Malayan Green Whip Snake - Ahaetulla mycterizans

Commonly referred to as Malayan or Big-eye Green Whip Snake, Ahaetulla mycterizans (Colubridae) is a mildly venomous, but docile snake, distributed in Indonesia, Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

The body of this snake is extremely slender and whip-like, reaching a maximum size of 1 m. The head is large in comparison with the neck and upper body, and eyes are large, with yellow iris. Like many other species, when this snake feels threatened it may expand its body slightly, and the beautiful patterning of this snake is revealed.

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Photo credit: ©budak | Locality: Singapore (2009)


1. Double check camera settings next time.
2. Zmeya please stop rubbing your head.

She’s getting a tub upgrade here on the 3rd so hopefully that will help things if she’s being a restless worm.

Took Zmeya out for photos on a cloudy day. She seems to really enjoy being out and even took a quick nap around my shoulders while I was transferring photos from my camera to the computer.


Feeding my beautiful boy!!!

Jurassic World Trailer

Unlike the others slamming down on the Raptors being able to controlled by Chris Pratt, I have decided I don’t mind. In fact I rather enjoy it and embrace it. 

As humans we are more than capable of forming bonds with other species as well as having trainers than can “temporarily” condition animals to do behaviours. Sea World proves that with their sea marine life ( not saying that’s correct)  .  There are also tonnes of incidences with people training wolves and even some big cats.

I am a bit disapointed by the use of CGI though some of the trailer looks like it will be featuring some of it’s talents from their roots of outstanding props. Plus the camera angles & lighting look very good & crisp , perhaps a bit to crisp as we see a close up of two boys lying down in the broke pod as a dinosaur is obviously coming for them and it is not even in the slightest obscured by darkness. I feel like there should be some darkness, but that’s just my old media class coming back to haunt me.

The route of the genetically modified dinosaur was something everyone saw coming but I am glad they did not opt to make human/cross dinosaur characters .

I love the cast and I am genuinely looking forward to going and bringing my little sister with me :)

While I was out scouting a new location for hiking and snakes, I was reminded of how easily my beloved hobby can become dangerous.

I tread cautiously when in unfamiliar territory and this is why: nestled in the drying grass is a small red diamond rattlesnake. The rubers I’m familiar with are pretty chilled out but this one, on the breezy ridge of the badlands, was an asshole. As I was backing up, he lashed out without warning. No rattle or even a flick of its tongue. What a dick.

After a while, you learn the patterns and shapes of wildlife so it becomes easier to spot them even when they are well hidden and motionless.