Republican Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio wants to permanently extend the powers governing several of the National Security Agency’s highly controversial programs for spying on American citizens, including its mass surveillance of domestic phone records, and has even called on big tech companies like Apple and Google to assist the Orwellian state surveillance regime .. (story here)

leojdref asked:

USA, of all cable networks, decides to play, Born on the Fourth of July, on Memorial Day weekend.... what a fucking disgrace. Never in my life before, being almost 34, have I wanted to join the military and fight for my country.

Born on the Fourth of July has nothing to do with Memorial Day whatsoever. I’m sure the director of programming thought he was being very clever showing this anti-military garbage.

But then again, Tom Cruise gave a performance of a lifetime in Born of the Fourth of July

proudblackconservative asked:

Somebody just told me that being pro-life was anti-constitutional because making someone go through labor was equal to torture and therefore a violation of the 8th amendment, and also "reproductive slavery", a violation of the 13th amendment. How do people get this clueless? Do you think it hurts?

Pro-choicers spin facts more than a DJ spins records.


Bad News for NASA (and You)

The Senate committee on Space (led by Ted Cruz) has just passed a draft budget for NASA that drops funding for the study of Earth sciences by $300 million below current levels and half a billion below the president’s request.

This is almost a third of the funding for Earth sciences and the study of climate change disappearing overnight and being funneled instead to the space launch system and Orion capsule.

Know this: there’s no planet more important to us than Earth. Not only does our knowledge of Earth complement the understanding of planets elsewhere but in days like this we’re effectively geo-engineering the planet into unknown and deep waters. We need to understand our home.

This funding was cut under the stated pretense that NASA’s “core mission” is to explore space, not Earth. The problem is, the funding for agencies dedicated exclusively to exploring Earth (NOAA) have also had their science cut.

Fact time: 

- Climate change is real.

- Climate change will be deadly.

- It’s our fault.

- We can do something about it.

(Image credit: Data: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Some description adapted from the Scripps CO2 Program website, “Keeling Curve Lessons.” and NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Credit: NASA Earth Observatory, Robert Simmon)