A Little Republican FYI

Disclaimer: I am not trying to change your opinion in ANY way because I believe each person should be encouraged to follow what they believe in, its just that on tumblr and many other social media sites republicans are given a bad connotation and I would just like to give you guys a little bit of info about why I (a feminist, minority, young woman) affiliate myself with the republican party. We are all the future of this country and I think that it isn’t fair to blindly discredit someone or a party just because the word “republican” has a bad name.

Why am I a republican? 

First of all, if you affiliate yourself with a particular party that does not mean you are forced to agree with all aspects of that party. I am NOT religious and believe that the religious aspect of the republican party is a weak point that should be abolished. I also am PRO-choice and think that gay rights should not be as big of a controversy as it is. So why am I republican then? You may think I’m being oxymoronic but I’ll explain it to you. The world does not function without an ECONOMY. If our financial sector does not function properly nothing in the world can truly ever be okay since we are so dependent on the monetary aspect of life. Adding to that I have certain values that the republican party incorporates that constantly encourage me to be my best in life.

Income Inequality

This is a touchy subject, I agree, because I believe that poverty is something that should not fall on anyone, however, I will be going to Yale next year for college and I spent my four years of high school working so hard to get great grades and extra-curriculars so that I could succeed later in life. Currently, everyone believes that the “rich have so much money, we should tax them because they don’t need that much”. This is a horrible mindset to have. President Obama’s taxes on the rich have increased so much that my Aunt who lives near DC who worked so hard to get a 10,000 a year raise is only actually receiving 50 dollars extra a MONTH. I personally would have no incentive to stay up and work my hardest if I was going to get absolutely nothing for my efforts. 

So what should happen? A flat tax. If everyone is given the same percentage tax on their income THE RICH WILL STAY PAY SIGNIFICANTLY MORE, however there will be incentive for people to work hard and keep our economy flourishing since the reward will be worth it.


I do not agree with the way the welfare state is right now, but I BELIEVE WELFARE IS A GOOD THING. Here’s how, in my opinion, welfare should work. Say the poverty threshold is $15,000. If you earn $15,000 you receive $5,000 in benefits. However if you work for $16,000 you make $4,500 in benefits. So if you work hard and get a pay increase you end up making more money than before. CURRENTLY, if you earn $15,000 you get $5,000 in benefits but if you work $16,000 YOU GET NOTHING. Therefore welfare becomes a incentive to work, causing problems in our economy. Remember Romney’s 47% comment? WELL IT IS TRUE. It wasn’t rude, it was the truth and it hurts. A majority of people do live off of the government but it is simply because the welfare system does not help them get back on their feet, but encourages them to stay where they are.

The American Dream

Although I am Canadian, I have lived in the United States for most of my life and am planning to move back there starting next year. People used to believe that in America if you work hard you will be successful, but that is no longer the case. Americans may never have been the smartest people in the world but they used to always have the best work ethic. This is one value that the republican party preaches that means the most to me personally.


Remember, I am one of the largest minorities out there (Native American) so this is the perspective of someone who is not white. Abraham Lincoln is often viewed as a savior and is remember for abolishing slavery in the United States. How many of you knew that before the National Union Party was temporarily formed that Lincoln was a REPUBLICAN. Not a democrat. So the history of the republican party is not as horrid as you think in regards to racism. 

In modern times racism is still present but I want to make my opinion clear. When you come to the United States you are AMERICAN. This does not matter if you are black, white, hispanic, asian. YOU ARE AMERICAN BEFORE YOUR RACIAL BACKGROUND. This country used to be famous for being a “melting pot” but now everyone stands up for their own race before standing up for their country. Racism against African Americans is racism. Racism against white people is also RACISM. Americans should recognize themselves by their nationality and not bring race into every aspect of life. Everyone is slightly racist and you would be lying to yourself if you do not acknowledge that certain stereotypes about particular races arise from facts. However we don’t have to segregate ourselves, but rather we should come together as AMERICANS not white americans or black americans. 

Also please stop hating on law enforcement and our military. Each officer is trained in a certain way and it is not their fault but the systems. If somebody’s life is at risk race should NOT be a factor in judgement. A recent shooting a a black man happened when he got pulled over on the road by officers, but why isn’t this as big as Ferguson? Because the officer that shot the black man was black. Police officers should be better trained not to kill but rather to denature the threat but that does not make it OKAY for people to go around hating the people who protect us everyday. They risk their lives for us and as a daughter of an army veteran i am horrified to see how people like police officers and soldiers are treated in this country. I saw this video the other day of a soldier holding his daughter for the first time and you know what a comment said “how could he hold that child when he goes out to kill so many in palestine?” HE DOES NOT DECIDE WHAT TO DO HE IS ORDERED TO DO IT. If this man goes out everyday to protect your damn life in battle the least you could to is give him a little respect. We used to be a very patriotic country but now these topics of racism have tainted the American name.

Why I think President Obama is an unfit president:

First of all I respect President Obama, as he is a very smart and well thought out man, but I do not agree with his opinions and actions, I have no issues with him as a person.

  1. FREE COMMUNITY COLLEGE PLAN: This sounds great doesn’t it? Tumblr especially has shown a lot of love to the president because of this but let me tell you why this is a bad thing and prove to you why it is important to know the facts before you make your decision. Do you know where the money to fund this is coming from? During President Bush’s presidency he created a special account in which college funds could be saved (by your parents, by yourself, etc.) and all the money you put from your income into that particular account that could only be used for college would NOT BE TAXED. President Obama is taxing these accounts now, so if you want to go to a state university, or like me, a private university all the money that has been saved for your education is being cut from. Education is important, i agree, but I believe people should work hard and if i have to struggle since my college fund are no longer what they used to be even though I worked hard an saved to go to Yale, that is unfair. Money comes from somewhere guys, nothing is free. It may sound good on the outside but the facts may be something different than what you expected.
  2. Universal Healthcare: As a Canadian who has had this implemented in their own country for years, let me explain why this is a large negative. It costs less for an individual to have a private healthcare plan than all the money that will be taken away due to a HST (Healthcare Sales Tax). SImple. You’ll save more money in the long run by not having universal healthcare because if you do have it EVERYTHING (groceries, clothes,etc.) will cost significantly more. Also the quality of healthcare goes down since doctors have no incentive for customer satisfaction since their salaries are constant by the government (trust me, I broke my knee and service in Canada was so bad that I was forced to g to the U.S where it was fixed instantly). What if someone can’t afford healthcare? I believe if you are under a certain poverty threshold you should be provided with a government funded insurance card to aid with your medical expenses. This stops everyone’s premiums from going up, makes common goods affordable, makes the quality of healthcare better, and makes it accessible.
  3. Honesty: I am ready to admit that anyway Obama is smarter than Bush. However, the one quality that stood out to me n President Bush was his honesty and integrity, something missing from our current president. President obama promised he would do so many things but many of them he never even tried to do. Lets talk about his executive over on immigration. Did you know in 2011 he HIMSELF said that passing an executive order to stop deportation was illegal and un-presidential? Don’t believe me? Watch this: . Also he claims to have created more jobs but do you really know why unemployment has gone down? Because a significant number of people are leaving the work force. Not because they are getting jobs.


I could go on for a long time but I just want to wrap it up. I do not think the republican party is perfect, nowhere near, but with the proper reforms (less religious, more focused on their economic policies than their opinions on abortion and gay rights) they could be the best for our country. The goal of this was not to change your mind but to maybe show you that republicans are not as bad as you think. We’re not all racist, sexist, old, white males. Sometimes even a young, feminist, minority woman can be a republican. I respect all of your opinions and all I ask is for you to respect mine as well. All I want you to take away from this is please before you cast your vote or share your opinion, look at the facts behind what you are supporting and then decide if it is really good for the country.

Note: If you have any questions, want to know some facts, wish to discuss your own perspective with me, I’d be happy to! :)

l am certainly not politically affiliated with Mr. Obama. It was meant to be a message about job growth and the spirit of America. … If Obama or any other politician wants to run with the spirit of that ad, go for it.
—  Clint Eastwood • Speaking to Bill O’Reilly about the "It’s Halftime in America" Super Bowl ad he did for Chrysler, which has sparked speculation as to whether he intended a specific political endorsement for the ad. He did not. It’s worth noting that, no, he did not support the auto bailouts, and he’s a lifelong Republican who has only voted for one Democrat as far as he can remember: Former California Gov. Gray Davis in 1998. The effective ad, a political fireball reminiscent of Ronald Reagan’s "It’s Morning in America Again" ad from 1984, has drawn scrutiny from some on the right — Karl Rove suggested the Obama administration was using Chrysler to make indirect political ads for them. With Eastwood’s comments, it’s clear things are more complicated than that.
Happy New Year!!!

This will be my very last blog entry of 2013, and what a year it has been. 

So much has happened in the world of Politics that there is just too much with so little time. There is a Jib-Jab video that’s pretty funny though. 

I want to just let everyone know that I’m really sorry for not being around as much as I use to be. Where I’m working at there is very little cell phone signal, and absolutely no internet. The good news is, is that the next job location will be closer to a major city, and I will have all the amenities that I need to make videos, and write more. 

I recently wrote an opinion article about Phil Roberton, and got a lot of really positive comments all around the social sites. 

Expect more in 2014. Expect conservatives to take back the U.S Senate, and create a lame duck session for Barack Obama.

Remember “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan”

- Barack Obama 

So as you lose your healthcare coverage please remember that Barack Obama is keeping his promise, and allowing us to keep what we love. 

I hope that everyone has a fun, and safe new year. May God bless each, and everyone of y’all!!


In a gutsy move, Rand Paul challenged young blacks to give the conservative party, once a civil rights leader, another chance

This makes me very happy. We need to be talking to each other, not just people that already agree with us. There might be many things I don’t agree with Rand Paul on, but I respect him more than probably anyone else at politics at this point and I wish there were more people like him.

Proving that you can buy election results even in a so called democracy. Two thoughts: governments really should limit the amount that people can donate to political campaigns to maintain the integrity of their governments and good thing there is still one vote per person because then maybe people won’t be fooled by Herman Cain, the rest of the GOP and get stuck with a candidate that won based not on merit but public opinion.

In Texas we teach both creationism and evolution, because I figure you’re smart enough to figure out which one’s right.

Rick Perry, again.

So basically, he’s saying if you believe in evolution you’re not smart. He didn’t say, “I figure you can decide which to believe.” That’s a more tenable response (though still silly). But by saying “smart enough to figure out which one’s right,” he’s saying evolution is a fool’s theory.

But in reality, it is he that is not smart enough to figure out which one’s right.