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I wanted to tell you btw that Ness Exotic Wellness was a pretty good place! I really liked the vet and the vet tech and they were really nice. The only thing I wasn't use to was as soon as I got there, they took Krogan back to a "warm" room and I didn't see her at all through out that whole appointment. I wasn't use to it but I mean I guess it's understandable that they would rather do that in case an owner freaked out or something? But I like them so far

Awesome! I’m so glad your vet and your tech were great. 

I’m used to exotic vets taking the animal back to a different room for a good part of the exam- the ultrasound/heart stuff, the blood panel, etc. During my vet visits they usually do some of the appointment in the room with me- the walking around and respiration tests are the two I remember- but for most of the visit the tests are done in the other room. 

I hope you don’t mind that I publish this- I think testimonials are a really important resource for people looking for vets. I’m glad that Ness Exotic Wellness worked out for you!

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Can (burmese?) pythons eat other snakes like ball pythons? I saw on that persons blog (the one who said to feed the cats to the snake) a photoset of either their burm or someone elses burm eating a ball python. (I'm kind of ignorant on knowing what certain snakes can eat other snakes. I know kings and cobra's do) but I was just asking because it just seems a little off to me. but then again I don't know the diet that well for burms so..

Oh yeah, if it’s small enough fit in their mouth, it’s going down. 

That’s why we don’t cohab. :>

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Hello! I first wanted to start off by thanking you for trying to bring positive attention and awareness to big cats. It's highly appreciated. I just moved to Chicago and my boyfriend wants to take me to Brookfield Zoo here and I wanted to ask if you knew anything positive or negative about it.

Answered this here!

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Hello, I'm sure you get hundreds of questions a day, but I'm getting two kittens soon and I want to feed them raw. Could you direct me to some links/faqs on getting kittens use to raw diet or just give me a quick run down. I just want them to be healthy and I want to do it right. I don't know if it will help, but they will be strictly inside cats.

Hi there’s a good rundown on Prey Model Raw in my faq that you could have a look at. It goes through how to transition, what to feed and where to locate cost-effective sources. There’s also a great article here concerning the transition phase. Another tip I can give you is to start them on a variety of foods while they’re young as cats are notorious for being fussy eaters older in life. For example frozen feeder rodents (pet shops) and different proteins such as lamb, sardines, chicken, beef etc. Just keep the intro boneless for 4-7 days so they can adjust, then start including edible bone and build up to the 10% organ. :)

HEY GUYS! If you like animals, more specifically if own animals and really like reptiles too then please follow my animal blog reptles​. I post pictures of my beloved fur and scale babies there and I really want to make that blog more active and if I had more people to socialize with and talk about animals with then that would be really awesome because I love animals and learning about them is so cool and I want to do nothing more than learn about them and discuss them with YOU! <3

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Hey, Scales! I don't know if you remember, but you gave me advice on regurgitation once for Caduceus, my snake, and since then he hasn't regurged at all and he even finished shedding the other day! I still can't thank you enough for sending me that article, I really was afraid I was going to lose him but he's growing and he seems really content now. Thank you again and I just wanted to say the advice you give out always helps and you're a really great person for taking the time to do it!

Oh yaaaay! I’m so glad he’s better. Regurges can be really scary.

You are very welcome, I’m happy I could help. Cadeceus is a suuuuper cute little snake!

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Regardless of all the backlash you get from trying to help people, I think you're doing a great job and definitely keep it up.

Thank you, it really means a lot to hear this. :>

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Hello! Do you mind reblogging or getting your followers to look at my recent post? I just moved to Chicago and I'm in need of trying to find a really good vet to take my scalebabies too and it would be highly appreciated if you could help me out! If any of your followers live in or around Chicago, IL. and know a really great exotic vet. Thank you in advance!

No problem!

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Hey, scales! I was formerly reptiliann, but I wanted to tell you that Caduceus has had 4 succesful meals with no regurgitations! The first time I tried just the head of a pinky then waited 8 days and then fed him half a pinky then waited 8 more days and picked out the smallest pinky I had and he ate it and I watched him carefully and waited a week and then gave him another whole pinky just a few days ago and he seems to be doing a lot better! Thank you so so so much again for all your advice!

AaaaaAAAAAAAH oh man I remember you! I’m so happy things are going well. :D