country? No, but I believe that there are certain rights that shouldn’t be subjected to which state you happen to find yourself in.

I’m also a Christian and a conservative. Despite the teachings of your favorite liberal celebrities, being Christian, conservative and reasonable do not have to be mutually exclusive traits. Many American Christians don’t have as much of a problem with gay marriage as they do with their religious liberties being put at risk by certain legislation, and you’d be incredibly naive not to see what the two have to do with one another.

Initially, I was excited about the Supreme Court’s decision. While I was aware of some of the threats facing religious communities, I gullibly hoped for people to exhibit a common decency, and respect the boundaries of churches and ministers. And I was relieved at this issue (seemingly) being resolved so early in terms of the 2016 election, taking one more asinine talking point away from the left. But I soon realized that this was more of a bittersweet victory than I had initially thought, and that I had to immediately lower my expectations.

Acceptance isn’t a one way street. Just as Christians should be able to accept people from all walks of life, gays should be able to accept that not everyone will approve of their lifestyle. A reciprocal tolerance is essential as we improve what it means to be an American for all parties involved. A triumph for one group doesn’t have to, and shouldn’t, mean a loss for another. You don’t have to take away from Christians, or any group you perceive as privileged, to give to gays, or any group you perceive as marginalized. Saying that a same sex couple can get married shouldn’t mean saying that religious institutions and figures should be penalized for adhering to their faith.

When bakeries and florists declined to participate in weddings that conflicted with their faiths, I noticed that many people with very limited understandings of Christianity claim that there was nothing in the Bible against catering a gay wedding, and that if Jesus could associate with prostitutes and thieves, those bakers and florists could have helped with those weddings. The flaw in this logic is conflating accepting a person with condoning sin. Jesus wasn’t buying new lingerie for the prostitutes or helping the thieves plan heists. There’s a fundamental difference between loving a person despite their flaws and mistakes, and enabling the sinful habits. If we stand idly by and allow our government to strip people of their livelihood and destroy institutions for standing by their beliefs, how are we any better than the governments we’ve fought to destroy?

If we abandon the principles that this great nation was founded on, the justice we claim to fight for is both hollow and hypocritical.

NBC Finally Fires Racist Donald Trump

NBC Finally Fires Racist Donald Trump

Looks like Donald Trump is the one who’s fired. After making “recent derogatory statements” regarding Mexican-American immigrants, NBC has severed all business ties with the 2016 hopeful and host of Celebrity Apprentice. In a statement, NBC said: “To that end, the annual Miss USA and Miss Universe Pageants, which are part of a joint venture between NBC and Trump, will no longer air on NBC.  In…

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Not the Confederate Flag

Just a reminder. 

PRO-LIFE! OKAY? read this

First things first, abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. Or otherwise looked at (in my eyes too) as child murder. And before any of you pro-choicers go and “hey well they’re just fetuses so they aren’t technically humans yet”, or “they’re to small to feel it anyways”, let me explain to you how an abortion goes.  So depending on how big or small the baby is, they will either use a syringe with suction to rip the baby’s fragile body apart, or inject a chemical into the baby’s neck causing its heart to stop so the woman can go into premature labor (or to make the baby easier to rip apart), or they flat out go straight into the woman and rip/cut each limb off the baby then concluding the procedure doctors crush the skull to make it easier to pull it out. THEY CRUSH THE BABY’S FREAKING SKULL WITH THESE DISGUSTING TOOLS THAT ARE LIKE THE SIZE OF NORTH AMERICA. So pro-choicers, pick your poison. its murder. Its the killing of a defenseless child AND IF YOU LOOK UP ABORTIONS YOU WILL SEE THE FETUS TRYING ITS BEST TO ESCAPE THE HORRIFIC NEEDLE THAT COMING TO KILL THEM.

Another point to get across, “My body, my choice!” Wrong. Its not your body. Its your child’s body. And I’m sorry if you weren’t careful enough, and i really sympathize for you if the pregnancy wasn’t your fault, but its too late if the baby is already inside you. Its a living human and its YOUR responsibility now. Its your job as a mother to keep him/her safe through anything. NOT TO FREAKING CRUSH ITS TINY SKULL.  

WHICH PRO- CHOICE PERSON CAN EXPLAIN THIS TO ME. How in any way are we terrorists. That we don’t want to to kill off our species?? You may think of it as “just one fetus” but in the long run, abortion has killed about 20,090,000 just this year. ITS JUNE. THATS 180 DAYS. THATS 111,611 DEATHS A DAY JUST BY ABORTION. IMAGINE HOW MANY INVENTORS, MODELS, POLICE MEN, PRESIDENTS YOU PEOPLE HAVE JUST KILLED.

TAKE A LOOK AT THIS WEBSITE. ITS PRETTY FREAKING INSANE. THE NUMBERS JUST KEEP GOING UP BY THE SECOND. AND THIS IS JUST IN THE U.S. OKAY???? DO YOU SEE HOW THIS IS A PROBLEM?? THE ABORTIONS THIS YEAR OUT NUMBER THE AMOUNT OF JEWS KILLED IN THE HOLOCAUST. ITS 4X THE AMOUNT ACTUALLY AND AGAIN, ITS JUNE. If anyone should be called terrorists its not pro- LIFERS. Murders, I think, terrorize the country, and its not the people who want abortion legalized who are terrorizing america with a plague of mass death ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Contraception (like birth control) does not kill living fetuses. It simply makes it harder to even get pregnant. Birth control is actually a very good thing to be using! Use birth control all you want! Where do these people get the idea that Pro- lifers would be again contraception…?? PLease work out your facts before insulting people who just want justice for helpless children who are threatened by murder every second. 

And if you really want to see where I’m coming from, just simply look up a video of a real abortion. Maybe then you’ll change your mind.
Huckabee expects civil disobedience in response to SCOTUS gay marriage ruling
The former Arkansas governor slammed the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage, suggesting Christians will have no choice but resort to civil disobedience in order to follow their faith.

The former Arkansas governor slammed the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage, suggesting Christians will have no choice but resort to civil disobedience in order to follow their faith.


You stupid mother fucker. 

Conservatives, such as Mike Huckabee here, are the VERY REASON the younger generation needs to vote. If you don’t vote, then this close-minded bigot just might become President.  PLEASE READ THE FULL ARTICLE!

Come November 2016, vote for the candidate, that you feel, has the future and its citizen’s best interests in mind. Conservatism ay have worked in the 80′s… BUT THAT 30 YEARS AGO!!!

We need to move forward, not regress yo an age where we live in fear.


Bernie Sanders is Not Boring