jabberghost said:

15, 34, 47, 54. Hittin' the REAL questions!


15. personality description
I’m an indecisive person. If we’ve just met I’m probably very quiet and unsure. I don’t want to make a bad impression so I try to find out if we have anything in common. If we’re friends, I’m very loud and obnoxious. I just want everyone to know that life’s p good to live and if it isn’t right now it’ll be good later. Or that’s the hope at least. ;9 I’m very easy to make laugh, and I just like drawing things for my friends.

34. most embarrassing moment
Oh, okay, I got one. In the fourth grade we were going over some stuff, probably about painters because we looked at this one painting and I knew who the artist was so I stood up real tall, waving my hand around and when the teacher called on me I was really excited and shouted “LEONARDO DI CAPRIO” and I knew right after I said it that was completely the wrong last name and the teacher told me that’s the actor not the painter.

47. turn ons
WHAT THE HELL MARTIN I dunno, I like people who know what they want or know what they’re doing because I’m so discombobbled and indecisive. Also deep voices. Also hugs/cuddling of course. u„w„u

54. something thats worrying me at the moment
I’m applying for university again…I hope it all works out. If not I’m starting to get nervous about my future in art. I might have to drop two classes this semester because I can’t afford low grades on my transcript, and the school cut passing period by five minutes so I’m late to both those classes so much I’m afraid I’ll be deducted. I also got into a car accident (like, I scraped a nickle’s sized paint off of some lady’s car and she called the police on me :I ), and a speeding ticket in the same week so I have to deal with that. Just a lot of shit went down in a short amount of time //sighs. It’s a little dramatic, haha, but I’ll keep pushing through.